Desi Ash Trash Boy

By RateDesi - 19 Jun 2018

Not too long ago, I attended a cousin’s birthday celebration. My cousin had a Desi friend who I had previously met at another get together but we had never really spoken. It was a fun night out, but who knew the night would end with a strange encounter.

As me and my friend were leaving the venue, my cousin’s friend happened to be outside smoking and it was also apparent from his behavior that he had drunk a lot and was wasted. He stank so much of booze and cigarettes, I called him ‘Ashtray’.

Ashtray approached us and all I can say in the state he was in, he was not an attractive sight! The guy started making general chit chat with us and then started targeting me with insults.


Ashtray- How old are you girls? 

This question was a pretty normal one, so my friend answered the question and he started calling us grandmas?! First insult. We then found out he was the same age and insulted him back.

Ashtray- Are you Indian, oh really I am really surprised you are because you don’t look or act it. You look and act like a white lady. Speak some Hindi to me.

WTF?! What was with all the insults. Ashtray carried on say that he was watching me at the last gathering and found it hilarious that I asked the waiter for the name of an Indian dish which in fact is one that I have never tried before. He also found it funny that I did not participate in a game they were playing but half the room were also not playing, did he not notice them?! So on that basis, he judged me to not being Indian?! How sad, he obviously didn’t have much of an interesting life to have found that so funny. I can’t stand narrow-minded and over judgmental people. Not only that, Ashtray who was above the age of 30 acted like a kid.

Me and my friend decided to walk away but he followed us and carried on; the then topic turned to relationship status. He was a single man and I wonder why!

Ashtray  I don’t want to get married or have kids, I am enjoying the single life.

He was drunk so he carried on a little and then his conversation took a turn..

Ashtray  You are so gorgeous I can’t believe you are single. You must know I have had my eye on you since the last gathering and I really like you

WTF?!!!! And completely unexpected! I have never had a guy insult me so much and then reveal liking me. No wonder he was single. This reminded me of being back at school, when a boy ends up picking on the girl he likes because he is too embarrassed to admit he likes her. But then most these boys grow up but obviously he hadn’t. It may have been the alcohol that made him regress back to that kid, but he should know by now insults never get the girl!

Luckily my cab arrived and me and my friend made our quick escape from Ashtray before he had the chance to finish his conversation.

I don’t know why but I always seem to catch the attention of the wrong guys!!

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