Latest Bollywood Movies 2019

Posted In Bollywood By RateDesi - 02 May 2019

Latest Bollywood Movies that You Should Absolutely Watch

Here are some of the latest Bollywood movies that are a total must watch and we assure you that you wouldn’t regret that.

Total Dhamaal (2019):

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We are all very familiar with the Dhamaal movies and how they have made us laugh at every turn, throughout the years.

Total Dhamaal is the third movie in the Dhamaal series, it is based around six people who encounter various wild animals in a jungle and are in search of some hidden cash.

It is a very adventurous comedy film that you should definitely take out the time to watch.

URI: The Surgical Strike (2019):

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This movie has raised a lot of positive reviews from the viewers and had a very high rating. It is an action film based around the military.

The film is based on true events relating to the 2016 Uri attack. The film is about the Indian army carrying out a special secret mission to avenge the members of their troops that were killed by a group of terrorist. It is a thrill, touching movie and is a must watch.

Zero (2018):

Source: Times Now

This movie features Shah Rukh Khan and Anushka Sharma so we already know that it is going to be a great movie since their on screen chemistry has always been fantastic.

The movie revolves around Shah Rukh Khan’s character who is named Bauua Singh. Bauua is a vertically challenged man but he is very witty and full of charm with a hint of arrogance.

He is born in a wealthy family and the environment that he has been raised in is well off. He is challenged to broaden his perspective in life and find some meaning and purpose.

2.0 (2018):

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2.0 is a sci-fi thriller movie. It stars superstars Rajnikanth and Akshay Kumar. The movie is about a bunch of scientists helping the government understand and decipher a threat that is beyond this world.

We usually do not get to see these kind of movies in Bollywood so this one is a definite watch.

Sanju (2018):

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I will go as far as to say that Sanju is one of the most brilliant movies that Bollywood has ever created, it revolves around the life of Sanjay Dutt and how he comes from a wealthy and famous family but battles his own demons and addictions.

Ranbir Kapoor plays the role of Sanjay Dutt ad he executes all forms of the characters so perfectly. Even people who are not very into Bollywood movies should watch this one, it is a masterpiece.

Raazi (2018):

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Raazi is a 2018 movie that stars Alia Bhatt and is based around her being a spy. She is an Indian spy that marries a Pakistani man during the Indo-Pak war in 1971.

This movie is different than any other Bollywood movie you have ever seen, it has its own thrill and the plot is carried out brilliantly so you should definitely add this on your list of movies to watch.

102 Not Out (2018):

Source: Life Cinema

102 Not Out is a comedy Drama film based around a 102-year-old man who wants to break the record of being the oldest man alive on the planet, but, there is one problem.

He has to find a way to change how grumpy and sad his 75 year old son is so he makes it his mission to do that.

Amitabh Bachchan playing the dad and Rishi Kapoor is playing the son, their chemistry is wonderful and had us laughing so much, this movie is a definite watch.

Hichki (2018):


Source: IMDB

A woman with Tourette’s syndrome faces many challenges in her life after she is rejected from many jobs and interviews while she is constantly working hard and looking for one.

She finally lands a job as a school teacher and has to change the path of her trouble making kids and make them realize their full potential.

Gully Boy (2019):

Source: IMP Awards

Gully Boy is a movie about a 22 year old “gangster” who comes from the slums of India.

He is the son of a driver and his parents work hard to get him an education so he can get a proper job and not end up like them.

In that time, Murad, the boy who the movie is based on realizes that he wants to become a rapper and that is his true calling.

Hip Hop in India is a foreign concept but he works hard to pursue his dreams of becoming a rapper and faces many obstacles but finds a way to overcome them.

It is basically the desi version of 8 mile by Eminem and a definite watch.

Veere Di Wedding (2018):

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Veere Di Wedding is a story about four best friends, one of which is set to get married soon but realizes that’s not what she wants so her friends take her on a trip to Thailand to figure things out and find herself.

It is a getaway for all four of them and they make memories and have some realisations. It is a feel good movie and a definite watch.

Pad Man (2018):

Source: The Indian Express

It is no secret that women do not have many rights in third world countries like India and Pakistan, this movie symbolizes and is big on feminism and women’s rights.

The story revolves around a newly married man who causes a havoc in his village when he decides to produce sanitary napkins for women as the availability of them is close to none because it is a village area.


The movie is an example of the everyday problems that are faced by women in India and how sanitary napkins should not be treated as a luxury and be available easily to women all around the world.

Badla (2019):

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This story revolves around a young working married girl who finds herself in a locked room next to her lover who is dead.

So, she hires a lawyer to find out answers as to what happened to her and to get her revenge on whoever did this to her and her family.