Keyword Sex Is Taboo In Desi Culture

Posted In Dating By RateDesi - 25 Oct 2018

We Asked Desis About the Most Embarrassing Myths They Had About Sex and the Results Are Hilarious

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Sex is something that is still considered to be a taboo especially in a desi culture and a desi society. Talking about sex is seen as something horrifying and the attempts to make people listen only ends up on character assassination. Lack of sex education and refusing to talk about it also make space for a lot of myths. We asked desis about the weird myths they had about sex and their responses were both, hilarious and concerning.  

‘’In 8th grade I used to think sex means to let a man pee inside of you and I was extremely grossed out by it.’’

Obviously, anybody right in the mind would be super grossed out by it. We are glad the thoughts changed and it didn’t last long for this person.

‘’I thought sex had something to do with belly button. Insert it inside the belly button.’’

Oh no, it would have been just too painful. We are so glad this isn’t how sex works. Raise your hands, ladies and be glad.

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‘’I have had just entered puberty and I never know there is anything like a vaginal opening I thought you do it through anus. Pretty wild, I know’’

Oops, no human, this is so not how this works (for some people at least, you know what I mean).

‘’If you don't do it right the first time you will never be able to do it’’

Now that’s some pressure but no worries, you got the time and the tries. Practice makes perfect and we are glad it is still applicable when it comes to sex.

‘’Masturbation makes your vagina turn black’’

Masturbation doesn’t but not so sure about the hair removing creams though.

‘’If you pee after sex, you don’t get pregnant.’’

Really hope this person didn’t use it as a contraceptive method. It just would have been so easier though, just imagine and would have probably reduced the world’s population by over 40%

‘’If you wash off your vagina right after sex you get all the sperm out and you don't get pregnant.’’

Life would have been so easier if that was the case. It would save so much money people normally spend on contraception.

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‘’If you have sex right after you have food you’ll get a diarrhea.’’

If that were true, it would have been a huge problem for people who enjoy food in bed and sex, or both together. It would have been so very inconvenient.

‘’I used to think intercourse is some course you do on the computer and then have babies. My friend told me that there’s a thing called intercourse and that’s how people get babies. She added that her grandmother had done it too. Every time I would see her grandmother I thought of her as some super genius.’’

Okay this was super creative. I so wish having intercourse would make me a super genius. That would honestly be very amazing.

‘’You have to do it all night long if you are to conceive.’’

Wow, that would require some stamina. But imagine the calories it would burn.

‘’I used to think you sleep in the same bed and the sperm travels through the bed sheet that's why I was always grossed out and would never go near couples' beds because I thought I would get them on me.’’

That is one scary situation to be in. Imagine standing near someone’s bed and having the sperms ready to jump on you. Just so glad this isn’t true.

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‘’I used to think that you have to keep the penis inside the vagina for the entire night and sleep in that position, then wake up in the morning and take it out.’’

That would totally be less work but also less fun but okay.

‘’You have sex twice to have twins.’’

This is literally so wild and probably the easiest way to have twins? Not sure if that would have been good for the world and its overpopulation issues.

‘’Virgins can’t cum because I thought they didn’t have a hole.’’

It would have been such a nightmare for us women. I am happy this isn’t actually true.

‘’I use to think that sex is a myth and people have babies by lying in the bed.’’

Oops, hope it didn’t come as a shook when this person realize that what they believed was in fact a myth?

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‘’You hear a loud pop when you lose your virginity’’

Fact check, not all women have hymens and the ones who do, well, it doesn’t actually go *POP*

‘’I thought the penis goes in the clit and not in the vagina’’

Umm, clit is not a hole? How is that even possible? I am relieved that sex doesn’t work this way. Just so glad.

‘’You get pregnant through oral sex.’’

Oh no. This is actually quite a popular one but the reality is that you cannot get pregnant through oral sex. This just isn’t how this works.

‘’I thought condoms were a tablet because they used to talk about the flavors in the TV.’’

Where do I sign up for a cola flavored birth control pill? Need more variety to be honest.

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‘’I thought oral sex meant talking dirty to your partner.’’

Okay it was kind of a smart assumption to make given the work, but it includes so much more.

"I thought you literally just blew on the penis. As in the wind from your mouth was somehow arousing."

Is it? I am curious to know.

As funny as all these responses are and I am sure it gave you a good laugh (it sure did to me), the lack of sex education is concerning. Sex education should be mandatory in school so young people don’t remain as clueless. It would also make sure that they aren’t getting their lessons from porn or just making crazy assumptions.