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Posted In General By RateDesi - 23 Jun 2019

Everything You Need to Know About the New Snapchat Gender Switch Filter Club


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Snapchat just came up with probably the most brilliant filter in the history of its existence which allows you to view yourself as the opposite gender and everyone is flipping out over it.

From teachers, to students to your friend that you have not heard of since 2010, everyone is using the filter and the results are hilarious and amazing.

The Gender Swap Filter has taken the internet by storm and is known to create some funny and sometimes rather disturbing images.

If you want to see what you would have looked like with a different set of chromosomes than today is your lucky day.

The new Snapchat filter makes it super easy to go from Male to Female or vice versa. To use it, simply go to the app and open the filters.

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If you want to use the male to female snapchat filter then swipe right a few times, until your face is facing right towards the camera and a purple circle forms around the filter means your face is in the perfect position to apply the filter.

Do the same for the female to male snapchat filter and you are set and ready to go.

Many of the celebrities have taken up to use the Gender swap filters themselves, the latest celebrity to use this filter has been Mehwish Hayat.

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Mehwish used the filter to recreate Pakistani movie Load Wedding’s song Munday Lahore De.

She posted the video on her Twitter account, mentioning her fellow actor Fahad Mustafa and wrote the caption as, “you can take the back seat, “Musaddiq Hayat” is here to take over! Lol!”

A hilarious step taken by Mehwish, we loved every minute of the video she uploaded.

Since the filter was released, people have made numerous amounts of hilarious videos, covering songs and remaking dialogues from movies or tv serials.

A meme maker from Abu Dhabi used this filter in the most creative way ever.

The man used Bollywood songs and acted as both Hero and Heroin by using the snapchat gender swap filter.

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People all over the world are quote outrageous, they find it hilarious and some find it offensive that they can now literally picture themselves as the opposite gender without any hesitation or drawbacks.

I think Snapchat used this as a marketing scheme since their users were going down after the new update, so they brought into the market something that no app has done before.

It got everyone riled up and everyone wanted to see and use this filter which got snapchat so much fame and attention, the marketing team pulled a good scheme and we all just fell for it so easily.

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When men use the filter to transform into women, they become something beautiful and extra ordinary, like some actress out of a movie with a fresh blow in the face.

But when women use the male filter… well, they either look exactly like their dads or some close male relative and it is every bit of hilarious and we find it very amusing.

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

A twitter user posted this image on twitter with the caption “this is everyone on my timeline right now using the snapchat gender swap filter.” We cannot disagree with this, I mean come on, it’s right there.

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This guy in the UK used the filter to prank his girlfriend and since the girl believed that her boyfriend looked so much like a girl, he ended up sleeping on the couch for a night, oops.

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Another Twitter user managed to hit 400 matches on Tinder with him creating a fake profile whilst using the female filter.

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Another Twitter user used the gender swap filter which ended up in him looking like his mom.

The internet is a funny and beautiful place, so many memes have been inspired by this new gender swap filter, people all over the world are having their amounts of fun with this new filter, even I tried it and ended up looking like my dad.

Everyone I know has tried it, even my most dull and sad friends who do not fit in with any of the online trends but this was something that got even them riled up so you can just see how exciting this new trend is.

If you haven’t, I urge you to go try it right now, you’ll end up having a good laugh.

There's already been a ton of hilarious reactions that have gone viral. There's been girls who have literally turned into their brothers.

There's been people who have used it to trick their boyfriends and girlfriends... Even Miley Cyrus used it and managed to turn into Joe Jonas.

Now, men have started using the female filter on Tinder and uploading the pictures to their profiles - and the results are absolutely wild.

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Troy turned into Tracy and got 100 likes in under 10 minutes. The people of the internet have been using the filter to their benefit in so many different ways.

It has been so amusing for all of us, how easy it is to turn yourself into something and fool everyone around you.

Now, here’s the thing, while all of this is fun and games and we agree that we all had our fair share of fun and meme making with these filters, just keep in mind that there are actual transgender people with identities that are different than what they were born with.

While this has been the source of creating so many memes and people had their fair share of fun with all of this going on, we urge you to keep the same kind of energy going while dealing with transgender or non-binary people.

We urge you to accept and to welcome them with the same energy as the filter, we’re all human and that is all we ask for.