Dating A Desi

By RateDesi - 24 Oct 2018

10 Reasons Why You Would Never Regret Dating a Desi

Dating can be super fun. Different people have different expectations when it comes to choosing a partner. It is a blessing to find a partner who has similar interests as your and a similar personality and somebody who is actually compatible with you. Finding the ‘’one’’ can be very difficult but is it worth it? Of course, the wait is totally worth it. Everybody has preferences when it comes to choosing a partner, but everybody wants a partner who would love them with all their hearts. Desis make great partners and here are the reasons why you would never regret dating a DESI.

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They Are Super Fun to be Around

Fun without desis is no fun. Desis are the amazing kind of people to be around. They are always up for fun and adding a charm to parties and hangouts. They will always find a way to cheer you up and that is what makes them the best kind of people. Desi girls and guys give their all in a relationship and would make sure you are happy and your emotional needs are fulfilled.

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They Are Naturally Tan

The world where people are crazy about sunbathes and getting tanned, desis are naturally tan which is always a plus; who doesn’t absolutely love the bronze skin? Desis don’t have to put an effort to get tanned, they already have it. They are beautiful and they are proud of their heritage.

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Their Weddings are GRAND

Desi weddings are grander and more majestic than 5 White weddings. They are enriched with cultural festivities. Your desi partner can certainly introduce you to it and that would be a one-lifetime experience for you; the amazing food that would make your taste buds dance, colors all around, music that sings to your soul and the dances that would keep you going. This is something you cannot miss.

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Would Introduce You to Some Kickass Food

Desi food is the best food and there is no arguing on that. There is a huge variety of desi food and every single dish has a unique taste. Your stomach and taste buds would thank you for that. Desi cuisine is the best cuisine without a doubt. If you are somebody who enjoys spicy food and the food that would challenge your taste buds then you absolutely got to try this. Having a desi partner who would introduce you to the heaven of food and taste is somebody you should never let go.

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Would Make You Forget Starbucks with Their Chai

Tea (chai) has been gaining so much fame and honestly chai over coffee anywhere anytime. If you have never had tea then you are missing out on something really major here. Tea is total magic that would make you fall in love and then there is no going back. This is one of the many reasons to date a desi boy or a girl.

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Family Is Everything for Them

Desi's have strong family values and they would always stand up for their family and the people who mean something to them. Most desis are very loyal and take relationships very seriously so if you are thinking about making a commitment to your desi partner or if you are planning to date a desi boy or a desi girl make sure you are ready for a long-term commitment, but obviously it is 21st century and things are changing but communication is the key. Make sure you communicate with your partner or your potential partner about what exactly you are looking for in this relationship so you both are on the same page.

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They Will Stick By Your Side

Desi's are loyal and will always stick by your side. With their strong family values comes loyalty and devotion. They are the kind of people you can always count on. They got everything you look for in a partner from their ability to make you laugh to their passion and love that would warm your heart. In your hardest times, you will find them standing right by your side, telling you that it is going to be alright.

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Their Love for Nicknames That You Will Find Super Entertaining

Desi families are super entertaining and fun and if you happen to date a desi partner whose family is open-minded, they'll always consider you a part of the family. From festivals to birthdays desis are always up for celebrations and entertainment. Entertainment is a major and the crucial part of every desi family and of a desi culture in general. You will always find a bittu, mithu, baby or nanha in every desi family and if you are lucky you might get one super entertaining nickname for yourself too (don’t fret, it just means that they love you and consider you a part of the family).

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They Would Do Random Cute Stuff for You

Desi partners are the best when it comes to being considerate. They will always know what you need and want. From teddy bears to cutest handwritten letters is everything they would do for you. Putting together a playlist of your favorite songs, taking you to the places that mean something to the both of you, candlelight dinners and so much more is what you are signing up for when you make up your mind to date a desi boy or a girl. Emotional connections mean everything to desi people.

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Desis Are the Perfect Long-Term Partners

Most desis go for long-term relationships, especially if they somebody compatible. They would put an effort in the relationship if it is with somebody they genuinely care about. Desis do not give up on relationships that easy because they are very serious about it. They will always prove themselves to be the perfect partners but also beware that they will also not think much before breaking up if you wrong them.

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Every relationship has up and downs and everybody is different, in the end, it is always about communication and compatibility. If you think you have found ‘’the one’’ don’t let them go.