Making Your Relationship Last In The Best Ways Possible

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Make Your Relationship Last

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Relationships are hard and they most certainly aren’t fairytale. The perfect love only exists in books and movies and that is true so the tips you’d find here would be realistic and things that you can actually do to make your relationship last rather than relying on the magic fairy to find your price charming like Cinderella.

Every relationship has its own ups and downs. No relationship is absolutely perfect; nothing in the world is that black and white. What matters is the effort you both put into your relationship.

It is always two sided. You cannot make your relationship work if your partner is not willing to do that with you. Here are some of the things that you can do to make you relationship last.

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Always Be Open to Communication

Communication is the key in every relationship. Without communication no relationship last. Be sure you communicate with your partner and try to find a common ground.

Relationships are always about give and take.  You cannot expect your partner to give their all while you give them the bare minimum.

Listen carefully to them and never take a decision when you are angry. Always delay making your decisions till you are thinking rationally.

Understand your partner and convey your point efficiently and ask repeat to make sure you both are on the same page. There is nothing effective communication cannot solve. Communication is your biggest savior.

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Be Generous With Compliments

You like that necklace your partner is wearing? Do you think a maroon shirt makes them look hot? Tell them. Shower them with compliments and don’t only say them but mean them.

Compliment them on their personality traits.  Compliment them on their laughter, their ambitions. Compliment them on their smile, compliment them on amazing and wholesome you think they are.

Compliment them on their sense of humor and how much you appreciate and love them. Of course they already know that but it is always nice to have your partner saying that out loud.

It works as a reminder and would always make your partner’s heart go BOOM.  

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Take Care of Yourself First

This is super important and most people have a hard time wrapping their mind around it. It is super important to take care of your own self first and foremost.

If you are struggling emotionally, if your mental health is compromised, you cannot take care of the people you love. Take care of yourself.

Whenever the air pressure in an airplane gets low, you are always instructed to wear the oxygen mask yourself first and then save somebody else. So you need to save yourself and discover yourself first before you take care of your partner.

No, we did not mean start treating your partner like shit, but we do mean that put yourself and your mental health first. Again communication is the key.  

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Validate Your Partner

There are always going to be times when your partner will feel down and lose their ambition and start doubting their capabilities.

When this happens they need your validation and your love. Tell them you are always going to be here and you aren’t leaving.

Never invalidate their struggles and never tell them what they feel is invalid. If your partner opens up to you about their struggle, tell them they are strong.

If they open up to you about their traumas NEVER invalidate them. Know that it is okay to seek validation from your partner and it is totally okay to give your partner the validation they need when they are unable to keep going.

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Respect You Partner’s Space

This is probably one of the best tips to keep your relationship last. Every individual have their own personal space.

Every person has their own individuality. A relationship isn’t supposed to take away your or your partner’s individuality.

Their journey is ultimately is their journey, yes you can help them through it but in the end they are going to be the ones who are going to be walking the path.

Don’t ask them for their social media passwords, don’t restrict them from meeting their friends; respect their space and their personal lives. Everybody has one.

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Never Underestimate the Power of Little Things

It is the little things that matters the most. It is always the little things that make larger impact. Think of little ideas that would make your partner happy.

Do the little things that you think your partner would love or things your partner likes. You can post them a hand written letter with a little gift, it doesn’t have to be expensive.

If you an artist you can paint them a painting or maybe a portrait of them. If you are a graphic designer, you can make them little cards with digital art. You can utilize any skill you have.  

The least you can do is surprise them with a hand written note. Put a sticky note on the mirror telling them they are beautiful. They would appreciate is so much.

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Engage in Lots of Eye Contact

Eyes speak volumes. Let your eyes do all the talking. Maintain eye contact. Let them look into your eyes and appreciate the love and passion.

Look into their eyes and tell them how much you are in love with them. Tell them their eyes look beautiful when they smile.

Tell them they look gorgeous. Look into their eyes and flirt with them. Let them stare into your soul. Let your eyes tell them how much you love them. Let the passion reflect through your eyes.

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Know Your Partner Sexually

Sex is a huge part of every relationship and if your sex life is compatible there is a high chance that your partner would be satisfied.

Observe what turns them on. Never hesitate to try new stuff in bed. Never hesitate to push limit, with the consent of your partner of course.

If you know your partner sexually, you would help them embrace their sexuality and you would discover yours too.

