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By RateDesi - 18 Nov 2018

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People Have High Hopes But Will Imran Khan Deliver What He Promised?

After a continuous struggle of 22 years, Imran Khan has finally taken over the responsibilities of the Prime Minister.

With a lot of people and critiques keeping an eye on his every move, he got so much to prove to the very state he runs and the people he promised to work for.

Imran Khan has always been big on speeches and promises he made pre-election.

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His determination on his dharnas has been incredible and a lot of people who are not even his supporters cannot help but admire.

He is a humanitarian and other than winning the world cup, making cancer hospitals in Pakistan is one of his biggest achievements, but will Imran Khan actually deliver what he promised?

Here’s some of the insight on why a lot of people still criticize him.

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He Doesn’t Hold Himself to the Same Standards

The entire point of the speeches was to have a Prime Minister who at least for once stands for what he says, but he has made multiple U-turns especially since after he became the prime minister.

The entire purpose of the speeches was to convey a message to the people that he won’t bend to the whims of the extremists or wouldn’t bend under pressure but he did on multiple occasions and not just one. Following are some of the incidents:

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  • Recruiting Corrupt People:

He stood up against the previous parties of recruiting corrupt people in their parties but he ended up doing the exact same thing.

Some people are in the view that he did it solely for the votes, even if he did that only for the votes, it did make question a lot of people of his credibility.

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  • He Said He Would Abolish Nepotism

Even when he stood against and condemned nepotism but yet he recruited his closest friend and the daughter of his current wife, leaving the merit that he often used to talk about in his speeches, everybody was so impressed with.

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He Has a Hard Time Standing the Pressure

Since after he has become Prime Minister he has been giving in to the Mullahs and negotiating with the extremists who have been shutting down the roads and damaging public property.

He did make a negotiation but the agreement he made only went in the favor of extremists.

The first time he bent to the pressure was when his party asked Atif Mian (world’s renowned economist) to step down because the mullahs got a problem with it.

Taking a stand against the Mullahs seems like a problem to him and it is majorly affecting the state and would probably give rise to more intolerance.

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He Failed to be That Farsighted  

As a prime minister, he failed to be that farsighted. He failed to take precautionary measures when the Asia Bibi (a Christian woman who was falsely accused of blasphemy and was acquitted by Supreme Court due to lack of evidence) was acquitted.

Anybody could have predicted that her acquittal would elicit a reaction among the extremists.

The security should have been tightened; precautionary measures should have been taken. Negotiating with the extremists who are bloodthirsty for an innocent woman and want her dead in any case isn’t something that should be tolerated.

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He Has Speech but No Plans

Imran Khan might be a humanitarian but being a politician is something that he will have a hard time doing.

He might have the power of speech and the power to gather the masses utilizing that ability but he is still lacking short when it comes to delivering those promises, at least for now.

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However, there are a lot of people who admire Imran Khan and are very hopeful that they finally have a leader and obviously they have their reasons. Following are some of them.

He is Determined

22 years, it took him 22 years to get here, that’s some determination.

His determination got him going and his followers are pretty sure that he will most certainly do what he has promised but they do agree that this will, however, take time.

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He is a Humanitarian

Imran Khan making 2 cancer hospitals, providing facilities to the patients that weren’t there for them made him earn a lot of respect for his followers. He is a humanitarian and people expect him to do a lot for humanity.

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He Can Gather Masses

His amazing and emotional speeches were the very reason why a hell lot of people started following him.

He promised a change, a new state, a state free of corruption and that's what a lot of people think and stand by his side and they still do.

Imran Khan realized the fact that there is power in number and he successfully made use of those numbers to achieve his dream to become president.

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He Has Qualities of a Leader

He is an amazing orator, he is a humanitarian, and he has the ability to gather all the masses.

These are all the qualities a leader should have and he does but it is also very important to use them in the right place and at the right time, all these qualities are pretty waste if there is no direction or there is a lack of strategy.

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Imran Khan is a person that a lot of people love and a lot of people hate, but he did have what it takes to be a good leader.

He just needs to set his priority and his directions right, and he needs to focus on the long-term goals and realize how his every action affects the entire nation.

He might have many admirers but a lot of people are keeping an eye on him that whether or not he can deliver what he promised.

Is it time to stop blind following politicians and hold them accountable when they mess up. If we have to inspire a change, we need to stand together as one.

Last but not least keep in mind he made us win the 1992 World Cup and no matter what happens he will do the same for our country Insha Allah. Pakistan Zindabad!