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Karachi: Just Let Me Breathe Right

Source: Pakistan Today

No Consideration for Seventeen Million People

With an estimated number of 17.1 million people, Karachi is the most populated city in Pakistan along with being the most polluted city in the world. I live in Karachi and I always thought it’s terrible to have to breathe this air.

It’s just smoke and dust. A lot of it. Too much of it. It is also one of the most polluted in the world. The average annual concentration of PM2.5 in the city is eighty eight micrograms per cubic meter of air. The disaster is largely the product of uncontrolled industrial emissions, personal vehicle emissions, and burning garbage on the regular basis.

And so, inevitably the high pollution in Karachi has been linked to increasing incidences in the city of certain respiratory and cardiac diseases. Karachi is one of the most polluted cities in the world. In fact, according to several of  this year’s pollution index surveys, Karachi is the tenth most polluted city in the whole world. Check out the link below.


No Stars for Seventeen Million People

One of the dreams in my bucket list, up until this month, included actually being able to see the night sky with actual stars. Because the maximum number of stars I ever saw in Karachi was twelve. TWELVE! And that’s all! Last night there were only two. Only two stars in the entire sky.

Too much pollution of all sorts! Noise pollution, light pollution, water pollution, air pollution! It’s truly miserable. There is just too much light that we cannot see the stars, there is too much dust and smoke that the air is not transparent enough to let you see the stars and the noise and water is just there to kill you.

The smog in Karachi is only ugly but dangerous. Taking into account the fact that there is not much agricultural activity in or even anywhere around the city, the smog is most obviously the result of many industries set up in the city that are lacking proper environmental safety measures or precautions.

The fast increasing number of small vehicles without a single consideration about the envoi mental factor is also one of the many causes of smog. A city where there is no control or guideline on usage of smoke emitting vehicles only disastrous smog can be expected and that in the first in the way to many more disasters on the horizon.

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No Clean Air for Seventeen Million People

PAQI has been measuring particulate matter (PM2.5) levels in Karachi since October 2016. The measurements show a PM2.5 concentration of 47 micrograms per cubic meter of air (μg/m³) for October to December 2016. The World Health Organization (WHO) prescribes 10 μg/m³ as the guideline value for ambient air. Exceeding this value leads to serious public health issues.

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No Humane Treatment for Seventeen Million People

I knew how sad it was but I couldn’t fathom that intensity of the misery until I visited Sadar. That is one of the most industrialized place in Karachi. It is a town in the central part of Karachi, Pakistan, that forms much of the historic colonial core of the city.

Saddar Town contains the largest concentration of British colonial architecture in Karachi AND its one of those magical places, that has everything. There’s nothing you won’t find in Sadar. When you’re in that part of the city, everything is possible, including all the good and all the bad. But the worst of it, is the pollution. Its extremely hard to breath that air. There are almost no trees and way too many cars and way too many people.

According to the World Health Organization, more than twenty nine thousand of the all the deaths that occur in Pakistan every year, are the result of the environmental problems, while damage to the economy of the country on the amounts of horrendous environment in Karachi reaches more than to four and a half billion rupees every year.

The city has turned one of the most polluted cities of our country where air, marine and noise pollutions have risen to a terrifying, alarming level, affecting people’s health and money.

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No Health Regards for Seventeen Million People

Karachi has the air quality than is about five times above this level, and twice as to the value for daily exposure. That is also three times the safe levels recommended by the National Environmental Quality Standards for Ambient Air by the Pakistan Environmental Protection Agency that is, Pak-EPA.

The government of Sindh has a dedicated an entire department for environment control, but is it really even a surprise that it has not played its due role as yet to free the city from the horrendous pollution.

Several years back, the government of Japan had donated a modern mobile laboratory to this department as an aid to assess the air pollution levels in the city, but even when the foreigners cared, our own leader certainly did no and this costly laboratory was allowed to be damaged with time and lack of proper care and become a ruin of a building due to deliberate and constant neglect.

Source: A Medium Corporation

No Clear Vision for Seventeen Million People

Five days ago, Fog turned to smoke in Karachi as soon as sea breeze halted. And according to the Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD), an absence of sea breeze since the past three days and relatively high humidity led to the foggy, smoky weather. He added, “Fog is further created due to the absence of air in the atmosphere. Humidity is another factor in the creation of fog.”

A lot of people who could not take precautions or were not aware of the danger, were affected dangerously by the smog. About three thousand patients were brought to public hospitals in just one day with affected health and safety that resulted from the bad weather change. They complained of flu, throat infection and difficulty breathing, according to doctors.

Source:  Samaa TV

Different news outlets published health precautions for the people, and that is nothing less than terrifying.

The new outlets asked people of Karachi, yes, all seventeen million people, to just, “Stay Inside” likes that’s going to happen.

No Actions but Words for Seventeen Million People

They stated, “Health experts have cautioned citizens against the adverse effects of foggy, smoky conditions. The public is advised to stay indoors unless going out is necessary. When going out, it is advised to cover one's face and nose in order to minimize inhaling the smoky air. Glasses are recommended in order to protect the eyes against smoke particles. When at home, one should wash their eyes with water thoroughly.” and I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at this.


No Clean Roads for Seventeen Million People

The air quality in this city is on the nosedive and the presence of heavy smoke in the air of the city has lead to deadly serious diseases. In particular, that is the allergic, respiratory and cardiac problems to the already starving people.

As a majorly important city of Pakistan, Karachi deserves effective policies from the government but with the lack of fortune, it seems, as heart wrenching as it may be, and all we can see is a wild administration in the city and zero consideration for its people.

Everyone throws everything unwanted, everywhere and none picks it up. I understand that yes, people should not litter but I guess they are just too busy trying not to get robbed.

In Karachi, there is no proper way of disposing of garbage, not even in the important places as the landfill sites, so on a regular basis as heaps of garbage can be seen disposed of absolutely any and everywhere. On the land and into the water.


No Drinkable for Seventeen Million People

Karachi’s coastline goes on over 135 kilometers, and all of those kilometers are now extremely polluted as a result of the discharge of industrial waste, sewage and garbage in the area which result in major loss of marine life.

And to top everything as that, from this cruelty to mother nature and the city itself, Karachi does not even have clean tap water for its people to drink.

In many areas of the city, piped water keep getting mixed up with drain-water and just imagine the horror! And it happens way too often.

Water is the basic necessity of human life and a basic right of every human on earth. But unfortunately, the residents of Karachi do not even have the access to this basic need and that is, of course, the main reason for how so many of the Karachi citizens face stomach, kidney and skin diseases that sometimes result in death.

People of this city, deserve humane treatment and consideration. Why is it, for the government of this country, so hard to understand?

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