Habits Of Highly Effective Annoying Pakistani Aunties

Posted In Desi By Fiza Khan - 25 Jan 2019

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Annoying Pakistani Aunties

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The role of AUNTIES in Pakistan is very critically annoying. If you happen to grow up here, you must have a pretty much clear idea of what I'm talking about. Yes, this time, we thought to talk about all those nose-pokers aunties and their annoying habits that annoy and make you laugh both at the same time!

These habits can range from scanning you with their beady eyes, passing offensive comments on how you have been doing nothing in your life; to pinching your cheeks off to the level that makes you want to cry out loud! But, it's Aunty no.1, who won't even feel sorry for doing so :(

But, before we get started, we want to beware you of the highly effective manipulating habits of these AUNTIES. All you need to do is just to run away the moment you a get chance to. It's not easy, though! Because, these aunties are found everywhere, literally EVERYWHERE!!!

So, let's just uncover and laugh together on some habits of highly effective Annoying Pakistani Aunties and of course their Nakhras too!


1. Gossips -the Aww Haye Brigade

Whenever you see a bunch of Aunties milling together or talking in a group; dude, I can assure you something is cooking up there; just don't try to sniff out, it's probably about YOU! The moment they find you passing by them, o man, those beady eyes! You can feel those eyes on you as if you have just committed a crime; a squad of cops is about to confront you. The malice giggles you get hear from them, is almost the most annoying thing one can experience in life -of course, perks of being a DESI!

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2. Interrogation -Those Question Tags, My God!

Every Pakistani is going to relate to this point; how these Pakistani aunties never fail to disappoint us, when it comes to their investigation skills. O man, they're the pro in It! These aunties never feel bad in scanning you from top to bottom whenever they get in luck to spot you somewhere. Even worse, if they catch you with the opposite gender, Man! You're gone now. These aunties will not only ask you personal questions shamelessly, but they'll also give you a character certificate right there.


3. Those Lamentable Remarks on Your Appearance

Whenever you encounter any such aunties; just don't expect your self-confidence to stay loyal with you. It is because these aunties will leave a single chance to make you feel as if you're the ugliest creature on this planet! No matter how you much adore or love yourself, these aunties will find something to speak about your looks.

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4. Nobody is as Perfect as their Children Are!

Here, I'm sure you all are going to relate to this that all of these aunties have one thing always in common; that is their extreme obsession with their own kids. No matter, how Good For Nothing their kids might be, these aunties will still boost about them like they have conquered half the world; or maybe more. DUH!!!


5. Illogical And Unwanted Life Advice

The only things these aunties can give you for free is their legendary MASHWARAS! According to them, Inhone Dhoop Me Sufaid Nahe Kiye! Seriously, Aunty? The highly effective annoying habits of Pakistani Aunties include she, wanting you to sit with her; listen to her expert life advice. Since, she is the best in every aspect of life, from being the master-chef, career counselor, fashion Diva, to a psychologist, she does it all! And now she wants you to be like HER.  


6. That Never Stopping Criticism Session

Undeniably, criticizing whatsoever you do is the favorite hobby of these aunties. From the shape of your Roti to your way of walking, Aunties will always have something nasty to say! Your roti will never be as Gol as she wants; your grades will never be as good as her own kids; your dress sense will never ever appreciated by her. And lastly, you happen to be single; then to her, you're too old who won't get good Rishtas now.

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7. Her Emotional Blackmailing Never Misses to Hit You!

Emotional blackmailing is something which is so much common, especially in desi families. But, when the emotional blackmailing tool gets to be used by these brigades, I'm telling you, you will feel it thrice! Just when you think she is going and you're about to say her Goodbye; you find her as sweet as honey. You start to feel SAFE in her presence, but, the spell gets broken right when she drops the bombshell on you; by saying, "Tum to Humare Ghar Ate hi Nahi." O, Please!!!


So, all those Desi Peeps out there; this was all about some Highly Effective Annoying Habits of Pakistani Aunties. If you ever want to escape and be safe, just run away as fast as possible before she finds her next prey in you.  Good luck!

Have your say on this! Do tell us if you think we've missed any of the highly effective annoying habits of Pakistani Aunties. All you need to do is leave a comment below.

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