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Desi Guys Pickup Lines On Hijabi Girls

By RateDesi - 20 Jun 2018

Over the many years of my debauchery I’ve compiled a list of things that I have said, or heard someone say, to get inside of an unsuspecting Muslim girl’s jilbab.  This post is not only for those guys looking to use their lines on a hot hijabi but also those unsuspecting women who are too trusting and naive. Enjoy!


  •   I love you ( Very typical and cheesy )
  •   Wow, that scarf really accentuates the noor radiating from your face ( Sure Does lol )

  •   I just want you to be comfortable and not do something you will regret with me     (We really mean, Hey think I’m sweet and thoughtful and I would never take advantage of you)

  •   You’re the only person I feel like this ( For Sure you gotta make her feel special, ironically girls have tried this on me too lol )

  •   You’re exactly the kind of daughter-in-law my parents always wanted ( Oh! yes this would really help in getting in her pants quick )

  •   I just want you to know, I intend to marry you ( That's it Buddy if she believes you she will fuck you the same night )

  •  Yea, I did cheat on her but I would never do that to you ( Depends on the situation )

  •  You make me a better Muslim ( No comments lol )

  •  You bring out a side of me I never knew I had. (religious side)

  •   I really respect you and want to keep things Halal

  •  Mash Allah

  •  I want what’s best for you, even if that isn’t me

  •  My parents would get along great with your parents

  • What girl could resist me rolling up on them at the Masjid saying, "Mash Allah"

  • I’ve never done anything like this with anyone, you’re my first ( When the time comes and you are all inn, say that to melt her completely )

  •  I wish I had never done anything with anyone. I wish I waited for you

  • I’ll be honest, I haven’t been the best Muslim, but I know I can do it with the     right influences.

  • Oh man! I missed Fajr! Can you make sure I’m up for prayer tomorrow?

  • My family is the most important thing to me. ( This wont work on liberal girls because they want freedom, so better tell them i got my own place )

  • I think I’m at a place in my life where I’m finally ready to get serious ( This helps for long term relationships )

  • Want to read Qur’an with me?

  •  I showed your Facebook picture to my mom ( Ya this only works on certain girls not all of them, slutty ones will disregard that and wont contact you again, so don't mention this till you're all inn )

  • So last night when I was reading the Quran/praying Fajr/at the Mosque

  • I’ve made my mistakes. I’ve screwed up, and made some bad decisions. But you know what? With you? I’m ready to make the right decisions.

    :  Just because your significant other has said these to you doesn’t necessarily mean he is lying ladies. So don’t print this out and show him this list to prove he is a liar. That argument won’t end well for you.

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