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Indian Celebrities Are Flexing Their Muscles

Posted In Celebrities By RateDesi - 29 May 2019

These Celebrities Are Flexing Their Abs and OOF!

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When you look at an actor, the first thing you will probably notice about them is their appearance and then comes the acting skills and the other attributes of a person’s character.

There is immense pressure on one’s looks and how they appear on the screen, no matter how talented a person is. This is why most people do not make it to the big screen.

Bollywood and Lollywood are all filled with beautiful actors who tend to take their jobs seriously and hit the gym whenever they get the time out of their busy schedules, here are some of the fittest actors that we know and love:

Humayun Saeed:

Source: Twitter

It all started when Humayun Saeed took to twitter and posted a video of himself working out after eating delicious desi dishes.

Jab biryani aur nihari khanay ka bohat shouq ho toh phir agli film tak fit honay kay liay yeh sab toh karna parta hai (When you an avid foodie, you’d have to do this to get fit for your next film.),” the star shared the video of him on twitter while battling with some ropes.

Mawra Hocane:

Source: Twitter

After Humayun Saeed posted his own video, it did not take long for Mawra Hocane to flex her own skills and share a video of her working out on twitter.

“Aik nihari khanay wala hee doosray nihari khanay walay ki majboori samajh sakta hai (Only one food lover can understand the pain of another),”

Shah Rukh Khan:

Source: Cinesprint

Shah Rukh Khan used to be the hearth rob and vowed his way into women’s hearts, his appearance in Om shanti Om to his appearance now in Raees are two worlds apart, the sight of his abs in his latest movie got everyone drooling, who knew Bollywood’s favorite hearth rob could do that???

Shah Rukh takes the gym very seriously, his workout consists of weight training along with ab work four times a week, including 30-60 mins of cardio every day.

But his strict food regime is what gives his body the perfect look, he only eats healthy food and follows a high-protein, low-fat diet, and helps himself to fruit when craving something sweet.

Salman Khan:

Source: Xzoom.in

Salman Khan had the original hot body in Bollywood, we would go as far to say that he was the inspiration for all the other actors.

He has had a nice body ever since the beginning and has rocked the shirtless look in a couple of his films.

The Bodyguard actor occasionally cycles from Bandra to Panvel and covers a distance of 50 km in 3 hours.

He is known to do 1000 push-ups per day and exercises for 2 hours including an hour of cardio. Junk and sugary foods are a no-no for this actor.

On the side, this philanthropist helps other actors out with losing weight, a famous example is Arjun Kapoor.

Aamir Khan:

Source: Pixshark

Aamir Khan is the perfect actor, the only thing that was somewhat lacking in his overall perfect performances on the screen was his body, but he proved everyone wrong after Ghajni.

Aamir’s 8 pack abs did not come easy though, his regular day at the gym typically includes three hour exercises six days a week.

To bump up his metabolism he eats frequent meals a day in smaller proportions and avoids sugar at all costs. For Dhoom 3, however, he dedicated 9 months to lose weight and build his physique. He drank three to four liters of water, didn’t load any carbs after 8pm and incorporated High Interval Intensity Training (HIIT) to his workout.

Hrithik Roshan:

Source: Vogue India

Of course this name has to be on the list, Hrithik is the perfect example of a perfect physique and his overall performance on the big screen.

Hrithik landed second in Times fifty most desirable men of 2014. He gained some weight but got back in shape and never looked back since. He is an inspiration for us all.

Hrithik doesn’t believe in fad diets or a grueling exercise regime instead his food includes a large amount of protein and other nutritious items.

He reportedly lost a staggering 10.5 kg and trimmed 3 inches from his waistline in 10 weeks for his film Krrishh 3.

Akshay Kumar:

Source: HDpicswale.in

Akshay has a fit body but he really does not believe in work outs and protein shakes. Instead he focuses on a healthy mind and healthy body and takes up activities and sports and loves swimming.

The man is known to do crazy stunts, he even dared to do dangerous stunts for his film Khiladi 420, but that’s because he is trained in martial arts and is an adventure sports enthusiast.

He plays basketball three times a week and mixes various workouts to avoid monotony and repetition. He credits his healthy physique to eating home cooked food and follows a strict disciplined life.

Shahid Kapoor:

Source: IMGKID

Shahid Kapoor looks this good because he works outs 6 days a week and divides his time evenly between weight training and cardio, he is known to do yoga and swimming as well.

Every week he goes for a 4-6 mile jog and follows a high protein diet, low in carbs and fat. He eats five to six meals a day to fuel his body and is a pure vegan. For added protein he incorporates protein shakes to his diet.

Deepika Padukone:

Source: Quora

Deepika is one of the most beautiful and fit actresses of her time. She has modeled for different brands and her appearance on the screen has shocked all viewers.

The way she carries herself, it is graceful. She is one of the renowned actors of Bollywood that has one of the most perfect bodies that we have seen.

She works out quite often, given her busy schedule. She follows a routine, eats healthy and always takes out the time for a good work out session or just running in her past time.

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