Before And After Desi Wedding

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Before and After a Desi Wedding

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Weddings are fun. They bring the whole family to party, enjoy good food, you get to dress up. You see family members that you haven’t met in years. They are dancing, music all around. Celebration. You get to have fun and meet people for a change and have a good time surrounded by the people who love you and the people who you love as well.

There are some changes that one has to go through before and after a desi marriage, it can be nerve wrecking to be a desi bride, there is so much you have to go through. Let’s look at things that a Pakistani bride and groom have to go through before and after their wedding:

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The Shaadi Diet:

Before a wedding, the bride is made to diet so you can look slim and look good in your wedding clothes, on your wedding day and after you get married it is all daawats and eating and you no longer cares about your weight (you will still get khandaan k tanay if you do gain weight though so there is that).

Once you are married and your husband knows you inside out there is no caring and no holding back on the food. You eat like you’re rich and there is no going back after that.

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More Responsibility:

After marriage, a bride has to face the difficult decision making in life. You no longer have your father to take care of your finances and your mother to do all the housework, You have to fend for yourself and your husband.

A whole new change arises in the bride and you start to tend after not only yourself but your husband and your husband’s family as well. So, marriage takes a toll on a woman and turns you into a more responsible and reliable member of the family who takes the whole house together with yourself and makes sure that everything is okay.

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Pretending to be More Shy and Less Nasty

Expect things to be different after marriage and we aren’t only talking about adjusting to a whole new family. We are talking about behaving in a more traditional way.

Keep your eyes down, blush a lot but little do the aunties know about all the fun nasty business in the bedroom. Oof did the things just got hot in here?

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Transformation of Dressing Style:

From being smoking hot to having to dress in a more traditional way, but you do make sure to hide all those secret piercings ;) Shush, no one needs to know.

Be more traditional in front of the in law, and be your sexy self everywhere else. Bikinis and sexy lingerie, ain’t nobody stopping you from having all the fun just keep it in the bedroom or away from in laws. Have fun, you only live once.

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Family Above Everything:

Before marriage a woman is all about your friends and is planning trips with them, hangouts with them and whatever plans you makes have to include your friends but after marriage the number one priority for a woman becomes your marriage and your family.

You start giving extra attention to them and making decisions considering them and sure, friends are still a huge part of your life but there is nothing that comes before family.

So, after marriage a woman becomes all about your family but it still doesn’t mean you cannot have fun ;) Just be sure you don’t get caught and make your husband your partner in crime.

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Spending Money Very Wisely:

After marriage, a woman becomes wise at various decisions that you have to make in your life. You start to understand your husband’s expenditure and you cannot just spend your dad’s money on whatever you likes so you becomes more understanding towards the usage of money.

You think before spending even the slightest amount of money and that in my opinion is a very good change regardless of everything else, but if you are making your own money then everything is super cool.

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^ Don’t be like her. Seriously.

Parents Value You More:

Once you move out of your parents’ house and start living on your own with your husbands and your future kids, your parents start to understand the value of you.

They start missing the space that you left behind so they will hold onto every moment that they get to see you and start cherishing you even more because you are not living with them anymore. It is true for every girl that gets married because

You are the little princess of your parents and once you move out and go back to see your parents again they start appreciating you more and their every moment that they spend together. They start missing you for the queen you were (not really though).

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A bit extra, but okay.

Weight Gain:

As mentioned before, there is an endless display of daawats after a marriage, everyone wants to invite the newly wedded bride and groom to their house and feed them all sorts of food items which will result in weight gain, of course I mean who can resist that amazing desi food?

A woman and man after marriage can gain weight due to the changes in their lifestyle and their ways to adapt to a new life. There can be multitudes of reasons behind this such as hormonal changes.

There is no time to exercise since you have such a hectic and busy life schedule, no time to tend to your looks and make sure you always look attractive. Inhabiting yourself to a new lifestyle, all of the above, but we have heard kissing burns calories. ;)

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You Don’t Have to Hide Them Hickeys Anymore

Hickeys are truly erotic and I mean who doesn’t love them? Marking your partner yours and him marking you as his is an amazing experience; primal but amazing.

Guess there’s a new for all you people crazy for love bites, it gets easier when you are married, I mean people might still look at you funny but that’s fun, right?


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Which of these things do you think are relatable or you think will be relatable? Let us know in the comments below.