10 Seriously Addictive Netflix Shows

Posted In Shows By Fiza Khan - 13 Jan 2019

10 Seriously Addictive Netflix Shows You Need To Start Watching If You Hate Pakistani Dramas

I can't deny the fact that Pakistani dramas are a big hit and most of the people are after it like anything. But, if you're not a big fan of Pakistani dramas or got sickened of seeing girls crying and guys dominating them; just like I did, then I have a great list of alternatives that you can turn to.

Undeniably, Netflix is currently at the peak of its triumph; this is why we present you some of the worth watching show that you should not miss out if you are not such a big fan of Pakistani dramas. So here we go with 10 Seriously Addictive Netflix Shows:

10 Seriously Addictive Netflix Shows

1. Bandersnatch

Netflix that never fails to disappoint us has just lifted the bar by introducing their first ever interactive film. It is somewhat like one-off-spin-off of the critically high-rated show "Black Mirror."

In this show, the time is traveled back to 1984 where a game programmer begins wondering some of his life realities, and he starts feeling like he is being controlled -just what they do in video games. The most exciting part is we get to pick from different options for endings -It's amazing!


Source: Theverge

2. You

Among the 10 seriously addictive Netflix Shows, this is one grievously uncanny show. The show, casting Penn Badgley, best recognized as Dan from ‘Gossip Girl,’ this romantic-stalkerish-creepiest AF Netflix show is sure to keep you hooked from episode one. Two people fall in love, but it soon turns into something unexplainable and more terrifying.

Source: Netflix

3. Cuckoo

If you too admire Adam Samberg, then you are sure to fall in love with this quirky comedy show. In this show, a family welcomes home their new son-in-law; about whom they had no idea until their daughter comes back from vacations. It's full of comedy and will not let you get bored even for a minute!


4. Bodyguard

Richard Madden recently acquired a Golden Globe for his role in this thoroughly splendid show as Sgt. David Budd who is promptly elevated to guard the UK Home Secretary – but little does he know the underlying secrets that lie behind her horrible agendas. This Netflix show is making a comeback for a second season shortly, so gear up to catch up!

Source: BusinessInsider

5. Derry Girls

The brief, twenty-minute episode that is so engaging that could make you suddenly feel strangely sad that it is over – that is how fabulous this show is. It is shot in Ireland and surrounds around a VERY relatable group of children who are trying to grow. It has got a heart – the finest comedy you will ever have. The season two is about to come your way! Don't miss out.

Source: Bustle.com

6. Tidying Up With Marie Kondo

For all those reality shows fanatics out there; especially who like to follow home makeovers or life hacks; you need to look no further than the famous expert, Maria Kondo. She goes door to door and cleans their clutter in most amazing ways. It is much like "Queer Eye," something way beyond just a makeover, more like a life change!

Source: Netflix

7. The Innocent Man

This short documentary is about John Grisham’s only non-fiction book which is based on 2 murder cases, took place in Oklahoma back in the 1980s. It is provocative, scariest but one of the most well-made documentaries Netflix has produced by far.

Source: Comingsoon.net

8. Selection Day

This heartbreaking Indian Netflix Original revolves around two teenager cricket freaks who we see mature and devise in the face of an uncommonly oppressive father and a stringent sports system.

Source: Popsugar.com

9. Perfume

Now, here comes one dark, literally DARK German show. A singer, who is found murdered with her scent glands wholly cut out from her -thus, an investigation is made where her previous broadcasting schoolmates are inquired. The show is very engrossing that you will get addicted to it big time; just a warning, though, it is not made for chicken-hearted.

Source: AltVupdates

10. A Series Of Unfortunate Events

Season 3 of the famous Lemony Snicket’s ‘A Series Of Unfortunate Events’ is back with a bang, and in fact, it gets even better than the first two seasons. The orphans endure facing confrontations with the evil Count Olaf as they try and uncover more about their family’s secrets.

Source: Elitedaily

So, which one interests you the most out of all these 10 seriously addictive Netflix Shows? Let us know about your choice in the comments below; and for more freshly brewed content, stay tuned to RateDesi.