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Desi Boys And Girls Dating On Ratedesi, What ?

By RateDesi - 10 Jun 2018

This is probably a controversial topic but completely unavoidable. Whether we like it or not, desi girls and desi boys are dating now.  Some people say its the American Muslim’s assimilation into American society and others maybe think its the lack of faith in the arranged marriage system. I say Nay to both. Its Muslim men. We caused the emergence of dating for Muslims.

How?, asked the little man in the back. I’m glad you asked sir, I’ll tell you

Its a fact that women would much rather be with one man their entire life.  (Yes a fact, google it kid. Sheesh) I mean who’s reputation takes the bigger hit after a relationship? The girl’s. At a huge cost to themselves they still wanna date guys. Now I’m no philosophy major but that sounds selfless (straight up altruism, bless you females).  A guy has a string of relationships and it’s all Way to go, Rajeeb! and Oh snap Tariq, You saw her hair?

Yup. She's found her soulmate. "Hope Mummy and Daddy love him like I do."

Yup. She's found her desi soulmate. "Hope Mummy and Daddy love him like I do."

As desi men, we don’t know what we want. We don’t know what we want even when we actually want it. Confusing right? And that was only a sentence explaining how confused we are, try being in our heads. Dating was invented by men and women are forced to go along with it because they think they can’t find a man any other way.  Muslim males love the idea of being able to have 4 wives but hate the idea of 4 women nagging them. Whats the next best thing? DATING! We can meet as many women as we want and not feel guilty because I might marry this girl.  Guilt free.  We make women believe that the only way to get with us is if we date first and that’s not even a guarantee that we will like you and want to be with you.

I remember anytime you meet a new guy or go to an MSA meeting you always feel the room out. You don’t know who’s dating and who’s not. Its kind of like a silent conversation between the brothers.

Then slowly but surely you realize everyone is dating everyone. I mean what better way to pick up Muslim chicks than MSA? I mean other than the obvious RateDesi, HOLLA.

But no, honestly, we go to Islamic gatherings now just to hook up. Don’t believe me? Ever been to club ISNA? I’ve honestly done more work there than any club or bar.

Oh word? She's on Ratedesi? I told you Ami, there are good girls on there. It's like Shaadi.com

And sure, maybe even some guys go into relationships with the noblest of intentions. One thing leads to another and all of a sudden its a full fledged American relationship.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been there. Relationships are great until they aren’t.  But what happens when they aren’t?  Onto the next one right? Exactly. By the time you are in your early 20s you’ve had a string of relationships and haven’t found anyone and what happens? ARRANGED MARRIAGE TIME. Yup. And which desi girl do we Muslim men want to marry?

Oh yea the pure girl who has never dated and saved herself (all of herself) for her husband. And that girl who went searching for love and never found it? Arranged marriage too. But who does she get? 35 year old Akbar who is balding and is going into his second marriage.

Bottom line is maybe we need to chill out for a bit. Or at least be honest with ourselves about what we are doing and honest to those poor Muslim girls we trick into thinking there is future between us.

And let me tell you; It’s not better to date a Muslim girl because she’s Muslim and MAYBE, MAYBE you will end up with her. That’s just a lie we tell ourselves to feel better.  So let’s stop taking advantage of these Muslim girls because their parents want them to get married right away and start treating them with respect.

On an unrelated note if anyone is still on Ratedesi.Please, kill yo self or teach me how to type LiKe ThIs FaStEr BeCaUsE Im HaViNg TrOuBlE SeXtInG QuIcK EnOuGh.

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