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Imran Khan Politican Or Playboy

Posted In Desi By Fiza Khan - 20 Jan 2019

Here’s A Look Back At Imran Khan’s Life Struggles

Since 10 years Challenge has stirred the social media frenzy; we thought to look back at Khan Sahab's life struggle. No, not that we are going to compare his ten years back pictures with the current one. Instead, we are presenting you a look back at key moments in Kaptaan's life. From a flamboyant sportsman to the PM, a lot has changed in him. So, read on a look back at Imran Khan’s Life.

Source: The Economic Times

The Chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI)  ─ who is now the 22nd Prime Minister of Pakistan ─ Imran Ahmed Khan Niazi, born on Oct 5, 1952, to an affluent Pashtun house in Mianwali, Punjab. His parents later abode in Lahore, where most of his youthhood was spent.

In his early life, he was considered somewhat a shy person; who preferred to keep to himself. But, this shy young boy's passion for cricket was apparent even in school.

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Imran Khan got his early education from Cathedral School and Aitchison College in Lahore. He then acquired admission at the Royal Grammar School, Worcester. And got an undergraduate degree in Economics from Keble College, Oxford University. And was also the captain of the cricket team of Oxford University.

Following in the footprints of his kinfolk, Khan took the bat at the age of 13 and started playing cricket. He then made his debut for Pakistan when he was 18 years old, during the 1971 English cricket series at Birmingham. Khan was quick to secure a permanent place in the cricket team.

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Khan scored the all-rounder’s triple in 75 Tests and was prized to make the second-fastest world record after Ian Botham of the England team.

He left cricket at the zenith of his cricket career ─ after he captained the Pakistani cricket team and brought home a World Cup.


Apart from his cricketing expertise, Khan has also acknowledged for his fame among females and night club brats.

A British author, Ivo Tennant quotes artist Emma Sergeant in his book — daughter of a wealthy finance journalist Patrick Sergeant; who claimed she had been in a four-year relationship with Imran Khan from 1982-1986 — calling the cricketer as a 'perfect blending of east and west.'

After his resignation from cricket after the '92 World Cup, Imran Khan inclined to humanitarian activities and was seen as an active philanthropist. He strived to build the first state of the art cancer hospital in Pakistan that gives free treatment to poor patients.

Khan named it on his mother name who was died of cancer. The hospital name was Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre.

Source: Daily Pakistan Global

Kaptan, who turned 41 now, had started to tone down his 'playboy' impression. He had met a spiritual coach in Mian Bashir; who helped win a cynical Jemima Goldsmith by correctly guessing her three secluded wishes.

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Jemima, the daughter of industrialist James Goldsmith, espoused Khan in Paris in 1995, when she was 21.

The pair had two sons, Sulaiman and Qasim, and separated nine years later. Read on to know more about a look back at Imran Khan’s Life.

Source: Telegraph India

In late 1994, he strung along with retired Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) head Hamid Gul and Muhammad Ali Durrani — the latter was supervising Pasban, a breakaway student division of JI.

They decided to launch what they named a "Pressure Group." Unlike any political party; it was basically meant to work as a civil society watchdog for the sitting government.

Source: Pakistan Defence

The pressure group failed to emerge. Imran Khan quickly felt uncomfortable with the thought of being used as a puppet of Gul.

On April 25, 1996, Khan established his political party, the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf. In its first election in 1997, the newly-formed party couldn't make it even to secure a single seat.

In 1999, Imran Khan showed his support for General Pervez Musharraf, and in the 2002 polls under the military dictator, the party acquired one seat ─ which was Khan's own.

Source: NewsPakistan.pk

It was 2011 when we once again marked Imran Khan participating in politics. His jalsas in Lahore and Karachi pulled massive crowds ─ alike possibly only to those seen last in the '80s at Benazir's arrival rally.

Source:Cafe Pyala

Regardless of a strong election campaign in 2013 elections; the party couldn't win a majority and sat on the opposition benches with 32 seats in national assembly. However, it did manage to form a provincial government in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa with Jamat-i- Islami's alliance.  

Khan's party emerged as a vibrant opposition this country has ever had. The party with few other small parties protested against rigging and corruption. Keep reading,  look back at Imran Khan’s Life.

Source: Dawn

Fast forward to 2014, Khan headed a long march to Islamabad and held the historical and most extended sit-in ever against the alleged rigged elections of 2013.

Source: Pakistan Defence

The sit-in against lasted for 126 days but had to be called off after a Taliban assault on Peshawar's Army Public School on 16th December 2014.

Few days, after the sit-in, Imran Khan wedded a journalist, Reham Khan at his Banigala house on January 8, 2015, in a simplistic ceremony.

Source:The Express Tribune

Although the marriage got a great deal of public recognition, it was also reprimanded for its nearness to the Army Public School attack.

The relationship remained just nine months, and we saw Khan calling it the biggest mistake of his life.

Source: NewsBox

Nevertheless, just as it looked the PTI was moving out of steam, the Panama Papers were published in April 2016. Imran Khan, who called the leaks as 'God sent' started pressurizing the then prime minister, Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif to prove himself a non-corrupt PM.

Soon after the leaks surface, we witnessed the intense tussle of the government and opposition; over the Terms of Reference(ToRs) for the commission, investigating the accusations against Sharif Family.

Source: News Republica

Subsequently, many petitions were filed against Sharif family in the Supreme Court; mostly by PTI, PAT, JI, and Awami Muslim League.

More from a look back at Imran Khan’s Life, Khan prompted his supporters to continue  the protest against corruption and then thought out the idea of a second long sit-in against corruption called the 'Islamabad lockdown.'

Source: Daily Pakistan Global

The Panama saga eventually ended on July 6, 2018, when the Supreme Court convicted Nawaz Sharif, his daughter and son-in-law to prison for corruption.

Right, when the political temperature in Pakistan was on its peak; Khan third time married to his spiritual mentor, Bushra Bibi in 2018.

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Fast forward to July 25th, Khan's party, PTI bagged an incredible 116 National Assembly seats in the 2018 Elections, including Imran's all five seats that he contested and won.

Source: Gandhara RFE/RL

Soon after the election results sprang seeping in and PTI surfaced in the lead, Kaptaan was considered as the PM to be, with other party members also giving victory speeches the day after general elections.

Source: www.thenews.com.pk

"I want to clarify why I entered politics," said Imran Khan in his speech. "Politics couldn't have given me anything. I wanted Pakistan to become the country that my leader Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah had dreamed of."


So, it was a brief look back to Khan's life struggle. A shy young man who kicked off his career as a cricketer aced it, entered into politics and now is our 22nd Prime Minister.

It's safe to say that Kaptaan has an inspiring life journey and the way he has transformed himself both personally and professionally is commendable. From a shy young boy to once a playboy cum great cricketer then a visionary leader; Kaptaan never fails to amaze us!

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