How To Make Hookups Fun And Safe

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Making Hookups Fun and Safe

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The desi culture is now changing and there are a lot of people who are seeking intimacy and love without committing to marriage. I however I think that is totally okay. Different people have different needs and it isn’t necessary that everybody is necessarily seeking a relationship.

Some people only seek sexual intimacy and I think that is totally okay. What matters is being safe. A lot of women do come across creeps and jerks and it is important to be safe. Everyone should know how to keep themselves safe and how to have loads of fun ;)

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Stalk Them on Social Media

If there’s a hot guy you come across on a party or randomly at university or even online, the first thing you need to do is to stalk him online. His social media profiles would tell you more about him than anything else. Stalk him. Analyze his posts. Read the comments he made with his friends.

You will get an idea about the kind of stuff he is into and you will get an idea about the kind of person he is.

Sometimes people don’t let out their true selves when they talk to you for the first time and social media is the perfect platform to get to know them and your analyses would mostly be correct.

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Ask Him about His World Views and Politics

This question will tell you a lot about him. If he talks shit about feminism or make rape jokes, RUN; chances are he is total piece of shit and probably a threat to your safety.

Ask him about his values and interests and you’ll know just how compatible you both are. Talk to him about the current issues and what is his stance on it and trust me you’ll discover a lot about him.

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Go on a Meet Up Before Ending Up in a Bedroom

Meeting somebody in person and observing how they talk tell you a lot about a person.

Take them to a restaurant for lunch or dinner. It doesn’t have to be a date, just a friendly meet up to get a bit comfortable with each other.

Notice how the sit, how they talk, and especially how they treat the waiters. That would honestly tell you a lot about them.

If they aren’t treating them right or acting rude with them then abort mission. There are chances he’ll be super rude to you too if things didn’t go his way.

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Ask Him What is He Expecting in Bed

This is one of the most important questions to ask somebody you are hooking up with. If you are hooking up with somebody you at least want sex to be good, right?

Ask the guy what he is into. Ask him whether he likes it rough or romantic. Ask him how far he wants to go.

Ask him the things he like in bed and tell him what you like in bed so he can pleaser you and you can please him. It’s super important to have an idea of your sexual compatibility.

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Always Tell a Friend Your Whereabouts

Whenever you go to hook up with this hot guy, make sure one of your friends or a trusted person knows where you are going and by when you’ll be back.

So if in the worst case scenario they know where to look for. This isn’t to scare you but to have you prepared and to keep you safe.

It is super important that somebody knows where you are and to keep an eye out for you. Even if you go out on a date, it is important you let them know.

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Keep a Pepper Spray or Taser with You

This is important. Always keep a pepper spray or taser in your bag. Keep it handy and don’t hesitate to use it if you feel threatened at any point.

Keeping yourself safe should be your first priority. Investing in a pepper spray or a taser is honestly worth it and these are the tools that you can use to keep yourself safe.



Keep Your Phone Charged

It is important that you keep your phone charged. Your phone can save you from a lot of unnecessary trouble. Keep your phone charged and keep yourself safe.

It would be easier for you to contact other people. You do not want to run out of battery during a party. You might want to contact somebody or a message to rescue on the first sign of trouble.

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Always Take Condoms with You

Safe sex is super important. Always keep condoms in your bag especially when you are out looking for a guy to hook-up with. You might not want to end up in a heated moment of passion without condoms.

Also you get to choose your favorite flavors ;) or something that would make you feel good. This is always an edge for you.

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Let the Passion Burn

Once you are safe and you have got your back (or his thing) covered, you are good to go. You can let out your inner passion and desire.

There is nothing stopping you. Explore things. Do what you love. In this moment it is just you and the raw passion, just you and your raw desire and only pleasure.

This is time to explore and be in the moment.

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Just be Yourself

The thing that I love the most about hookups is that you don’t have to pretend or you don’t have to keep up this persona. In that moment it is just you and your raw desires and needs and nothing else really matters.

Just be yourself and enjoy the ride; both literally and metaphorically and we are sure you are going to have a very good time.

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Is there any safety tip you would like to add? Is there anything that saved you from falling into a trap? Do share your experiences and opinions in the comments below.