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By RateDesi - 18 Nov 2018

8 Times Ranveer and Deepika Gave Us Major Relationship Goals

Love can do wonders and when you fall for the right person it can be a life-changing experience. All you have to do is to wait for the right person and never settle for anything less.

The person you choose to be your partner can make you or break you; always remember that you deserve the best.

Not everybody is that lucky to find a perfect match, but to some, cupid does special favors and Ranveer and Deepika seems like one of those couples.

They have become a media sensation and people cannot stop talking about how amazing they are together and just how perfect they are for each other. They are love-struck and giving us all some major relationship goals.

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When They Showed Public Display of Affection at Tamasha’s Success Party

Public display of affection is huge when it comes to celebrity couples. Ranveer and Deepika always manage to leave us in awe at how charmingly cute they are when they are together.

Falling in love is beautiful and Ranveer and Deepika just restore our faith in that. Yes, true love exists and this is how it looks like and we hope it stays like this forever.

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When Ranveer Declared He Would Wait For Her

Ranveer and Deepika sure as anything restore our hope in love. The way Ranveer looks at Deepika is enough to make us wish to have something this special with somebody.

When Ranveer said Deepika was so beautiful that he would all his life for her, it melted our hearts and so far Ranveer is keeping up to his promise.

We are pretty sure that he will continue keeping his promises and would never stop loving Deepika even after years. They are relationship goals and we hope it stays this way.

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When Ranveer Picks Her Up From Airports

Ranveer being an amazing partner picks her up from the airports, even if he has to wait for 4 hours on the airport for Deepika, with a bouquet of flowers. This was literally the sweetest thing ever

We honestly think cupid did Deepika and Ranveer a special favor because they are just so perfect, but then we think that everybody deserves that and everybody deserves a commitment and love and a relationship that is interdependent.

Every time they make a public appearance together, they leave us like, ‘’Aww,’’ because yes, they are that cute. Their love for each other is never ending and that keeps alive our hope in finding true love.

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When Ranveer Protected Deepika from Paparazzi

It was also one of the aww moments when Ranveer protected Deepika from the paparazzi; shielding her with his entire body.

We think it was kind of sweet and showed that he cares for Deepika and honestly we are so happy for them.

Here is an image of Ranveer showing his total commitment and love to Deepika and honestly she is just so lucky, but that doesn’t mean that Ranveer is any less lucky; Deepika is one amazing partner and we are glad they both found each other.

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When Deepika’s Courage Inspired Ranveer

Ranveer seems quite smitten with Deepika and it is just so inspiring and cute. Every relationship that doesn’t involve appreciation dies eventually.

Ranveer doesn’t only claim to love Deepika but he also admires and respects her as a person and that, we honestly think is the biggest and the most important part of any relationship.

Ranveer said Deepika won him over with her courage and that is the most beautiful thing ever. They are major relationship goals and there is no changing your mind about it.

They are the couple people just cannot stop talking about and we really don’t want them to stop either because this love-struck couple gives us life and because they reinstall our hope in finding true love.

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The Way Deepika Accepts Him for Who He is

Accepting your partner for who they are is a crucial part of every successful relationship.

Accept the person you love; with every single flaw. Deepika said that she endorses his dressing sense because that is who he is.

Accepting your partner for who they are is one of the biggest gifts that you can give to your partner.

Deepika said he makes her feel special and that she enjoys his company and that he makes her laugh, so we think humor is one of the important things along with other stuff.

The bond they share is truly beautiful and something that’s rare and something we don’t get to see a lot.

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When Ranveer Openly Declares His Love

Ranveer is pretty open and vocal about his feeling towards Deepika and it is too cute to handle. The way he wants the entire world to know just how much he loves her is super cute and most definitely gives us major relationship goals.  

Never be afraid to show love to your significant other. Keep reminding them that they matter and that they are special. Public display of affection does no harm and it is something that adds more substance into your relationship.

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When Deepika Praised Ranveer’s Acting

She said that Ranveer is one of the most versatile actors. The way she admires his work and the fact that she is super vocal about it is amazing.

It is wonderful to find a partner who genuinely appreciates your work and is always there by your side with the words of encouragement.

Deepika and Ranveer and true relationship goals and no doubt why have people been going crazy and really looking forward to when they are actually married.

We wish them an amazing life ahead. They have been the cutest couple and a lot of people look up to them. Remember that every relationship has ups and downs but in the end, it is worth it.

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