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Posted In Desi By Fiza Khan - 15 Feb 2019

Ten most Romantic Pakistani Books You must Read

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" A romance novel is like a tub of ice-cream eaten when no one's looking."

Ten most Romantic Pakistani Books You must Read: Books are our best friends. They are with us all the time; they help us heal our pain, to escape from reality and step into a fictional world.

We, humans, face difficulties and challenges all the time, but these romantic novels give peace to our piece of mind. We get engaged with different characters. Although there's no Prince charming in today's world, girls start believing in it, and they sketch an entirely different picture of love in their mind.

As a Pakistani, I'm proud that Pakistani Authors are getting a lot of fame due to amazing, eye-capturing novels that when a person starts reading, he cannot wait to end it.

Below are the Ten most Romantic Pakistani Books You must Read.

● Pyaar ka pehla Shehar.

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Mustansar Hussain Tarar wrote this Novel Pyaar ka Pehla Shehar. It's an interesting story that develops a feeling of love and passion.

It makes people realize that love is not for the people who are beautiful and pretty but every individual has the right to fall in love. It's basically about a person falling in love with a handicap lady, beautiful in her own way.

According to the writer, everyone becomes handicap since we don't have everything according to our will. The writer has done a great job, and this novel has booked its place in many people's heart successfully. I'll definitely recommend all the Pakistanis to have a look at it, and I am sure you'll get lost in this romantic world.

● Ishq Ka Ain.

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The author of this novel is the great Aleem Ul Haq Haqqi. This famous book is about a poor person living in Abbottabad, a beautiful and attractive valley in Pakistan. He goes to Karachi to find employment and then fell in love.

He later becomes a holy person who's well respected. The language of this novel is pure and easy to understand. As compared to today's novel, this one is far better in all ways. You cannot leave this book incomplete once you start.

I will recommend this to all other men who think that love is nothing but a few day story; it will change their point of view. This romantic novel goes deep in the heart of a person and makes its special place.

Raja Gidh.

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Men know this novel "Raja Gidh" well, whose Author is Banu Qudsia with interest in Urdu literature. Not does it only displays a story in front of people but diverts their attention in the Urdu Language too.

Gidh in English means vulture and Raja mean king. In reality, the story is entirely different. With a touch of love and romance, it has covered all the aspects of knowledge. Apart from this, the author has also talked about the differences between Halal and Haraam.

Relationships aren't just about romance, but it should be handled with care. This novel brings maturity in a person so one should, of course, try this one out too.

Jannat ki talaash

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This book "Jannat Ki talaash" was written by Raheem Gull, A great author at that time. Jannat Ki Talaash in English means "finding heaven," but the story is entirely different.

"Don't judge a book by its cover."

It talks about different people going to northern areas and Balochistan. It talks about how they spend their day and what is their daily routine. Every part of this novel increases our knowledge and grasps the attention of the reader.

Each character plays a vital role in setting a lesson for people. Books give us reading and talk about different people following a different curriculum so we can at least get knowledge about all that. Many Pakistanis consider it as a heart-catching novel.

Khuda Aur Muhabbat.

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This novel "Khuda, our Muhabbat, is written by a very respectable author, Hashim Nadeem. He got a lot of fame due to this novel and still holds a unique stand in Urdu literature due to it. It goes through two perspectives; religion and Love.

What does Religion say? And what's the real meaning of love? Both sections keep on clashing, and the reader gets more excited. It's not just about romance but also keeps on covering religious aspects. Those readers who get bored reading romance in the whole story can choose this.

Peer - e - Kaamil (S.A.W)

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This story by Umera Ahmed focuses on the deviational group that disregards the irrevocability of our Holy Prophet  (P.B.U.H) who is the role model of all Muslims, and a person cannot be a true believer if he doesn't believe in our Prophet S.A.W.

It talks about two people on a trip, Salazar Sikandar, a person with amazing I.Q and Imama Hashim who belonged to a steady family. They both belong to entirely different families, but since Salazar is attracted to Imama; her knowledge changes all the thoughts of Salazar, transforming him into an altogether different person.

This story talks about two different people with the contrast family background but still ends up falling for each other's soul. The plot is amazing!


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The author of this book is none other than a very well-known novelist, Farhat Ishtiaq. This book is brilliantly organized and talks about the relationship between a husband and a wife. Apart from love and fights, there are other difficulties in relations too.

Trust is the base of relationship; it's like a beautiful glass, once broken, can never be put back. If relationships require explanation, then it isn't a relation anymore.

It changes to a misunderstanding. And it's better to move away from all the misunderstandings as soon as possible. This book is highly recommended to those who love romance novels.


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This story " Bano" is written by Razia Butt. It's full of tragedy and suspense. It's about 1947 when people battled for Pakistan. It's a story about Bano and her family. This story clearly portrays a picture of the events occurring at that time. It's about trust, , and love. This story talks about Pakistan using the character of Bano. It's a unique story with different aspects.

Amrit Kaur

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This story "Amjad Jawed composes Amrit Kaur. This story has gained a lot of fame, and its popularity is at its peak. It talks about people getting separated in 1947 due to wars going on.

It makes us aware of the hardships and consequences that people at that time and how couples got away from each other. This novel doesn't just talk about love, but it's about the economy too. I'll suggest this book to others as it's outstanding with pure language and full of drama.

Umrao Jaan Ada

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This book is an old novel by our favorite "Mirza Hadi Ruswa."

This story is about a lady of Lucknow who is a singer, a poet, and a dancer too. He tells us about the culture followed in Lucknow.

This book is mostly on poetry and the best piece of Urdu Adab. The language, however, is difficult to understand due to pure Urdu. If anyone has interest in the Urdu language should definitely read it...I can challenge he'll find it remarkable.

Pakistanis are taking in international forums due to the supremacy of Urdu Language and their talent for writing incredible love stories and romantic dramas. Romantic novels create excitement and suspense in one's life.

Are you into reading novels? If yes, then which one is your favorite out of all these top Ten most Romantic Pakistani books. Do let us know in the comments below.