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Malaika Arora Reveals her Fitness Mantra and This is Exactly What You Need to Stay Motivated

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Malaika Arora is one of the fittest and hottest celebrities in Bollywood, she is body goals for all of us.

A person needs a fitness plan and a diet plan and the biggest thing is to stay motivated, Malaika Arora reveals how she does all of that.

She has never been one to shy away from telling her fans her fitness plans or being secretive about it, she is more than happy to reveal what she does to keep the figure that she has.

This is why she has been picked for huge Bollywood item numbers such as Munni Badnaam Hui, a song that was a hit in its time and is still remembered by everyone abruptly.

Malaika recently took to Instagram and posted a picture in her fitness gear and gave her fans a bit of an outlook towards her life and her fitness plan.

She is seen in a Padmasana Yoga pose and is giving fans advice to stay chill, hydrated and fit this summer.

For the picture, the beautiful actress is seen wearing a black long tank top with a spaghetti strap, her hair is tied up in a breezy pony tail. She looks relaxed and radiant while doing the perfect yoga pose.

Source: Instagram

The actress wrote to her followers, “Breathe. Stretch. Hydrate. Nothing works better than coconut water post your workout to stay fit and hydrated. Storia coconut water works as a perfect thirst quencher and to top it all it is 100% natural, with no added sugar or preservatives. Highly recommend you to go grab yours! Thank you @storiafoods #Storia #BetterTogether #WithLoveNature #CoconutWater.’’

She seems to be preaching about coconut water which is known to be very healthy, coconut oil is even used to strengthen your hair and has its own benefits. Basically, coconut is great for your health and that is exactly what Malaika is trying to preach.

Malaika is known to share fitness tips with her fans on Instagram, whether they are pictures and videos of her working out or just things you can eat/drink to better your health and lead a healthy lifestyle.

She is frequently spotted working out with her sister Amrita Arora and the two of them are definitely fitness goals for all of us. Just imagine having your own sister as a work out partner, there is no need for anything else in the world.

Sisters who gym together possibly have a strong bond because there is nothing better than a gym buddy.

In a recent video that she posted on Instagram, Malaika was seen doing lunges with her sister.

Source: Instagram

Malaika wrote “#malaikasmondaymotivation with

@amuaroraofficial curtsying away into the week … love the guest appearance @surilyg @reebokindia”

Now it is known as a fact that Malaika is very big on fitness and takes her routines very strictly, she has completely changed the concept of ageing and looks way younger than she already is.

Source: Instagram

It is safe to say that Bollywood actress Malaika Arora makes heads turn wherever she goes, her beautiful and sexy figure, her style and her fashion sense, her appearance on the screen and also off the screen, she is always well dressed and looks like she just got done shooting the cover of Vogue magazine.

Source: Instagram

Rumor has it that Malaika does not believe in dieting but instead eats whatever she wants as long as it’s healthy and in a moderate amount. She does not go overboard with her food cravings and does not go off her routine exercise.

Malaika quotes to a magazine “I do not believe in in any of the fad diets I read and hear about. I just follow simple principles when it comes to my diet.”

Malaika is a big fan of home cooked meals and avoids food that is rich in calories. Nuts and fruits are her favorite to snack on. She stays hydrated throughout the day by water, coconut water, fruit or vegetable juice. She is known to have a very light dinner and avoids carbs at night. Here is a sample of the daily intake of the actress:

She starts the day off with warm lemon mixed in honey water, and after 30 minutes of taking the lemon water, she drinks a liter of water to stay hydrated and for detoxification.

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Source: NDTV Movies

For breakfast she has a bowl of fresh mixed fruits, with idli or upma or poha or multigrain toast with egg whites.

Everyone gets hungry for a little snack at different hours of the day, so does Malaika, whenever she feels snacky she has a glass of fresh vegetable juice, egg whites with two brown bread toasts.

For lunch she has brown rice and/or rotis with vegetables and sprout salad, chicken/fish.

For an evening snack she has a peanut butter sandwich which is the perfect amount of protein and the easiest thing to make.

After her workout, she has one banana shake and one protein shake.

For dinner, she always has an early dinner which consists of a bowl of soup with steamed vegetables and salad.

Source: Instagram

Malaika makes sure that she always has time for working out, regardless of her hectic schedule she stays motivated and never goes off the rails, she never takes a day off from working out.

Her routine consists of different types of workout such as cardio, weight training, Yoga, Pilates, etc.

Source: Instagram

Malaika always advises people that walking is a great way to lose weight, she is a big believer of power walking and says that it helps a lot in weight loss and keeps you fit and active. She advises people to go out and keep on moving.


Malaika says that power walking is intense and requires a lot of stamina and will power but the results are always amazing and you notice them within a few weeks of power walking.

“Not only does it tone the body and give a more muscular appearance, but also increases stamina,” she says.

Hopefully, Malaika’s diet and exercise plan will help us all lose weight and reach our goals.

Do you find Malaika inspiring? Let us know in the comments below.

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