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Gift Ideas For Your Girl Friend

Posted In Dating By RateDesi - 16 Feb 2019

Most Romantic Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend

A sparkly piece of jewelry or a designer purse is a lovely gift, no doubt. But if you really want to woo a lady, the most romantic thing you could get her is something personal.

Something that is more about the thought behind the present and less about its price tag. Trust me your girl would love them. Always put in some thought on what are you going to gift.

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Pay attention to the details. What does she like? Anything she mentioned she wanted? Anything she is crazy about? All you have to do is to pay attention and gift what she ‘’needs.’’

Be thoughtful. Flowers are too overrated. If she is into flowers, give her a small plant instead, that she could love and take care of and it won’t die.

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Here are some amazing, and most romantic ideas for your girlfriend that she will absolutely love and adore and would totally love you for it.

A Beautiful Watch

A nice watch is simply timeless (sorry, we had to). Sure, worthwhile watches can be a splurge, but this is the love of your life we're talking about here. Just think, whenever she checks the time she'll automatically think of you.

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Statement Earrings

For the fashionista, a pair of fun, statement earrings will hit the nail on the head. She'll be seriously impressed with your exquisite taste in accessories.

You don’t have to stick to the basic, you can always personalize it. An inside joke, maybe, or something that means something to you, like an infinity symbol.

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A Scented Candle

Whether you're short on romantic gift ideas or your wife just loves scented candles, never underestimate the power of this sweet-smelling present.

I personally love scented candles and honestly I would fall for it. You can get a large variety of scents, from fruit to flowers to hard perfumes.

Observe what she likes and give her just that, I assure you, you girlfriend would love it.

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A Frame for Something Meaningful

Obsessed with that adorable first look photo where you're both happy crying? Or maybe there's a certain love poem that makes you both sentimental.

Now's your chance to frame it and hang it for everyone to see, or for your girlfriend to see and remember you. This is a totally perfect gift for your girlfriend.

It can be a quote, a picture, something you want to tell her. Absolutely anything that holds a special meaning for the both of you.

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A Personalized Necklace

If your girlfriend is a fan of all things Meghan Markle —or simply loves subtle, meaningful jewelry—she'll cherish this sweet, romantic gift. Personalize the understated gold chain with both her and your initials so she can wear your love story with her always.

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Personalized Stationery

Everyone could use a set of formal, personalized stationery. This monogram design is the perfect combination of modern and timeless (just like your girlfriend).

If she is into art, she is going to adore it. From markers, to paint brushes to cute customized diaries and sketch pads, you can get her anything and it is going to be worth it.

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A Monthly Book Subscription

If your girlfriend is an avid reader then nothing could be more perfect that this. You can get her a subscription of her favorite magazine.

If she owns a kindle, you can get her a subscription of kindle unlimited where she would be able to access millions of books and honestly it ain’t even that expensive. It is surely a win-win.

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Relaxing Bubble Bath

It's time for your girlfriend to indulge in a sweet-smelling bubble bath. This one's herby and floral thanks to lavender and sage essential oils to leave her feeling clean and calm the minute she steps out of the tub and if you want to make it extra romantic, you can join in with her.

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A Daily Planner

A good planner (with a gorgeous cover, of course) is always a welcome gift for your girlfriend. Better yet, make it customized. There are amazing daily planners out there, make sure you get the best for your girlfriend.

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A Hand Written Letter

Your girlfriend is going to love a hand written letter. Show some extra love to her. Tell her how much you love her. Tell her what she means to you.

Write everything you couldn’t tell her. Let your emotions flow on the piece of paper. You can also pair it up with a box of chocolates or flowers.

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A Personalized Mug

Do you want your girlfriend to start her day thinking of you? If yes, then this is a perfect gift for you. A personalized coffee mug is something that she could use every day and think of you and smile.

All you have to do is to pay attention to the details. What is your girlfriend crazy about? A character? A reference from her favorite book? A cartoon that she loves?

Something absolutely cute? You can always customize your mug for it to become something your girlfriend would totally love.

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Fairy Lights

This is probably the most romantic gift ever. Fairy lights always look amazing and they would never fail you. If you live in the same house, you can do a little string art on a wall of your bedroom.

They always give out such cozy vibes. Fairy lights are available in so many different colors and to be honest, who doesn’t love them? They are literally the best and the most romantic gift that you could ever receive.

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Teddy Bears

It might be a cliché but girl absolutely love teddies. Gift your girl a huge teddy bear and watch the happiness in her eyes. Teddy bears are cute and warm and a girl’s best friend.

She would go to sleep at night thinking of you and wake up remembering you and hugging the bear thinking of you. This is the best gift you could ever give her.

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