Pakistan Needs To Advocate On Girls Education

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Here’s Why Every Pakistani Needs To Advocate For Girls’ Education In Pakistan!

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To Give Girls’ Education A Chance Is To Give Pakistan A Chance:

Barriers to girl’s education persist around the world and the situation in Pakistan is no different. There is a saying that says, “If you invest in a girl she will become a woman tomorrow and then she will invest in everyone else’’. Yet the investment is bearing numerous hurdles.

In Pakistan, a good number of people think that a girl’s life is just about living within the four walls of her house. Secondly, people think that by educating girls, they’ll get independent and will get spoiled since these girls will be getting more awareness about the world and more exposure to the surroundings. According to a few Pakistanis, educating a girl is just a waste of money since education requires money whereas primary education requires less money in Pakistan.

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In addition to it, men think that by giving women, so many opportunities, they’ll succeed men and will get more benefits from the world! They’ll be standing beside men which men don’t want.

Furthermore, people think that girls are meant to doing house chores rather than getting an education and doing jobs. Along with that, in some rural areas, where the distance between the school and the home is more significant, they face restrictions and parents don’t allow going far away schools as it’s unsafe.

Some parents claim that girls face many outbreaks of violence based on genders such as sexual harassment from male teachers, bullying, psychological attacks by teachers, students or other members of the community.

However, In many urban countries of Pakistan, girls are getting a proper education, and that’s what a country needs. So now, the question arises that why does a girl need education?

Why do girls need education? Is it so important?

Girls have the right to education. They deserve it just like boys. It’s basic knowledge! It improves their lifestyle and their way of seeing things around them.

*To know her talent;

Girls are responsible for maintaining their homes, but along with that, they also deserve to earn for themselves. In today’s world, money is overruling. Money can buy all the things that one needs to live happily. The basic needs of our lives like food and water also require money.

When girls go to school, they get to know about their talent; they realize their potential. They get to know how much independent she is and she doesn’t depend on anyone else to make her living.

*To Shape A Less Discriminatory Society

“ You educate a Man; you educate an individual. You educate a woman; you educate a generation.”

A country’s present depends upon the youth, but its future is in the hands of the mothers. The first learning place for a child is his or her mother’s lap. An educated girl will become a successful mother.

Firstly, if a girl is educated, she’ll take good care of her child and will maintain his healthy lifestyle. Educated women focus on giving education to their child and keep it as their priority. She can understand her child in a better way.

An educated woman knows what to feed her child and what not to. She can teach her child at home as well. Her child, if facing any difficulty in studies can discuss it with the mother to get help. Educated mothers have a better understanding of how to deal with children. In Pakistan, women get angry at their children even in small matters which is why the child cannot share his or her problems. A literate mother will, of course, speak to her child in a moderate tone and in a gentle way.

source:Pakistan Alliance for Girls Education

*The economic condition of the country improves.

It’s a fact that the more educated you are, the higher the job offers you get. If women are educated, they’ll get the chance of doing jobs and earning for themselves, they will be capable of providing services and will lead to the higher production of goods that will eventually increase the Gross Domestic Product of a country. Therefore, it’s quite clear that investing in women’s education will benefit the country’s economy.

“One child, one mother, one book and one pen can change the whole world.”

*Smaller families preventing overpopulation/ No more early marriages.

When women are educated, they focus on their career. They have awareness about everything, and so they are not ready for early marriages and marry after they have achieved their goals.

As fertility decreases with age, when women will marry later, they’ll give birth to one or two children, since they will know that a large family is difficult to handle. So, in the end, these women will find it easier to raise one or two children and with proper health care.

*Risk of AIDS and Malaria is reduced

When women are educated, they have better knowledge about how Aids and Malaria are spread. Therefore, they prevent it and concentrate on their studies. When they are in school studying, of course, these diseases won’t spread.

As we have discussed earlier, that education will lead to fewer child marriages, so when there are no early pregnancies, girls won’t face the complications of childbirth too.

*Women empowerment

When women are literate, they’ll be intelligent and capable of making decisions on their own. They’ll choose their own way of living and will aspire to improve their standards of living. Hence, this will lead them to run their houses on their own and a proper way.


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Along with that, Benazir Bhutto was also the first Women Prime Minister of Pakistan, and she had a significant impact on the lives of Pakistanis. Malala Yousafzai won the nobel prize, how? She was educated! She knew what’s better for the girls of Pakistan! She taught them! Malala also said, “The extremists are afraid of books and pens. The power of education frightens them. They are afraid of women! The power of the voice of women frightens them.”

*Protection of family from natural disasters.

Education gives knowledge about everything; Socialising, politics, environmental changes and about the history of a country too. When a lady studies about history, she gets knowledge about the past, she gets to know about different personalities who made mistakes. As a consequence, she tends to learn from those mistakes made in the past and makes sure she doesn’t make the same mistake again.

Apart from that, when countries face natural disasters, there are certain things you need to know; How to get protection? Where to stand? Like we should leave our buildings and move towards the open ground during earthquakes, We should stand beneath the wood, So who will teach us all this? Our mothers right? So, educated women will guide their families in a better way. They know how to act in different situations!

Now, why should we don’t educate our daughters when we have so many benefits! Hopefully, the literacy rate of girls in our country will keep on increasing like this! Soon, Your daughters will be shining like a bright star on a dull night!