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Dating Cute Boy Aka The Host

By RateDesi - 19 Jun 2018

I had met this dude who was a host at a speed date event. Him contacting me after the event had taken me by surprise as it was rather unexpected. No guesses to why a guy as charming as him had taken a part time job hosting a speed date ?! Possible player perhaps ? He was cute so I thought he was worth a date to see if he would prove me wrong.


We had met at a train station on a pretty windy day and on greeting me my hair had accidentally flew into the host’s mouth when greeting. Oops, he ignored but it could have also gone a little awkward. Although he had asked me on the date and out to a particular location, he didn’t have any plan and didn’t seem bothered whatsoever.

We walked into the first coffee shop in passing which was a small sandwich shop with literally 5 seats in the whole place and all were occupied. Despite this, the host didn’t seem bothered and still proceeded to walk in.

On entering two people were leaving from the window seats so he made me save the seats while he grabbed the drinks. Okay, I actually would have preferred somewhere with a little more privacy rather than 2 seats right in the window, in the view of all passers by!! There was also one lady sitting on the same row so there was no privacy at all.

After 5 minutes he returned with the drinks and sat down. He is a friendly and very chatty guy so the conversation flowed but he seemed to talk a lot and seemed to be pretty self centered!!

He seemed to mention a few times how young he looked and that people would be surprised that a young looking chap like him was in quite a senior position?! Then went on to talk about his apartment and the perks of his job. What a knob!! He asked me a few questions but I just didn’t understand what he was asking as they were so random.

Another thing I noticed, he was overly touchy for a first date, very very frequently touching and shaking my arm and leg?! That screamed player to me! Also before even asking about his part time job as a host, he had assured me he was not a player and did not take the hosting job to meet women?!

Whatever, I didn’t believe that one bit and there is always truth in things people are quick to defend themselves about especially when not asked about it. From the conversation, he just came across as another one of those city boys, just so cocky and full of it. So not my cup of tea!!

After about an hour and half, he quickly looked at his watch and kinda cut conversation short saying that he had a great time but had to go and would like to spend longer together (whatever!! biggest Bullshitter). His mind was elsewhere and towards the end of the conversation he kept looking around. I didn’t want to waste anymore of my time and he was so abrupt I was more than happy to leave.

He walked me back to the station and told me to let him know when I was in London next as it would be nice to meet up and perhaps he could come to the town where I lived again this was more of his bullshit talk. It meant absolutely nothing and was just a ‘blah blah blah’ gap filler.

When we reached the station, he told me he needed to use the toilet and went off asked if I wanted to wait for him?! WTF!! I looked at him and was actually lost of words and then he asked me again.

Was he being for real or really had nothing to say and wanted another conversation filler. Since we were making separate ways home I declined saying that would be to weird. How funny?! We hugged and then parted; again my hair went into his face lol and he deserved it!!

After the date, as expected no word from him. I think he would only fancy a female version of himself and he loved himself so much.

Funnily enough not long after, I had came across his dating profile on which he claimed he stated he not a player and bragging about his youthful looks :S

Another one bites the dust and happy this one did!!

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