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3 Beautiful Pakistani Desi Girls

Posted In Desi By Fiza Khan - 27 Mar 2019


Here’re the three beauties with brains; who aced their CSS Exams and became the role model for all Pakistani Women.

Education is the key to success, and an educated person is most likely to achieve everything he wants in his life. It’s not about earning money, but it’s about respect. People respect an educated person. They treat them nicely. An educated person is always considered inferior.

Apart from that, Passing the CSS exams is what everyone dreams of but unfortunately one cannot. However, our country Pakistan has many amazing talents emerging, and this has made us proud!

Not only men but women are also now making us proud! They are standing beside men and have achieved a lot more than we can expect.

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Today, we are going to highlight the three most talented ladies of Pakistan who have passed their CSS exams.

Basically, CSS Exams are the Central Superior Service Examinations.

These exams are conducted by the FPSC (Federal Public Service Commission) of Islamabad to get posts under the main groups such as Income tax group, Postal Services, Railways, etc.

To pass the CSS exams, we have to give written tests, medical examinations and more tests as well. There are many conditions that you have to look for before applying for the test. The person should be a resident of Pakistan or a resident of Jammu and Kashmir.

1. Fatima Saima Ahmed (PAS) – Pakistan Administrative Service, 46th Common!

Source: facebook

The first lady is Fatima Saima Ahmed. She passed her CSS exams even though she had a son. Fatima told that she is an engineer by profession. She serves at Pakistan CAA, and it is her priority to join this service. She delivered her baby boy when it had been just two weeks of her training. Her son, Yousuf had to live in the hostel with her family.

She says that whatever she’s doing, is for her child. Since she’s a mother, she wants her child to consider her the best mother. Passing the CSS exams has taught her Discipline, Compassion, and love. Being a mother, at the end of the day, she wants her child to say, “My mother is my strength and ideal.”

Being a girl, she must have faced a lot of opposition during her studies, but she left people saying whatever they are and she, focused on her dreams.

What’s surprising about CSS Exams is that a person cannot appear for CSS Exams more than three times. The age of the applicant should be 21 to 30 years.

2. Marryam Fazal (PAAS) – Pakistan Audits & Accounts Service, 46th Common!

Source: facebook

The second lady whom we will be talking about is Maryam Fazal. She has focused on hard work. She says that success cannot come if you go for shortcuts. In fact, there are no shortcuts for success. Apart from that, she has studied from Szabist.

Maryam Fazal is a tough working lady who can reach higher if she keeps working on like this. Furthermore, many people supported Maryam and asked her about what she wrote and which books to read. She is the Co-Founder at Zams International FZCO. She told me that CSS is something very difficult to complete. It’s not just rote learning, and it’s mainly about how much hard work you do and how much faith you have in yourself.

Also, that, passing an examination isn’t what we shall aim for. We shall strive for our results. We should be positive. We should only think that if others can do it, you can also do it.

Don’t look at what others say to you; you should concentrate on your own dreams. You should focus on the people who are supporting you! Think about the ones who are expecting so much from you. Try to make them happy. This world is full of people who might be hating you. But then it comes to your parents! Make them proud of you! Most importantly, she has been working in the Pakistan audits and Accounts Service.

Source: facebook

Last but not least, comes D.R Hina Sikandar. She has claimed the CSS as a cold war. In fact, it’s not less than a Cold War. What’s more, is that she passed her CSS attempts in her maiden effort. She is thankful to God as well because she has always stood up higher in debates and speeches. Of course, we should be grateful to God for all these blessings. She was previously a dentist, but then she got the idea of doing CSS and her friend, Abrar helped her too in these examinations.

The most shocking thing is that she went to no coaching or any teacher. She did, and she prepared by herself everything. She didn’t take any extra papers but arranged everything from her own.  

She also said that she clearly believed in the law of attraction. She also talked about faith and our inner motivation. No one will guide, but we ourselves have to be our guide. We should think on our own! Choose on your own! Be your own boss.

She had a very tough time. She was doing her house job, and within the limited time, she studied using her laptop too. She was not aware of whatever she was, but she believed in herself. She believed in her god. She knew that if she’s working doing her best, she will achieve success and she did! She left everyone alone! She focused on her aspirations! She was determined.

She gave us advice too that it doesn’t matter how much time we spend to study, but it matters what things you study and how. She loves being in CSA. She thinks that she has achieved what she wanted. Life here looks as if you’ve fulfilled your dream.

She enjoys the long lectures, the disciplined life, the never-ending training sessions and many more.

Many women like these are working day and night to achieve their goals to make people proud. They are working harder and harder to become something! Let these girls get what they want! Encourage your daughters! Motivate your wives! Help your mother.

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