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3 Questions To Ask On Any First Date

By RateDesi - 05 Jun 2018

So you’ve met someone cool online and now you’re going out on your first date with them. First dates are like a romantic job interview  just as full of potential, and just as nerve wracking! But you’ll feel more prepared if you have some idea of what you want to talk about.

Here are 3 questions you should ask on any first date, to get a sense of the person you’re out with and whether the two of you are compatible.

What did you do today?

If you get nervous at the beginnings of dates, this is a great icebreaker to start with. You get to hear about your date’s day-to-day, and you’ll learn at least a little about their work life, their home life, and their overall disposition.

Don’t forget to ask follow-up questions! If they tell you they went to work and then came home and got ready for the date, for example, you could ask what they do for work, what they were specifically working on today, how they travel to and from work, whether they like their job, whether they like the neighborhood they live in, and how they like to get ready for dates.

Everyone appreciates a good conversationalist who makes them feel interesting and focused on. Charm your date by being genuinely curious about them and their life!

What are you looking for?

Probably not the best question to ask within the first ten minutes of a date  but once you’ve been there a while and established some rapport, this question is a good next step. If they didn’t already state their relationship goals on their profile, it’s useful to probe a little and find out what they hope to get out of online dating.

Are they looking for a life partner, or just a short-term thing? How do they define a serious relationship, and is that what they want right now? Are there any factors that might make it difficult for them to date seriously right now (like a sick relative, complicated job situation, or recent heartbreak)?

As always, try to read your date’s mood so you don’t inundate them with questions that make them uncomfortable. But it’s good to work out these details early, so you don’t disappoint each other with key incompatibilities down the road.

What are you passionate about?

You can learn a ton about a person by how they answer this question. If they struggle to come up with passions, maybe they’re overworked and don’t have enough joy in their life. If they rattle off a long list, maybe their life is brimming with happiness  but does that mean they have no room in it for a new partner?

Beyond just giving you logistical information, this question will also show you what your date looks like when they’re really excited about something  and that’s the most attractive state most people ever get into. If you don’t find them cute while they’re radiantly rhapsodizing about their favorite hobbies, maybe you don’t find them cute at all  and that’s useful info to know!

What questions do you like to ask on a first date? Don't be shy now you can share hehe.

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