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Mawra Hocane Pulls Another Show Stopper and OOF!

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All of us are familiar with the catch phrase, “beauty with brains” well, Mawra is a living example for the phrase itself. She has done it all to earn has place as one of the leading actresses of Pakistan and side by side, she has completed her law degree with utmost hard work and dedication. 

Mawra Hocane is one of the leading actresses in not just Pakistan but she has made her debut in Bollywood as well, whilst completing her law degree in a very short span of time. 

She did not just get her law degree, nope, she earned it with hard work and distinction. She is definitely an all-rounder. 

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Mawra started off her career as a VJ, from then on she made an active name in the industry by surprising everyone with her brilliant acting skills. 

She has performed in various Pakistani drama serials, with Aangan being her latest drama. She also made her Hindi debut in the romantic film, Sanam Teri Kasam, in which she starred alongside Harshvardan Rane. 

Acting and Law are not the only things that Mawra has mastered in, alongside the two, she has found some time for herself and went ahead and done some modelling for various brands. 

She has modelled for different designers, such as, HSY in various fashion shows. She has also been doing a various amounts of shoots in the meantime. 

She has an eye for the camera for sure and the camera seems to love her as well. 

Recently, she signed up for a shoot for ANAYA by Kiran Chaudry.

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Mawra posted this picture on her Instagram account called Mawrellous, alongside the caption, 

“Some days life has a strange way of teaching you new lessons. People leave, their chapters in this life end & make you realize how temporary life can be.’’ 


‘’How unimportant one’s existence can be. All you truly have is now & how you communicate with others & most importantly how you make them feel. Remember to create memories. Keep your focus in the now for you never know when your now ends. Utterly grateful for this life #ALHUMDULILLAH for every breath
P.S How is Ramazan going for all of you? 


Anaya by Kiran Chaudry recently launched their Eid collection which is called Aarzo and we are loving all the outfits that are worn by Mawra, she looks beautiful in all of the pictures, here are some more from the collection:

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This picture was on the official Anaya page on Instagram, with the caption:

“Presenting the gorgeous Mawra Hocane for ANAYA by Kiran Chaudhry! We bring you “Aarzoo” - a festive collection!

We do agree that she does look like a superstar and special credits to all the people that have made her achieve this look, that have been the backbone of the photo-shoot. 

All the people that are mentioned above, this would not have been possible without them and we are grateful that they brought us such a wonderful shoot for our eyes to witness. 

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Aarzo is a festive collection, all set for Eid 2019, and we urge everyone to go look at their beautiful designs and choose Anaya as the brand you want to go for this Eid. 

I mean, just look at the beautiful pictures from the shoot, could it be any better? 

You can look like Mawra too, wow everyone and have your very own Eid photo-shoot.

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Mawra shines like a star in this peach designer outfit paired with beautiful heels and some top tier jewelry. Sporting Gajray in her hands and completing the entire look. 

It’s like it was made for festive season and we cannot get enough of the beautiful designs and of course the model that is showcasing all of them. 

There are gajray on her hands and in her hair as well, making Mawra look like a complete flower. 

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This picture was posted on Instagram by the official page of Anaya with the caption: 

Zahara” features a fully embroidered lawn shirt with an elegantly embroidered net Dupatta and embroidered cambric pants. Grab it at Pre-booking online at 1pm 11th May!”

This picture is filled with flowers and a very peachy green embroidered shirt with a net dupatta and a beautiful pair of straight pajamas with embroidery at the bottom and some wonderful heel sandals that complete the whole look. 

There are flowers surrounding Mawra entirely and the photographer should get credit where it’s due because the whole shoot is entirely brilliant. 

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This picture was also posted by the Anaya official page on Instagram, it was a series of pictures with the caption, 

Elena” is delicately embellished with sequins embroidery and has organza sleeves and an embroidered net Dupatta. Perfect for Eid!

So, this look is delicately embellished with sequined embroidery and has organza sleeves and a net dupatta with embroidery which is for sure perfect on eid and makes Mawra look like she is shining. Like a beautiful star.

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Another picture from the official page on Instagram with the caption, 

ANAYA on the cover of the Tribune T.Edit Magazine! Don’t forget to grab a copy and check out the shoot! Jewellery @beedazzled_ltd

So basically we have the photoshoot on the official front page of T.EDIT magazine.

Source: Instagram

The photoshoot was also on the cover of MAG: THE WEEKLY magazine and we are ecstatic to bring you the news.  

Marwa Hocane for sure rocked the entire photoshoot with her looks and her elegance and definitely the credit goes to Kiran Chaudhray and everyone who was working behind the scenes to make the shoot happen and for the end result to turn out the way it was expected to. 

We will for sure be checking out the Eid collection for Eid and we hope you do too. Which do you think is the most glam look? Got any favorites? Let us know in the comments below.