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Posted In Desi By RateDesi - 25 Apr 2019

Sneak Peek into Mahira Khan’s New Movies and People Are Going Crazy

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The Pakistani media industry is on the rise and growing rapidly, from item numbers to fanatical movies full of drama and suspense, the industry is trying it’s hardest to be noticed and talked about.

We know that our industry is not as high on the scale or talked about as much as Hollywood or Bollywood but maybe one day that will change, all the young and fresh actors that are being brought into the media market, we are hoping they take us somewhere.

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New up and coming movies are in the process and we hope that they are as good as they are proclaimed to be.

One of the actors who is the backbone of the industry and is loved by many is Mahira Khan, her roles in all her previous movies and the movies to come has left people astounded and they all want more from her.

She has won numerous awards for her ground breaking performances and was even recognized by Bollywood because of the roles that she portrayed.

She starred in the film Bol alongside Atif Aslam in 2011 which earned her many awards.


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Her ground breaking performance in Humsafar alongside Fawad Khan which we all remember because we would be seated in front of the television with our eyes glued on the screen, catching our breathes and rooting for Mahira Khan and the emotions she made us feel through her performance.

Let’s be honest, Humsafar was everyone’s favorite drama, no matter the age and there has not been a TV show as good as Humsafar was. The drama even aired in India and was a huge success. After her performance in Humsafar, Mahira was named one of the prime actresses in the Pakistani Film and Drama industry.

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Mahira then made her debut in the Bollywood industry and starred in a film called Raees alongside Bollywood’s most renowned and loved actor Shahrukh Khan which earned her numerous amounts of attention from the general public, her audience and fan following improved when she moved to a bigger industry to lengthen her career.

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Now, Mahira Khan posted a sneak peek on Instagram to her 3.2 million followers which got them all riled up, the sneak peek is a short video of her new debut film, where she is sitting very gracefully in a beautiful red dress and there is sufi soulful music playing in the background.

The film is called Paray Hut Love and Mahira captioned her post saying, “Feeling a lot, so I’ll say very little. This is a labour of true love, a glimpse for all of you from me and my @asimrazatvf Morey Sayian. #pareyhutlove” she did not have to say much for all of her fans and audience to get excited and riled up for her new loves, to see their favorite actress in action again, and from the looks of it.

It is definitely going to be something huge. Mahira looks so beautiful in the red dress, we cannot wait for more from her and that is exactly what we are getting.

The film is set to release during Eid-ul-Azha and honestly we cannot wait to fast forward time and for the film to hit the big screen because looking at her past work, we know this performance will be ground breaking and the fans are going crazy and cannot wait for Eid to come sooner.

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Paray Hut Love is not the only new movie that Mahira has got in store for us, she posted a picture on twitter with actor Bilal Ashraf holding a banner that says Super Star, captioning the picture “Noori aur Sameer” in Urdu and she tagged Bilal in her post as well.

Mahira is seen with a wide grin on her face which got us excited for the movie, not knowing what to expect but since it’s Mahira, we know that the role is going to be amazing because she carries out all her roles like that.

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To be a woman living in Pakistan and appearing on the big screen, with her performances, her grace, the number of awards she’s won, the number of brands that she is an ambassador for such as L’oreal, Veet, Lux, Qmobile, Huawei, Sunsilk, etc.

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Mahira is the voice for all us woman and an inspiration, we dream of becoming like her one day and to achieve all the things that she has achieved.

She is the voice of reason for us that is why we are all very riled up for her future films that are in the works and we cannot wait for them to debut because we know that they will be groundbreaking and hopefully earn more awards for Mahira and her team and it would be so inspiring that a girl from a small town made something so grand out of herself.

It gives us all hope that maybe one day if we set out and work hard enough, maybe it could be us in her position. Mahira is an inspiration for us all, especially women all over Pakistan.

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Fans are going crazy everywhere and we cannot wait to see what Mahira has in store for us because we know that no matter what it is, it will be great.

Super star and Paray Hut Love are just two of the hopefully many up and coming roles that Mahira Khan will star in, we hope she keeps giving us more and more of her amazing performances and sets an example for us all.

We wish Mahira nothing but success for her new movies, we know that they will be groundbreaking, the red dress and the wide grin on Mahira’s face was enough to get us all riled up.

Mahira is a beautiful and a phenomenal actress and we hope more women follow in her footsteps and showcase their talents and bring the Pakistani film industry to a revolting success plan. Here’s to Mahira Khan and women everywhere that dream of becoming like her, success awaits us all.

Do you think Mahira is going to ace it? Let us know in the comments below.