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Desi Diaspora

Posted In Desi By RateDesi - 16 Feb 2019

Desi Diaspora

Desi are the people, cultures, and products of the Indian subcontinent and their diaspora, derived from Ancient Sanskrit meaning Land or Country. As "desi" is a loose term, countries that are considered "desi" are subjective; however, it is often accepted that India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, the Maldives, Nepal, and Bangladesh.

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The Changing Trends

The trends are changing and where some things among the desi culture stands as it is, a lot of things are changing. Desi culture is known to be conservative and having unique social and moral values, because religion has always paid a major role in a desi culture. Times are now changing and the world is becoming more modernized and globalized and we think this is something huge and progressive.

Now are the times where desis are starting to get westernized and by no means it is a bad thing. I think this is time where we are more open and accepting to ourselves and to other people.

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This is time where we leave behind intolerance and take a step towards a more globalized world. This is the need of hour, and if we don’t do this right now, we would just stay behind.

The trends are changing and young people instead of going for arranged marriages, and don’t want to be marrying somebody they haven’t even seen.

Most people are turning towards dating, than marriage. Marriage is a huge responsibility and people want to really know their partners before they commit to somebody for a lifetime.

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This is an era where desis are starting to be more open about their sexualities and in countries like India, same sex marriages have even been legalized, but other countries still have a very long way to go, but this is still a first step towards a progressive nation.

Desis are breaking the taboos associated with female sexuality and honestly that’s a step forward.

Female sexuality has always been suppressed and has always been something that is looked down upon but the strong and bold women are leaving behind that notion.

Women are embracing their sexualities and them voicing their opinions are that is pretty huge if you look at it.

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Desis Here Vs. Desis in the West

No matter how westernized do desis living in the eastern countries get but they still have a lot of restrictions. The laws aren’t very friendly and the freedom for desis living in their homelands gets a little limited and most certainly restricted.

No matter how modern do desi parents get, they would still look out for their children and would still impose restrictions, ‘’for their own good.’’

Being an adult in a desi culture is really hard and it is even harder to date somebody. Most desi adults go through the entire relationship and a rough breakup without even the parents knowing absolutely anything about it.

Desis who live in the West, find it easier to adapt and also because there is a little more freedom there and certainly less restrictions.

Some things like sex aren’t much of a taboo there and it is so much easier to even just hang out with your partner.

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The Dating Life; Then and Now

Dating has always been hard but the new generation has been opting for online dating rather the traditional dating, and we honestly think so much have changed since then. Youngsters now know what they want and they go exactly after that and honestly it makes things so much less complicated.

The youth now prefer online dating websites and online dating apps to find their potential partners. They are using the dating apps for everything; from hookups to long-term relationships and honestly it is working out for so many people so far.

There are so many dating and matrimonial websites out there and people opt for whatever suits them the best. Here are some of the dating and matrimonial websites that have been a huge hit and they have been pretty popular.

However people have been switching to dating and social networking sites than matrimonial websites.

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Here are some of the websites, both matrimonial and casual dating and networking sites that are pretty popular among the youth:


Naseeb is the world's best Muslim social networking, Muslim matrimonial and matchmaking website for single Muslims. It is an online community that connects young, educated, professional Muslims through networks of friends and advanced search and matching algorithms.

The site provides a safe, discreet, and trusted environment for meeting other people with similar backgrounds, interests and religious views.

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Shaadi.com, the world's largest online matchmaking site was founded with one simple objective - to provide a superior matchmaking experience to Indians all over the world.

The company pioneered online matchmaking when it launched in 1996 and continues to lead the exciting matrimony category after more than a decade.

Shaadi.com has redefined the way people meet for marriage and has touched the lives of 3.5 crore (35 million) people all over the world and helped over 5 Million people find their matches.

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Featured in publications such as the San Jose Mercury News, RateDesi is an outlet for South Asian youngsters (also referred to as "Desi" youngsters) in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada who wish to participate in a community that fuses their parent's conservative values with the values of the Western societies that they live in. It is one of the largest websites for the South Asian youth with over 170,000 members.

Founder Sameer Parwani, who developed the website as a Cornell University sophomore in January 2003, could not be more thrilled with the state of RateDesi:

"When I started RateDesi, it was intended to be a Desi clone of mainstream picture rating websites. But it soon became so much more, it became a meeting ground for South Asian kids outside the sub-continent, it became a place to connect to our South Asian culture with a Western twist. None of us want to go to matrimonial websites, so we come to RateDesi instead.’’

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