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Posted In Desi By Fiza Khan - 22 Mar 2019

5 Most Talented Pakistani Authors

Books are a source of our happiness. They are our best friends; we read them to pass our time, to escape from some harsh realities, we also read them to distract ourselves whenever we are sad.

We should read books to improve our imagination, to make our vocabulary more perfect as there’s always a room for improvement.

However, reading books can sometimes be boring. We cannot keep ourselves busy when the story is too, or the text seems too small. Therefore, we should read books by great authors. Pakistan is full of creative people, and these talented people include some excellent writers as well.

Pakistan has five most famous writers :

● Mohsin Hamid:

Source: Desiblitz

He is one of the brilliant Pakistani novelist and an excellent writer. He was born on the 23rd of July in 1971. Apart from that, his wife is Zahra, and she supported him a lot. His books are;

Moth Smoke

This book gained a lot of fame. It’s about an ex-banker addicted to heroin and falls in love with his friend’s wife, and that friend is his best friend. This book has made people it’s a fan in both the countries; Pakistan as well as India.

The Reluctant Fundamentalist

The writer got a lot of fame due to this book. This book was chosen by the Indian director for a film too. It’s about love and tragedy. A Pakistani person meets an American stranger in Lahore in a cafe. They both exchange their stories engaging the attention of the reader.

Exit West

This book is about two young lovers and how they carry out their love story.

How to get filthy rich in rising Asia

The story is about a poor boy born in a village. He wants to become wealthy, and so his story begins...

Mohsin writes so uniquely that his books are chosen for cinemas as well. In addition to it, his writings are translated into 35 languages too. Although he was born in Lahore, he has gained experience spending his life in other countries such as New York, London, etc.

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● Fatima Bhutto:

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Born in Kabul ’1982, Fatima Bhutto belongs to a great family; The Bhutto Dynasty. Her books include: Whispers of the desert.

It’s a selection of poems by a 15-year girl who was later assassinated. These poems although were written three years ago but they are still alive and reach the heart of the readers.

  • The shadow of the crescent Moon

  • Democracy

  • Songs of blood and sword

It’s about the economic situation of the country and the life of a young girl.

Fatima lives in Karachi. She is the daughter of Murtaza Bhutto, son of Zulfiqar Bhutto. She has studied at Columbia University from where she graduated in 2004. Along with that, she has also written for many newspapers.

● Mohammad Hanif

Source: Desiblitz

He was born in November 1964 in Okara. He’s a journalist along with a writer and writes for The New York Times. His wife’s name is Nimra Bucha, and he has also received an award of Sitara- i-Imtiaz.

He has also written for Films along with BBC radios. Although he has graduated from the Pakistan Air force Academy, he ended up being a writer.

His books include; A case of exploding mangoes

It was his first novel, and he became famous because of this book. It was about the time of Zia ul Haq. This book won the prize of CommonWealth and had made its place in our heart. It’s about a plane crash that took the life of General Zia Ul Haq away. It was initially published in 2008.

Our Lady of Alice Bhatti

This novel is about caste and gender. Alice is basically a nurse of a corrupt hospital in Karachi, and she works with honesty.


It’s about an American Pilot who crashes and lands on a camp. Near this camp, is a ghost town called Hangar and the story makes us more shocked.

The Baloch who is not missing and others who are

It’s about the Balochistan, and it’s enforced disappearances. It’s a heartbreaking story though, but the book grasps the attention of the reader. Once you start reading, you cannot stop it.

● Kamila Shamsie

Source: Desiblitz

She is a talented writer born in 1973 in Pakistan. She loves to write and finds enjoyment in it. Writing is done from the heart, and she completely believed in it. Although in the 1970s, girls were meant to be being housewives only, she made us proud by writing such great novels. Her family supported her a lot. Her books included:

  1. City by the sea in 1998

  2. Kartography

  3. Broken Verses

  4. Salt and Saffron

This story is basically filled with love and is about a girl living in the United States but being Pakistani, Aliya. This story completely reflects her passion and life. Her magical words take us to another world. It further enhances the meaning of love!

A god in every stone in 2014

In this novel, she has talked about Persian wars and historical events. This story is fascinating and especially recommended to those who want to know more about history.

She is also known as Jhumpa Lahiri. Her work has made us proud of her!

Last but not least is;

 Daniyal Mueenuddin

Source: Desiblitz

Daniyal Mueenuddin is not an ordinary man! He’s far more beyond our imagination. Along with a writer, he’s a lawyer and a journalist. He is also a director!

He inherited his family farm, and so his stories often reflect the lives of land owning people. His stories tell us about love, and Pakistani stories are very engaging. People love his writing, and they get lost in his words. His books include;

  1. Our Lady in Paris

  2. In other rooms, other wonders

He also said that Anton Chekhov had a significant influence on his career!

With the growing population, talents are also increasing. Pakistan is getting more and more emerging writers with so much potential. I hope to see our country prosper more and more.

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