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Food Panda First Female Driver In Karachi

Posted In Desi By Fiza Khan - 15 Mar 2019

Meet, Rubab Jumani -the First Female Food Delivery Rider from Karachi

Source: Images Dawn

Rubab Jumani, the first female delivery rider of Foodpanda, has made us proud. Many women are fighting for their rights but she has proved that we won’t get our rights unless we work for it. Her step towards independence has shown us that women are now equal to men. They are equal to men!

Aurat March 19 was a great success and was attended by a large number of woman. This March was an encouraging step for all women and girls to get their rights. Every girl has the right to study, to earn for herself and there’s no shame in it. Many people believe that a girl’s world is just within the four walls of her house.

Source: Daily Jiddat Karachi

People should understand and keep this in mind that regardless of one’s gender, everyone deserves fulfil their dreams and to do any job. Every girl is Benazir Bhutto! Every girl can be Malala Yousafzai, every girl can receive an Oscar by writing stories if given proper education. There’s a hidden star in every girl. There’s a hidden motive in every girl's mind! Let your daughter achieve her goal.

Coming over to Rubab Jumani, she was taken an interview and asked several questions about how is she going with this job.

Watch Rubab’s Story:

When she was asked why did she take this step, she answered that she wanted to earn for her family and herself. She also said that she finds happiness in her job. When she sees the smile on the customer’s face while receiving the food, she finds pleasure in it.

Although when she drives the bike, people stare at her and talk about her, she won't let these small things destroy her future. She wants to do something different.

In today’s era, when women can use bikes as transport, Rubab thought that working as a delivery girl won’t be inappropriate. Therefore, she began her journey. Riding the bag wearing a pink helmet and delivering food in the customer’s doorstep, she is always welcomed with a smile. Not only a delivery girl, but she’s also a photographer. Photography is everything to her!

It actually started when she saw the advertisement on Facebook from Foodpanda and applied as a delivery woman. The one who received this application was also shocked but when he got to know about her motive, he accepted her application. Rubab says that once you have faith in yourself, you can achieve anything. You just need to be positive and full of hope.

By working as a delivery girl of Foodpanda, she found the ray of light for us. It will surely encourage many women to listen to their hearts and do what it says. She also said that women should work more and more and be independent. Along with that, there are many more women taking part in different activities and making us proud of them. Women are capable of doing everything that a man can do. They can drive, handle the house, do a job, teach and do lots of more things.

Source: Images Dawn

Women like Rubab are the reasons for our hope. They are a source of motivation for others. Every house has women because without a woman, a house is incomplete so there is Rubab in every house.

We should be hopeful and not let others judge us. We should be strong and make our decisions on our own. We should make ourselves happy! Don’t things what others will say! It’s your life! You will follow your rules! Have faith in yourself, work hard, pray for yourself and success will be waiting for you. Go and live!

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