Celebrities At The Party Of Kararchi Kings Psl

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Celebrities at the Party of Karachi Kings

It is a festival like season in Pakistan as cricket has come home and we have 8 matches that are being held in Pakistan and people are super excited about it. Cricket is the kind of sport everybody is crazy for and especially PSL.

This time Karachi is the one where we will be watching all the matches taking place and the team of the city, Karachi Kings is also playing pretty well. The tournament is currently taking place from 14 February till 17 of March 2019.

PSL has always been the event that has always been celebrated and has always been something that is always looked forward to.

Desis enjoy and love PSL and their love for cricket certainly shows.

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Even celebrities have come forward to show their love for cricket and PSL from time to time. People especially Pakistanis have always been a fond of cricket and they haven’t even hold themselves back.

This time too it called out for celebration and a dinner was arranged for the team and many of the stars were spotted at the said party.

From Areeba Habib, Sonya Hussyn, Sadaf Kanwal to Adeel Hussain and Mehwish Hayat, we saw many stars there and the glitz and glam were on an all-time high.

They seemed to enjoy and have fun and celebrate cricket. They were there all glammed up and it was a refreshing sight to see.


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Contrary to popular opinion, cricket is actually a game loved and followed by a number of well-known celebrities from around the world, as well as some that you may actually be surprised to discover were keen students of the game and loved cricket. Some of these people include Farhan Saeed and Bilal Ashraf.

Twitter is filled with excited fans dying to see their favorite International cricketers play in Karachi. Pakistani celebrities are also fawning over players just like any cricket buff.

Karachi’s National Stadium has been revamped for the festivities.

Meanwhile, Karachi has been lined with billboards and posters welcoming all cricketers to Karachi, both local and foreign.

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Here are some of the celebrities welcoming cricket to Karachi through their tweets:

Farhan Saeed

‘’ A big warm welcome to all the international cricketers to Pakistan, thank you for coming! I promise you, you won't be disappointed.  Have a great time playing to packed stadiums, have our great cuisine and party hard. Love Pakistan #CricketComesHome’’

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Shaniera Akram

‘’Today some of the world’s top cricketers step on to our soil, not just to play cricket but to show the world that Pakistan is worth it! They know playing cricket with us is so much more than just a game; it’s a huge contribution to our country’s future.

Welcome Watto! Probably not so great for my team that you are coming but my country comes first & We are thrilled to host you in Pakistan again.

Btw, if you thought we were passionate about cricket last time you were here, wait till you see us now! #WeThankYou #CricketComesHome’’

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Humayun Saeed

‘’Proud moment for Pakistan as top international players arrive in the country for PSL matches. Yeh hai Pakistan ka jazba aur yeh hai Pakistan ka junoon which turned this once seemingly impossible task into reality! Pakistan Zindabad #CricketComesHome #ThisIsJustTheBeginning’’

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Mahira Khan

So happy to welcome all the international cricketers to my city Karachi. Can’t wait to watch cricket on Pakistani grounds. Let the games begin! #HBLPSL #CricketComesHome.

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Cricket has always been and will always be something that will keep together the spirits of so many people and keep them going and keeping them together.

So many celebrities came together to celebrate Karachi Kings and honestly we think it was a sight to see and it was rather refreshing knowing that the spirits of cricket are still alive and there is nothing that could actually shake that.

Cricket has always been celebrated in the subcontinent and among desis. When it comes to cricket there is always passionate desis stepping forward and expressing their love for this game.

Same happened a couple days back when all the celebrities got together and celebrated PSL with a new vigor and a passion. They all looked extremely glamorous, reflecting their happiness and passion regarding their favourite game and their favourite teams.

From Areeba Habib, Sonya Hussyn, Sadaf Kanwal to Adeel Hussain and Mehwish Hayat, a lot of people were spotted and they all looked total glammed up.


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And they all looked pretty happy and blooming, after all it was about their favorite PSL and their country. From old to young, pretty much everybody seemed to be enjoying the party.


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And obviously there was fun and chit chats and probably a lot of talking on PSL and their anticipation on who is going to win.


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The ladies were also so glammed up and supporting their teams and enjoying the party. Check out so much beauty in just one picture.


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All the celebrities were there to enjoy their mutual interest that is cricket. Most of them were dressed up in all black, representing elegance and vigor of the teams.


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Here is some more glam. Seems like the celebrities had fun while celebrating their favorite sports and their favorite sportspersons.


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Some more celebrities joined too. The place seemed to be gorgeously decorated and everybody seemed to be just so happy. We are so glad they got to celebrate their best teams to let them know how much are they loved and appreciated.


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There have always been some amazing selfie taking. After all what is life without selfies. The charm reflecting right through.


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All these celebrities showed their love and support for their favorite teams. What team are you supporting and which team do you love the best, let us know in the comments below.