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Hottest Male Celebrities and Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Them

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When you think about celebrities, the first thing that comes to mind is all the glitz and the glamour that comes with fame.

Bear in mind that a lot of these famous personalities were not born with a silver spoon in their mouth; instead they worked their fair share to get where they are now.

What’s more attractive that a passionate driven male am I right ladies? So without further ado I present to you hot celebrity number one:

Fawad Khan

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Obviously. (Sorry, not sorry) Not only is he one of the most highest paid actors in Pakistan, charging a whopping 3 lakh rupees per episode, but his killer looks have seriously increased his fan base.

Interestingly enough he prefers to stay away from the limelight and paparazzi while choosing to focus more on his family.

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He met his wife Sadaf Fawad Khan in his teenage years and proposed to her when he was just 17!

He has two adorable children; Ayaan Khan and Elayna khan. When asked about the most important thing in his life at the moment he replied:

“The most important thing to me right now is my daughter. We’ve just had a baby and she takes up most of my time, and I’m finally getting to spend quality time with my family.”

Nothing is cuter than a man who is so devoted to his family! Moreover, Fawad also launched a women’s clothing brand called ‘Silk’ with his wife in 2012.

However successful he may be at the moment it certainly wasn’t easy for him to reach where he is now. Among his many obstacles, Fawad also reveals that he was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the early age of 17.

As a result he had started taking better care of himself to prevent his health from deteriorating further.

When asked about financial troubles fawad humbly stated, “Yeah, I’ve been penniless. I’ve had to struggle a bit. But now I enjoy thinking about that because it just makes me feel better about my achievements.”

Now, his net worth is almost a million dollars! What an inspiration!

Imran Abbas

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This popular actor with his stellar good looks was named among the top 100 most handsome faces of 2018 when given the ranking of number 58.

Imran is a very deep and down to earth person who feels like too much time in the spotlight is out of his comfort zone. Despite his fame for being a highly successful actor and former model, he wants to take a backseat and enjoy life from behind the screen.

Imran believes that materialistic things are temporary and that you should live in the moment which is one of the biggest reasons why he rejected many roles he was offered by big Bollywood directors like Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Mohit Suri, Abhishek Kapoor, Karan Johar and many more.

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Intriguingly, he has a degree in architecture and enjoys singing and production which, according to Imran are his roots and something he wants to fixate more on.

When asked about his hobbies he confesses that he is a fan of reading and writing poetry; particularly Parveen Shakir’s poetry. In his teen years he sketched as well and managed to sell a lot of his artwork.

Being the empathetic soul that he is, Imran also dreams of opening an old home for people who neglect their parents. He sees this as a rising problem and wants to make a difference.

Its shame Imran wants to quit acting, but all us grief-stricken fans have to appreciate the heartfelt thinking behind the decision.

Hamza Ali Abbasi

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Not all actors are airhead’s people! This man breaks all the stereotypes. Not a college dropout, Hamza has done his fair share of studying with a bachelor’s degree in International Relations from the US, masters in Pakistan and has even given those dreadful CSS exams.

Now that’s impressive! Not only that, but did you know he even worked for the police force before becoming an actor? All that experience and he’s still only 34…

Hamza rose to fame after his amazing acting while playing the role of ‘Afzal’ in the soap opera series ‘Pyaaray Afzal’. He made such a strong impression that people often referred to him as Afzal instead of Hamza!

A strong supporter of the Pakistani cinema, he refuses to take part in any Bollywood films and instead wants to see our film industry prosper.

This cheeky actor also loves dabbling in politics and causing mayhem. Another one of his loveable qualities wouldn’t you say?

Atif Aslam

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Another self-made star, this multi-talented individual discovered his passion for singing after performing for his college on Independence Day in 1998.

After his friends continually persisted, he agreed to perform for the first time and won an award. Things only went uphill from there for Atif.

Not only did he make an insanely good singer, but his appearances in movies like Bol boosted his popularity and fame to a whole other level; giving him a net worth of approximately 22 million dollars!

He started off small like all the greats, recording his first song ‘Aadat’ with his own pocket money!

It was obviously an instant hit and led to him joining a band called ‘Jal’ and later becoming a solo artist. Primarily, Atif wanted to become a cricketer for the Pakistani cricket team and even dressed up as Imran Khan (former cricket team captain) in first grade. Talk about adorable!


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Among his many accomplishments he also has the honor of being the youngest person in Pakistan to receive the tamgha-e-imtiaz award for his achievements.

Born and raised by a middle class family who wanted him to be a doctor (typical) he is an inspiration for the youth of Pakistan and dreamers everywhere.

So the lesson here, readers, would be: You make your own destiny and nothing comes to those who lie in wait for something great to happen without moving a finger. Be inspired people!