Bizarre Desi Food

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Bizarre Desi Food Combinations That Actually Taste Awesome

Experimenting around food is something not most people are into. When it comes to food choices, people always go for what they are familiar with. Experimenting with food can be amazing and can be a total hazard. There are, however, some of the (bizarre) food combinations that people tried and loved them. Some of them are even available at local desi restaurants.

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My relationship with food has always been pretty weird. Most of the times I just go for stuff that is tried and tested by my very own taste buds, but sometimes I do go on crazy sprees and like to try things most people would not even consider but I think that is fun to do.

If you are somebody who loves adventures, trying new stuff and do not hesitate to try something that looks pretty bizarre then these are the dishes you absolutely got to try.

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Samosa with Ice-Cream

Honestly, this is one of my most favorite sweet of all time. The samosas filled with caramel sauce or fruit filling served fried and with ice-cream. Mmhmm, finger licking good. There are even a few restaurants that serve it and honestly it is a gift from heaven.

The best possible thing you could serve at the tea time. What could be better than some hot samosas and frozen ice-cream? If you want to satisfy your tea craving and sweet tooth then it is just for you.

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Chocolate Golgappay

Golgappas are one the most favourite foods in the desi culture. Amalgamate it with chocolate and it turns out just perfect. If you are chocolate lover, Chocolate Golgappas are just for you.

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Dorito Chaat

If you haven’t tried it yet, you are honestly missing out something huge. All you have to do is to add some Doritos to your regular chaat and viola, a dish that would leave you wanting for more.

If you haven't tried it yet, this is the time you should consider it. What are you waiting for? Grab that pack of Doritos and teach your friends and your taste-buds a thing about fusion and food. Is this Ratatouille in making? You never know.

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Biryani and Lays

A lot of people worship biryani. It is one of the most popular dishes among desi cuisine. The fight about whether or not aalu belong in biryani has been a debate that has been going on since over a decade, but have you ever tried crisps/chips with biryani?  

If you are pro-aalu-in-biryani and love the crunch then maybe it is the most perfect dish for you. You honestly got it. This is a perfect combination. The softest of the rice and the crispiness of the chips is just perfect.  

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Milk and Jalebi

This has always been one of my most favorite childhood delights. It also helps with common cold and sore throat. I remember my mom making it for me whenever I had a sore throat.

It is pretty easy to make. Get some jalebi from the market and store them in the fridge or outside if the weather is cold.

Boil quarter a cup of milk. Add some jalebi to the mug and pour boiling milk into the mug. Stir a little till it softens a bit. But careful you wouldn’t want to make it too soft by leaving it for a long time.

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Naan and Kher

This is one of the dishes that my mom enjoys. She wouldn’t complain eating naan with kher 2 days in a row, for both, lunch and dinner. She loves it. I haven’t personally tried it but it sure as anything on my list. Next time mom makes her signature kheer, I’m so ordering naan.

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Chocolate Maggie

It sure sounds weird but one of the best things you can try. Cook some Maggie noodles (minus the masala) and add chocolate to it. I am sure you can full amazing recipe here. You got to try this and send well wishes my way for introducing it.

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Nutella Paratha

Nutella paratha is one of the best fusion of desi and western and as weird as it may sound but it is getting pretty popular and now available at various restaurants and honestly, it is fulfilling and extremely delicious. This is one of those foods that you would never regret having.

Just stuff some Nutella into a paratha and you are good to go. Enjoy it with a cup of tea or coffee, in a winter evening. Nothing could get better than this.

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Milk and Soda

This dish is one of the popular drinks in a desi culture and something very refreshing. Take half a glass of milk and pour in coca cola or sprite in it. This is one of the most refreshing drinks but make sure you serve it cold. Do NOT use warm milk in it.

I assure you, this would become your go-to drink on a hot summer day or after a tiring day where you feel like cooling yourself down a bit.

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Chocolate/Ice-Cream Fries

A lot of people have been trying it and they are left in a dilemma on whether they like it or they hate it. One step ahead, people have also been trying fries with the chocolate ice-cream and they loved it. This is the next thing to try on my bucket list and I am sure going to give it a try. Nothing’s holding me back this time.

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Butter and Sugar Sandwich

This has always been my favorite delights. When there is nothing else to eat, this is where I turn. It is delicious and so fulfilling. If you haven’t tried it yet, you are legit missing on so much.

You absolutely got to try it and I am sure you would love it. Spread some butter on a toast and add sugar to it. This crunchy delight is the best.

Source: Pastry Chef Online

Noodle Sandwich

My all-time favorite. Take 2 toasts, throw in some cooked noodles and cheese (yummy) and toss it in the sandwich maker and you are all set; a perfect snack to enjoy at movie nights or evening or in the middle of binge-watching dramas. Noodle sandwiches for the win.

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