Ask them what they like. Tell them what you like. Don’t feel shy. Ask them what is that one thing that turns them on the most. Communication is the key. Communicate with your partner openly and don’t be shy.

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Put an Effort in Your Relationship

There are always going to be arguments. There are always going to be fight; big and small but you have to decide on whether your partner is worth it.

Put an effort to make things work; don’t let your partner do all the emotional labor. Don’t give your bare minimum then expect them to have a magic wand (I mean that certainly would be a plus ;) but still).

Know that conflicts in a relationship always work out through collaboration and effort from both ends. Never take your partner for granted, that brings us to our next point.

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Don’t Take Your Partner For Granted

Never take your partner for granted. Appreciate them. Love them and tell them how much they mean to you. The moment you start taking them for granted is the moment you start losing them.

You need to appreciate them out loud and tell them you love them out loud. Appreciate the things they do for you out of love. Tell them you appreciate them. Tell them, they doing things for you means so much to you.

Let them know that they are not being taken for granted and that you appreciate them with every fiber of your being.

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Grow Together

Learn together, grow together. Make an effort. Learn new things. Join classes of something you both enjoy and attend them together

Explore the world together. Go on adventures together, it builds character and it would certainly bring you two closer.

Help each other out of their problems and find a solution together. Resolve your conflicts through mutual understanding. Support each other in things they want to do. Things they are passionate about.

Give them the push and motivation they need to reach their true potential. People who grow together stay together so make sure you do grow together.

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Fall in Love All Over Again

See the positive things in your partner. Fall in love with the small things. Fall in love with their smile. Fall in love with the way they laugh.

Fall in love with how their eyes sparkle when they talk about things they are passionate about. Fall in love with the little things. Remember the things and memories that made you fall in love with them in the first place.

Appreciate them; focus on their good qualities and things you absolutely love about them. Give them small gifts you think they would like. Here are some romantic gift ideas.

Relive the memories and you’ll fall in love with them all over again.

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Know Your Partner Emotionally

Know what your partner would need when they are breaking down. Observe what calms them down. Know whether they are the kind of person who would love cuddles and forehead kisses or the kind of person who would want their space when they feel down.

Everybody has different needs and it is important to know that about your partner. Taking care of your partner emotionally is very important and this is what decide whether or not a relationship healthy.

Understand your partner and give them what they need when they are feeling down or struggling with something. It is super important to understand and recognize your partner’s needs.

Not everybody wants a 2 hours lecture and solutions, just a kiss on their forehead and a hug makes everything okay for them.

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Teach Your Partner What You Like

It is all about growing together. You got a skill? Teach your partner. You make bomb painting? Teach your partner. You know a language? Teach your partner.

There’s something you always wanted to learn? Join classes together. Attend workshops together and you’ll notice how healthy your relationship has become.  

Growth and learning is a fundamental part of every relationship. You need to understand that it’ll not only help you learn a lot of new stuff but will also make you closer to each other.

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Never Judge Your Partner

Never judge your partner, no matter what. They have darkness inside them? Don’t judge. They sleep with their socks on? Don’t judge. They have kinks? Don’t judge. They have an abusive and horrible past? Don’t judge.

They aren’t a virgin? Don’t judge. Whether or not they have lost their V-Card should be the last thing on your mind in a relationship. Virginity is a social construct and it honestly doesn’t matter.     There’s so much in a relationship than their virginity status.

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Trust Your Partner

Have faith in your partner. Know that they love you and they are yours. Asking for their social media passwords is not okay. Maybe you should reconsider your relationship if you have to keep tabs on your partner.

Trust in every relationship is important and not in just a romantic relationships. Don’t ask them to stop seeing their friends because that is a very shitty thing to do. Trust is what would make your relationship stronger.

Just because a person is friends with somebody it doesn’t mean they are sleeping with them. Trust your partner and let them have their own life and their own individuality. If you have to cage them, it is not love. Love sets you free, it doesn’t chain you down.  

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Respect and Love the People Your Partner Care About

Respecting your partner’s family and friends is super important. If you love your partner, you would automatically love and care about the people who mean a lot to your partner. Respecting each other’s families and friends is very important.

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Do Something Edgy

Go out. Try new stuff. Do bungee jumping. Make a bucket list and check it off together. Make new memories and fall in love all over again.

Never hesitate to try new stuff with your partner. It will keep your relationship healthy and going and it will give you both something to look forward to.

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