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By RateDesi - 19 Jun 2018

I have been taken to different places on dates but this was the first and one that definitely stood out from the rest but perhaps not for right reasons.

This encounter was with a guy I met off of RD. We spoke a couple of times before deciding to meet. The guy did not seem to be my usual type as he came across a bit of a Indian rude boy with that rude boy twang, but we got on well and conversation flowed well. We had planned to meet at a local shopping mall on a Saturday.

Saturday came around quick, we met inside the shopping mall and decided to grab a bite to eat. However, the place was so packed and there were long queues of people outside each restaurant cafe.

He did not want to wait so he suggested we grab a coffee and head outside to go for a walk. I was wondering where we could walk as all there was outside was a car park.

The shopping mall was literally in the middle of nowhere. To be honest, had we waited in the coffee shop, we would have probably waited no more than 10 minutes to get a table. This guy was soo impatient and seemed to have itchy feet syndrome! This was not a good starting sign.

We grabbed our Coffee and then headed out through the car park to the outside of the parking lot which is where we ended up going for a walk?! WTF! It was too grim out there.


Our walk got better, we reached the shopping mall bus stop area and he suggested we sit down on the bus stop bench to chat. Was this meant to be romantic?!  Err mm I felt like I was 16 again back at school, this was strange. The bench was wet so I declined his offer and we carried on walking to go back into the mall.
We managed to find a bench to sit on inside the mall, but the place was heaving with so many people walking past. It wasn’t really the ideal place to chat to get to know someone and also extremely distracting.


We talked a little and then three Indian young girls tarted up in short skirts and heaps of make-up walked past us. he actually paused talking to me and his head followed the girls walking around checking them out.

What the fuck ?! It is so insulting and wrong when a guy checks out other girls especially on a first date. There were so many bad signs on the date. He hadn’t even realized what he did and then carried on the conversation like nothing had happened!

The date didn’t last much longer and we walked back into the car park and parted our ways. Ha ha, this date was such a joke date. The guy did not make any effort whatsoever and was not impressed one bit.

Who takes a girl to a car park on a first date?! This was a first and definitely interesting. The guy was also a big talker and full of it, usually from my experience it is these guys that do not make any lasting impression and are more ‘all talk’.

The car park was not a good indicator of possible future dates to come. Neither of us contacted each other after the date.

Now it seems like he just wanted to get in my pants and do a quickie and get a oil change, that was one Rude Indian Desi Boy.

Share your experience on your first date with Rude Desi Boys in the comments section below, thanks!

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