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By RateDesi - 24 Oct 2018

10 Reasons Why Independent Desi Women Have a Hard Time Dating


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Dating can be hard and it can be especially tough when you are a strong independent woman. It is recent that desi women have started raising their voices and started understanding and exercising their rights. In the world where men benefits from patriarchy and women have to face everyday-misogyny, women are now speaking up and refusing to accept less than they deserve. Dating has become harder for desi women since predators are everywhere and it is very hard to find decent men. Here are some of the reasons why strong independent women have a hard time dating (and it is in no way a bad thing).

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They Know Their Worth

We live in the 21st century where women are speaking up and standing up for their rights and they are refusing to settle for less. Women today know their worth and this is exactly how things should be. It is time that women realize that they are important and the world doesn’t revolve around the male validation; women are in face nullifying this notion.

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They Take No Shit

The time when women were submissive and used to take abuse without a question is over. The time for the predators is up and the women have started recognizing the red flags and obviously, they have been avoiding them even in a desi culture where women are supposed to act and behave a certain way. A strong independent no longer cares about the world and they just go for what they think is the best for them. So if you think women would be taking shit like they used to, you are so very wrong. Since women refuse to be wronged, the dating pool automatically shrinks but that also means that these amazing women keep their standards high and go for what they deserve (go women!).

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They Aren’t Financially Dependent on Anybody

The time has almost gone where desi women were totally financially dependent on their fathers and then husbands. Women are stepping up in all fields, making their own ways and discovering their own paths. They are strong enough to take care of their financial needs so now when you date a woman you know they are very much capable of taking care of their own selves and will never be wronged. They don’t need your money and they wouldn’t think twice before walking out on you. They know their worth and they wouldn’t nor they shouldn’t settle for anything less.

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They Accept Themselves As They Are

Beauty standards in our society are totally messed up and it makes it very hard for desi women to keep up because white and blonde is considered to be the ultimate epitome of beauty. Desi women are reclaiming their identities and now they own their heritage and their skin color. They are accepting who they are and that is obviously a major blow to the institutions that feed off of their insecurities, but that's another point. With rising awareness, women are standing together and wanting their voice to be heard and honestly in a society where patriarchy prevails most men have a hard time accepting the fact that women are voicing their opinions.

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They Are True to Themselves

Women have stopped being a slave to men and patriarchy and men having egos bigger than anything have a very hard time accepting it. Everyone needs a strong, independent woman but when they stand up and make their voices heard they have suddenly forgotten their place, this is the sad reality and it sure hurts. It is very difficult to find a match, and especially a man who actually understands privilege. Women are now watching out for other women and recognizing the red flags. They stay true to themselves; they know who they are and what they deserve.

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They Know Being Single is Better than Ending Up in an Abusive Relationship

Women today are more intelligent and smarter. Women today give preference to being single than ending up or staying in an abusive relationship. They understand how much of damage it does to a person and it is totally okay to prioritize your own well-being. No one deserves to stay in a relationship that isn't working out. If you are unable to find the peace, the happiness in your partner then what's the point of staying and making life more miserable? Strong women understand that well.

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They Have Higher Standards

The strong women respect themselves enough to have higher standards. They know their strengths and their weaknesses. They know the kind of partner they want. They are practical and know exactly what they want and need. They keep their standards high because they deserve to be happy and they are absolutely right about putting their happiness before anything else.

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They Are Willing to Wait for the Right Person

It is hard to find the right partner and the right compatibility given all the reasons above but the strong women independent women are willing to wait for the right person because for them being in a relationship or finding the right partner is a want and not a need. They don’t want somebody to ‘’complete’’ them, they want somebody to complement them and that is what makes them a perfect partner when they finally enter a relationship.

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Will Leave When They See a Red Flag

Desi independent women experience the society a little differently than the American women. Desi culture is more restrictive and more patriarchal. Women have been oppressed for centuries and it is still the same in a lot of areas. Desi women tend to spot the red flags quicker and they will not hesitate to leave. Strong independent women are not afraid to leave, they are not afraid to fight the entire world for their rights. They respect themselves and they respect their individuality, their happiness and prioritize their wellbeing.

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The world may see the strong independent desi women as a threat but always end up being the perfect partners because the relationship is based on co-dependence rather on complete submission. They are strong, they are beautiful and they are dauntless.