Celebrities Who Own Their Sexualities And Are Proud

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Celebrities Who Owned Their Sexualities and Are Friggin Proud of It

In a country like ours it takes a whole lot of courage to speak out the truth. Truth about anything is not really tolerated in our nation and especially if it is something that people think is "abnormal".

In spite of it being the millennium, we are just going backwards with thoughts and views completely non-progressive.

But some of these famous celebrities have had the courage to come out of the closet in front of the media and public, leaving us truly inspired. Take a look!

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Sushant Divgikar

Sushant Divgikar was crowned as Mr. Gay India 2014, Sushant's sexual orientation was quite evident when he featured in Bigg Boss. He represented India at Mr Gay World 2014 but failed to win the title, but definitely won many hearts and a lot of respect.

Two documentary films, both based on his life have been nominated and screened at various national and international festivals. Last year he was rumored to be engaged to his boyfriend but thereafter there was no update on the same.

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Karan Johar

Right before his biography, 'The Unsuitable Boy', was released last year, the filmmaker has come out candidly on matters of sex and sexual orientation, just stopping short of a bald admission.

'Everybody knows what my sexual orientation is. I don't need to scream it out. If I need to spell it out, I won't only because I live in a country where I could possibly be jailed for saying this. Which is why I Karan Johar will not say the three words that possibly everybody knows about me,' he says.

We honestly think this was a brave thing to do and this is time we actually stop seeing it as something unnatural.

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Rakhi Sawant

With her bold and loud personality Rakhi has entered in this list. She has great sexy body with high appealing power.

Rakhi has always been proud of her sexuality, and honestly it is very hard in a society where female sexuality is such a huge taboo.

Rakhi has always flaunted it and has always been proud of it. Rakhi is still considered to be one of the sex icons. She is bold and for a lot of people she is just too much to handle but honestly she somebody who has a bold personality and rightly so.

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Onir has been an inspiration for us. As it is famously said, a person's work is nothing but a reflection of his personality. And this saying goes well with one of the finest Bollywood directors Onir.

One of the openly gay directors of Bollywood, Onir has been part of movies like 'My Brother....Nikhil' and 'I Am', which talk about same-sex relationships.

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Qandeel Baloch

Qandeel has been an icon and she had never hesitated to flaunt her beauty. She has been criticized for it, damn she has been killed for it but she has always tried to make a statement that there is nothing wrong with embracing your sexuality.

She challenged the norms of the society and the punishment she received for it was a little too much but she was a woman of courage and she will always be remembered.

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Rohit Verma

The flamboyant designer Rohit Verma gained a lot of popularity when he came on the reality show Bigg Boss.

He was picked on by his co-contestants for his "non-gay" behavior which turned out to be pretty ugly during the show and was even evicted after a few episodes.

He has also been very outspoken about his sexual orientation and even was clicked with his boyfriend in the 2008.

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VJ Andy

VJ Andy whose real name is Vijay Kumar Anand has not really revealed his sexual orientation but he certainly does not hide the way he is from the media.

He was pretty stunned when the Supreme Court ruled out on Section 377 and said, "Everyone has the right to live. One should live and let live, love and let love; that's how I am. No matter who you are, you deserve love. It's a natural part of life. And everyone should be allowed to be the way they want to be.’’

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Rohit Bal

The successful and one of the most reputed fashion designers we have in the country, Rohit Bal has continued to be an inspiration.

He has always been open about his sexuality and plans on even writing a book on his experiences and hardships while he chose to come out of the closet.

He also wants to make a movie which deals with real issues of the gay community.

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Anu Agarwal

With the famous debut in Bollywood film Aashiqui as a simple girl, She soon went to heights on her career.

She has also amazed everyone with her short dresses, see through sarees and bikinis, which lead her another sex symbol of Bollywood and honestly she is just smoking hot

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Malika Sherawat

This dusky beauty debuted in Bollywood through the film Murder, in which she gave 17 kisses shots and astound everyone. Further with her nude shots in magazine made her the sensation and another sex symbol of Bollywood.

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Kimi Kathar

With highly attractive cat eyes and daring personality Kimi kathar showed her sensual side in Tarzan film and stunning avtar in the evergreen song “Jhumma Chumma”with Amitab Bachchan has made kimi the dream girl of 80’s and 90’s.

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All these people who have been so open about their sexualities has been widely criticized by a lot of people but yet never gave up and didn’t hide from the world.

In an ideal world, nobody should be forced to live a lie by suppressing their sexualities and that is exactly what they all stood up for.

Being gay, or women expressing their sexualities is something that should be normalized and in countries like India is has been at least by law, but the intolerance by the people still exists and that is just so sad.