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Life Of Aima Baig

Posted In Celebrities By Fiza Khan - 23 Feb 2019

The Life Of Aima Baig – Career, Personal Details And Her Journey!

Pakistan breeds a lot of talented people but unfortunately, because of lack of apt platforms; the competent and capable youth of our beloved land has been overlooked. In this blog, we would dig deep into details on Pakistan's most sought-after music sensation, Aima Baig and her career struggle.

Unlike our bordering country where talent hunt reality shows are helping young talent to get attention and raise their careers, Pakistan is far away from establishing such sort of shows.

But, credits to Coke Studio and Pepsi Battle Of The Bands, both of these platforms have exhibited the tremendous talent of Pakistan in the foregoing several years, and it seems that they have undertaken to raise the bar with every season.

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In 2016, Strings presented the most invaluable treasure of the season. Yes, we're talking about none other than Momina Mustehsan who became famous globally after singing the iconic ‘Afreen Afreen’ with music maestro and qawwal Rahat Fateh Ali Khan.

Following the exemplary, Strings carried another great and eloquent voice to the platform of Coke Studio Season 10 of the year 2017, can you guess?

The talented singer who captivated her supporters with her compelling voice, the versatile and cutie pie of Pakistani music industry who has performed her best and you have also seen her show in PSL Season 4, yes you've guessed it right.

We're talking about the talented girl with a charismatic personality – Aima Baig!

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Her father raised the young singer in Oman. Since the age of seven, she's been enthusiastic about music. Aima lost her mother at a young age as she was diagnosed with cancer, Aima colluded with her uncle Mubashir Lucman for a public service message to promote awareness about cancer.

They both sang ‘Summer Wine’ for Shaukat Khanum Hospital fund drive. “My mother died of cancer, and I wasn’t able to do anything at that time, so it was my way of giving back,” Aima said while talking to an interviewer.

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She unveiled to the news reporter that her family initially intimidated her from entering the media industry. “I’ve always been very private. A loner of sorts I’d say.

"I never sang in front of my parents, and when I decided to pursue my career as a singer, it wasn’t always all rainbows and butterflies,” she shared. “My family had their share of concerns, they knew survival in this industry is no piece of cake, but gradually they understood.”

For Aima Baig and her career, wonders began to happen when she crooned a ‘mili-naghma’ live for PTV, that was ‘Ae Rahe Haq Ke Shaheedon’ – her eloquent voice brought tears to the martyrs’ relatives eyes and produced stunning tallness for Aima Baig in the music career, validating her career.

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Soon after her coming with Mubashir Lucman, Shiraz Uppal – the music director of Wajahat Rauf’s Lahore Se Aagey picked Aima Baig as a playback singer, Aima Baig was at her best in her debut film, ‘Kalabaaz Dil,’ ‘Befikriyan’ or ‘Ahle Dil.’

She acquired the LUX Style Award for Best Female Singer – Film for the song ‘Kalabaaz Dil.’ Aima Baig granted credit to Shiraz Uppal for all the efforts he put in the song and drove her as well to do the best.

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Remembering the memories, Aima Baig said that it was one of the most obscure songs she has ever sung.

‘That’s not my genre, and that wasn’t my voice either. I had made it up, because of the bazaari feel Shiraz wanted the song to have.”

Aima was massively reprimanded for imitating Rekha Bhardwaj, the Bollywood singer to which Aima responded that I didn’t follow her, I tried to accommodate the tone, and Shiraz Uppal provided me Rekha’s reference for the song ‘Kalabaaz Dil.’

Aima continued Rekha Bhardwaj is a living legend, and if somebody is comparing her with Rekha, it is an admiration for her.

Baazi, Baanware, Aatish, Malang are some of her soft and melodious songs from Coke Studio. The rising singer star has also presented her voice for blockbuster Pakistani films including Parwaaz Hai Junoon, Na Maloom Afraad 2, Arth 2, and Jawani Phir Nahi Aani. Aima Baig has colluded with Asim Azhar on a single made by once again Shiraz Uppal.

Aima believes it is her versatility which made her thriving in a brief time of span.

“I think I just have versatility in me as I can make any tone and sing in that as there are many girls with beautiful voices who are sitting idle,” added Aima.

A few days before, Aima Baig performed in the glitzy opening ceremony of Pakistan Super League 2019 Edition 4 in Dubai. Along with popular Pakistani musician Shuja Haider, Aima sang our beloved pop song of 80’s ‘Disco Deewane’ live at Dubai International Cricket Stadium.

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Her fans cherished the powerpack performance. On the other hand, Aima Baig and the organizers of the PSL was reprimanded for using the favorite song without prior notice.

Late Nazia Hassan’s brother Zohaib Hassan has stated that he will take legal action against the organizers for using her sister’s hit song ‘Disco Deewane’ without his permission.

Zohaib said in his tweet that, “I was shocked to see that a popular platform like PSL used our track Disco Deewane without our prior permission. Outright infringement of intellectual property should be condemned, and I am going to take a legal stand on this one!”.

Aima Baig is everyone’s love but do you know who is Aima Baig’s favorite? With whom she craves to sit and talk? Well, she is an aficionado of Fawad Khan and Fahad Mustafa! Aima’s female crush is our very own Mahira Khan.

She explained in a talk show that the integrity in Mahira Khan’s face is so appealing even she wants to have the same upon reaching her age.

‘They are every girl’s favorite, and both are brilliant,’ Aima told the interviewer. Talking about hidden talent, Aima Baig revealed that she loves to write. ‘I have always been a writer. In fact, I wrote my first script two years ago’, she added.

The singer, Aima Baig has also got massive traction for her career after her new Coke Studio progress with Sahir Ali Bagga, a song named ‘Mast Malang.’

Aima Baig did not confine herself to a particular circle, a specific career, which is a good thing, it is correctly said that music has no borders.

She shared in the interview that she’ll be colluding with Bollywood pop singer Mika Singh for an upcoming project. She has posted a picture with him as well from her official Instagram account.

But, let us know if it is going to release or not since the current heated up situation between India and Pakistan is worsening every day.