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Dating A Pakistani Man Story Of Australian Women

Posted In Dating By Fiza Khan - 15 Feb 2019

Woman goes to Pakistan for Love but is Raped and kept Prisoner

Source: Metro

A woman goes to Pakistan for Love but is Raped and kept Prisoner: Australian lady Lara Hall, 30 years old, was the scapegoat of an online groomer who held her in prison and sexually abused her frequently over many months.

Ms. Hall was fascinated to Pakistan by a guy named Sajjad, who assured her a luxurious life in a Spanish-style villa in Lahore.

Source: Mirror

She has talked about her calamity in Pakistan as well as the Australian government’s inadequate response to her appeals for help.

Her traumatic distress arose from a chance meet up in 2013 when the lawyer befriended a Pakistani lady on a train named Rihanna.

Ms. Hall volunteered to teach her English, and over time they became great friends and was even embraced into the woman’s house.

Lara said: “I didn’t come from a functional family, so it was everything I was craving.”

One night during a Skype call to Rihanna's family, she got to know about Sajjad; a relative who also claimed to be a lawyer.

They then followed each other on social media platforms, and their friendship kicked off; which went on for a couple of years.

Sajjad always seemed interested in her life and was eager to make her happy. The friendship came at a difficult time for Lara, whose mental health battles and childhood troubles resulted in a breakdown. Sajjad’s messages helped her through.

The woman goes to Pakistan for Love but is Raped and kept Prisoner

Source: Daily Mail

Ms. Hall said: “Sajjad came into my life at just the right time when I was completely vulnerable.”

“He promised a grand, amazing and happy life if I would ever consider him.”

“He said he had five houses and showed a purchase contract for a Spanish house he said we could live in and that I could decorate however I wanted, he even sent me pictures of the house.”

“I remember asking him if he would ever lie to me and he said ‘no,’ he was very attractive and seductive.”

“I was seduced by the promise of this amazing life with him. He would always say ‘I’ll fill all your blank spaces.”

“And I’d known his family here for a long time.”

Sajjad got in contact with Lara’s twin sister Amy to convince her that he was legitimate. Amy was happy that Lara had found someone so loving.

Amy said: “He was very compassionate, empathetic, always there to listen, issuing grandiose promises, like a friend, a very trustworthy person.”

In early 2018, Sajjad invited to Lara to his brother’s wedding in Pakistan and on April 23, 2018, she flew to Lahore.

When she arrived, Lara was not met with the grand home she was expecting. Instead, twenty people were crammed into five bedrooms, and the house was covered in litter.

The woman goes to Pakistan for Love but is Raped and kept Prisoner

Source: Metro

“The house was indeed not like anything in the pictures; I was taken back when I arrived.

“Twenty people were living in five bedrooms. He said they were just there for the wedding. It was filthy.”

Over the following few weeks, Sajjad confessed that he made up the Spanish villa and wasn't the guy he maintained to be.

Lara said: “All the feelings of love died. Then the abuse started.

“Sajjad raped me, and his brother attempted to rape me on multiple occasions. I was a kept woman. I was denied feminine hygiene products and had to bleed freely; I was starved over long periods of time, on one occasion up to 14 hours.”

Ms. Hall was also gone through physical torture. In one episode of such cruelty; she had a little bit of shampoo still in her hair after, and Sajjad grabbed her and banged her head into the sink.

Lara continuously rejected Sajjad’s marriage offers which infuriated him more.

“I was once made to lay naked in the bed with my legs open.

“One time I was ill he thought it was ‘hilarious’ – as I was vomiting – to come up and try to rape me while I was hurting.”

“I had come all the way to Pakistan to be a prisoner.”

In an attempt to escape, Lara reached out to the Australian consulate and High Commission but was disappointed by their “lackluster” response. She was advised to seek protection.

Source: Daily Mail

Lara was frightened to go to the police as her visa had lapsed and going to the police could result in her arrest. So, Ms. Hall thought out her own escape.

She managed to contact Dr. Kaiser Rafiq, chief executive of the elite AFOHS club, a reputable members-only club for armed forces administrators, diplomats, and prominent businessman.

One evening, Ms. Hall locked herself in the bedroom and called the police. When they came, Sajjad implored her to tell them she was fine but Dr. Rafiq sensed it on the phone, and she was brought to the local police station.

She was given into the custody of Dr. Rafiq and stayed at the AFOHS club for around two weeks.

Dr. Rafiq attempted to help as he did not want Ms. Hall going back with a bad image of Pakistani people.

He said: “I find her extremely genius and positive person.”

“But I was disappointed and somewhat angry at her for coming to a totally strange country and strange people whom she met only through the internet.”

Lara then moved to live with a friend called Rafi. Both moved to Islamabad to the Ministry of Interior.

She was tormented with prison for overstaying her visa, but she evaded it with a penalty and was told to move out of the country.

Lara attempted again to take some help from the Australian embassy as she became cashless but was met again with obscure responses.

Ms. Hall started a GoFundMe account as she had no option to turn to. Wilson Chowdhry, the head of the British Pakistani Christian Association responded her pleas.

Source: RTL247

The foundation paid her fines and arranged a safe way out of the country and departure to home to Australia. He also reprimanded the Australian administration for their inadequate response.

Lara said Mr. Chowdhury was the person who got her home.

“I’m not a Christian; I’m an agnostic. But Wilson helped me get out of the country. He was a big part in me getting out.”

Lara was thrilled to have endured such a horrific experience but is disconcerted by the Australian administration's inaction.

“Why did the Government let me down? I’m speaking out because no other Australian should be left behind," says Lara.

Have your say on this horrific incident happened with Lara! Are you also feeling ashamed as a Pakistani; after listening to what happened with this innocent lady? She came to our land all the way for seeking love and getting raped and ditched! Horrendous!