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Posted In Desi By Fiza Khan - 23 Feb 2019

We Know What Kind Of A Student You Are (Or Were) Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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We Know What Kind Of A Student You Are (Or Were) Based On Your Zodiac Sign: All of us know that student life is the best ever memory of our entire life. Many of you have been either student at some stage of your life or are currently in that phase. You know your horoscope sign has a lot to tell you about your student life; that what kind of student you are. So, without further jabbering, let us get to the point and dig deep into each zodiac sign and find out what they have to reveal about our student life. Here we go:

Aries -Leader of your class

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Being an Aries is all about the in-born intelligent person who is also a born leader. Such persons will be the first one to lead their team in times of difficulty. What is more to it? Aries believes in perfection and so doing homework and keeping things done beforehand.

So, you are the person who has all plans chalked out already before anybody can even hold a pencil up. And let me tell you one more interesting thing, you don't give a damn if no one likes your plans because you know what you have to and will follow what you have planned, no matter what!

Taurus -Can't stand Ratta

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Taurus is the type of students who can never stand rattofying but still manages to score good grades.

Rote-learning isn't something your way, and you cannot do it even if you try. You are indeed not a bookish person, and your learning skill excels more through visualization rather than theory.

You get to learn through practical experiments more and grasp the concepts better. For you, everything going around is your learning opportunity.

Your learning speeds up with your work, and you remain up in your game; when it comes to submitting assignments on time. You give your own words to the concept you have grasped because rattafication will mess up big time for you.

Gemini -The born Cheeta!

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Photographic memory is what God has gifted you.  Once you get to know something, you will never forget it; especially if it has more to do with keeping significant details in mind. You are also a helpful person who never minds helping his or her fellows.  The coolest thing about you is once you develop the interest in any particular field, you will go into every depth to learn everything about it.

Cancer -The driven go-getter

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Yes, you are like those people who will work their ass off to achieve their goals. What drives you is your inner dedication and sense of being focused on your goals and that you know what you exactly want.

You are not that person who will give up when you are close to success. Your level of focus will be the same from the very start to the end; because you possess persistence and determination to get each and every ounce of that outstanding grade!

Leo -The one who gives us, Ek Lota Vibes

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You’re not only a distinguished student, but you are also an exceptional teacher. You are probably that kind of people whom the whole class goes to clear their concepts before the last minutes of every exam.

And you hardly get time to study because you are busy helping others. But, you still score well somehow. Your mantra of success is that you do things super fast. You are one great teacher who knows what exactly you are talking about and guide like a true leader of the pack.

Virgo -One who will make their Dads super proud

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You're very hard working, and you want others to know it. You know exactly what you want and prefer your assignments over any fun related stuff. You know your grades will not going anywhere because you work hard as F to get the grades you want. You feel proud of what you do since you possess the quality of being a natural learner. In short parhaku ho yaar!

Libra -College Parhne Kon Jata Hai?

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You have a way different philosophy than what other stars possess above. For you, the purpose of coming to school or college isn't learning for-sure.

Instead, you are that person who goes to school or college to socialize with people, make good friends and have a good time. You are good at group learning and often prefer group study programs. You always seek somebody to validate your ideas and opinions in school group projects. You found learning alone way too, and you hate homework.

Scorpio -the Jazbati Learner

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Scorpio is one of those students who did not mind going to the end of the world for one little piece of knowledge that no one else in the class cares about. You are both a passionate learner and person.

The passion in you is quite apparent. It is all in your vein man! Once you develop the interest for something, you will research your ass off, and that will become the only purpose of your existence until you master it. Assignments and projects aren't a burden for you; in fact, you love to do them.

Sagittarius -The one who believes in Mehnat me Azmat hai

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You love to traverse whatever you’re studying; whether it takes you to watch a documentary or go to the real place to learn and grasp the information – whatever props you connect personally with the subject. You love taking institutional trips and learning artifacts. History could be your favorite subject, only because of your love of research.

Capricorn -Scene on means Parhai ka Scene

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You are the person who is a super quick learner. It is insanely crazy, but you are one of those students who will always be seen nodding heads and saying,

"theek hai, yeh to buhat halwa hai yaar."

While others will keep on wondering and not getting a thing! You are often called with names like "Question Mark" because you never hesitate to ask questions, even if it takes you to ask your teacher the same question multiple times.

Also, you are that irritating one who feels proud pointing out teacher's mistakes. You are that smart and mentally present during lectures. Moreover, you like to help those mates who don't get the lecture and come to you for an extra class. You have a pure leader vibe.

Aquarius -the Fankaar

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You’re artistic and not hesitant to show it to everybody. Every project and work that you do will have a factor of creativity in it, and people get to know it that it’s your work!

You are innovative and think very meticulously about how you will get the shit done for it to make it a masterpiece. You’re so picky that you might even get annoyed if things don’t go your way. You are good at everything, especially math! The number game is totally your thing.

Pisces -the perfectionist

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You want everything to be perfect, and you just can't help it. Pisces, you're very hard on yourself, and you are that regular student who acquires the certificate of 100% attendance every year.

You're also a very detail oriented person and can get super tensed over the smallest of things. You keep on over thinking about almost everything in your life; even if that involves your school work. All-nighters to get that assignment pimped to perfection is very typical behavior of you. But don’t worry; this hard work never goes unpaid.