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Adorable Pictures Of Priyanka Chopra With Her Mom

Posted In Celebrities By RateDesi - 16 Feb 2019

This Adorable Picture of Priyanka with Her Mom Made Everybody Go Like ‘’Aww’’

Daddy's girl Priyanka Chopra is equally close to her mother and we all witnessed their bond during Priyanka and Nick Jonas' wedding ceremonies and this is something that is very refreshing to witness.

A mother-daughter bond is divine and not a lot of people get to experience it but I am just so glad that Priyanka gets to share this bond with her mother. This is just so special and so amazing and we wish more desi people were like this.

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The sight when Madhu accompanied Priyanka as she walked down the aisle was a sight to behold. They both look extremely gorgeous and were all about mother-daughter bonding.

A very few people actually get to experience that. The relationship Priyanka has with her mother is beautiful and it just shows that not all desis have a rough relationship with their parents. This is just so precious.

You always need somebody to stand by your side and nothing can be better than a mother’s love. Almost every picture of Priyanka with her mom just reflects just how close they are to each other.

Even Nick Jonas couldn't hold off his emotions. Madhumaliti shared a throwback picture of her along with Priyanka and the picture speaks nothing but the unsaid bond that this mother-daughter share. I mean, just look at them.

Madhu has been the support system for Priyanka during her long journey to success and as her daughter got married, an emotional mom shared a warmth picture with PeeCee.

She wrote, "Mothers joy." With all the loved-up pictures of Priyanka and Nick surfaced on the internet what else can a mother say and people can genuinely can’t stop talking about it.

Internet is buzzing with Nick and Priyanka's pictures since the news of their relationship was out and the saga continued as the pair is happily married now and we honestly hope that they have a long life ahead together.

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Madhu has also been very supportive of Priyank’s and Nick’s relationship and she was all praises for her 25-year-old son-in-law in the interview.

She said, “Nick is calm and mature. He’s a wonderful person and everyone in the family just loves him. He’s so polite and respectful towards elders. What more can a mother want!”

Though this was Jonas’ second trip to India, his parents, Paul Kevin Jonas, Sr. and Denise Miller-Jonas, visited India for the first time for the engagement.

Madhu told the publication that when Priyanka informed her of her decision to get engaged to Jonas, she was very happy since she had been urging her daughter to settle down for quite some time. She didn’t question her daughter’s judgment and supported her and that is the best thing ever.

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Priyanka got all the acceptance by her mother and that’s something that is true mother-daughter goals. “I told her that I want to meet Nick’s family,” Madhu said and she was all about love, understanding and acceptance.

She also said that she trusted Priyanka’s judgment. “She’s not impulsive. She gave it a lot of thought and when she decided on something, I was sure it would be good,” said Madhu, adding that she hasn’t forced any of her thoughts on Priyanka, and honestly that’s the best kind of the relationship one could actually ask for.

It is so refreshing to experience that such bond exists and the internet just cannot stop being happy about it and can stop giving them the best wishes.

Not only is Madhu appreciative of her son-in-law but is also very appreciation of Nick’s mom. Almost two weeks after Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas' Roka ceremony held in India, a video of Nick Jonas' mother, Denise Jonas dancing to a Punjabi song has been surfaced.

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The dance video was shared by none other than Denise herself. In the video, Denise is seen setting the dance floor on fire with Priyanka Chopra's mother, Madhu Chopra and OMG that is just so cute and lovely!

The American singer's mother posted the video with a sweet caption that read: "Thank you @madhumalati for being patient with my lack of dance skills! I miss you. #engagementparty.’’

Madhu Chopra and Denise Jonas were seen grooving to Sherry Mann's popular song 3 Peg. It is so good to see a relationship like this and there should be more people to maintain a relationship of mutual relationship and respect.

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This is a kind of relationship every daughter and daughter-in-law wants and honestly this is some major goals. Regardless the cultural differences, it is pretty surprising that there aren’t any conflicts and everyone is so supportive.

This is something that isn’t frequently seen in the desi families but we are so glad it worked out for not only Priyanka and Nick but also their families and this is everything. This level of acceptance and love is everything we all need.

Not only Priyanka set an example by marrying Nick but so did their families and we cannot stop going gaga over it.

They are giving us a major goal. Nick and Priyanka has been an inspiration, no doubt, but the bond that exists between Priyanka and her mom is also something almost everybody in the desi culture craves.

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If you think you are somebody with that kind of a relationship with your mom then legit consider yourself lucky. Not everybody is that lucky and not everybody gets that kind of support, love and acceptance from their families.

Madhu hasn’t only been supportive to Priyanka’s wedding to Nick but has also been very supportive of her daughter’s career. She understood her and was there was her.

Even though she wanted Priyanka to settle down, but she never forced her opinions on her or got angry at her. Madhu was the living example of how tolerance is everything and how love always comes first.