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Online Dating

By RateDesi - 25 Oct 2018

Online Dating, Is it Really Worth It in a Desi Culture?

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Trends are changing and online dating is becoming a thing; even among the desi culture. Finding love has become trickier but cupid still seems generous enough for a lot of people. While for some people online dating has done wonders, led them to their true love and gave them their ultimate fairytales turned into reality, for others, it has been a total disaster, which raises a question; is online dating really worth it especially when it comes to desis?

A desi culture has always been conservative and the concept of dating has always been looked down upon (but that has never stopped us ;)) While a lot of people prefer online dating over traditional dating (and arranged marriages), there still are people who are hesitant when it comes to meeting strangers online and honestly, their concerns are valid.

Here the real question arises; is online dating really worth it? Here are some of the concerns that people share and also the strong points shared by the people who are actually found the love of their life online. It would certainly give you an insight and help you make up your mind.


Safety Concerns are Valid Concerns When It Comes to Online Dating

Safety concerns, especially if you are a desi, is the very first thing that comes to mind when you hear or see the word(s), ‘’online dating,’’ It is like a huge red alarm going off somewhere inside the head which, I know, is very difficult to ignore. While the concerns are valid, the dating apps are meant to be safe given you do not provide any personal information or your contact details.

Online dating can be made safe for everyone; however, do expect to find some major creeps on the online dating sites but you are safe as long as you don't give out contact details. Following are some of the tips to make online dating safe for you.

  • Make sure to not put any personal information on your profile, like your contact details, especially about your workplace

  • Keep it to the dating apps. The dating apps are meant to keep you safer. Exchange contact details online if you feel safe

  • Always meet at a public space, whenever you go out on a date

  • Keep away from the shady profile; by shady profiles I mean the profiles with no images and no bio

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It Provides a Large Dating Pool

Online dating certainly provides you with a large dating pool, but that also means a large number of predators. While online dating increases the chances to meet the love of your life or maybe a hookup to give you the best sex of your life, it also increases the chances of you ending up falling for a predator, if not a fuckboy. However, with the right online dating safety tips, you can always protect yourself from that and see and avoid the red flags.

With a larger dating pool, you can just go out and have fun and take your time before you choose whom you are serious about or before you find, ‘’the one.’’ You are also not bound to keep talking to somebody who makes you uncomfortable. No matter whether or not you have been out on a date, if a person makes you uncomfortable it is totally okay to call it quits.

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It Might Not Work for You

Online dating works differently for everybody. For some online dating is something they totally rely on and it has worked for them, for others it hasn't. It also totally depends on what you are looking for, and also on you as a person and your values; if you are more of a traditional person then it just might not work for you. Dating apps have been gaining popularity and a lot of young people have turned to them, but their views on life, in general, are mostly open.

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It Might Not Help You Find True Love

Different people have a different expectation from the dating apps. Some people incline towards dating apps.

While some people do look for some more solid and an emotional connection, other people use the dating apps to look for sex and more of a no-strings-attached kind of thing and that’s perfectly fine as long as you are very clear about what you are actually looking for, so you or the other person doesn’t end up wasting time on something that wouldn’t work out.

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You Actually Might Find Somebody Who’d Actually Sweep You Off Your Feet

If actually hit me by surprise but I found the love of my life on a dating website. When I started using it, I was quite skeptical and came across a lot of predators and misogynistic creeps, but in the end, it did work out for me. Now when I asked him that what made him swipe and match, his answer made so much sense.

He said, ‘’your bio and it made me go like, wow this person has so much in common with me,’’ and I think that’s what did the trick. So the lesson here is to add a kickass bio (and all true) to your profile and wait for the fate to play its part.

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Online Dating Can Be Trickier

Online dating can be both, easy and tricky. The important thing is to find the right platform and setting up the dating profile. You are less likely to get any matches if you have nothing on your profile, by nothing I mean having no bio.

Adding your interests is the best way to catch the best match. It gets trickier to filter out the people whose interests do not match with yours if you there is nothing to tell them what your interests are in the first place.

I have ended up with total opposites of me on dates and honestly, it didn't work out; an introvert being stuck with a flaming extrovert is honestly extremely hard. We lost contact after two weeks, obviously. You can certainly learn from my mistake and avoid that in future.

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Online dating might have the good and the bad parts, but it certainly is worth a try. If it doesn’t work out, it doesn’t. There is no harm in giving it a shot, as long as you are safe and smart about it and know when to stop.