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Posted In Desi By Fiza Khan - 06 May 2019

Things that make your father, a typical Pakistani Abba

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“One father is more than a hundred schoolmasters.”

So true!

Fathers are blessings! Not everyone is blessed with a father, and not everyone realizes his importance during his life! Fathers are shelters for daughters and backbones of sons.

“Our fathers hold our hand for a while but our heart forever.”

When everyone criticizes you, he’ll be your supporter. When the whole world doubts on you, he’ll be the one believing you. Without a father, your life is like a car, driving without a staring. So yeah, you all agree with it, right? You must!

Though he’ll criticize you all the time but he’ll always think about you and won’t say anything in front of others. In fact, he’ll praise you.

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“It’s a father who teaches his children to value themselves.”

Here are some things that resemble a typical Pakistani father;

You’re always told about the olden times!

“Father: Hum pehle dur dur tak paani ki baaltiyan bhar k aate the....aur mobile to college k baad milta tha.”

Other than that, his so-called Zamana was terrific according to him.

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“Hamare Zamane mien....” And here the story begins…

They talk about how to save money. No matter how rich a father is, he’ll teach his son to save money and not to waste it eating fast foods in big restaurants. He’ll give his son a limited amount to spend as well.

He will always say,“ Paise to hum deden par tumhe istimal krne nahi aate.”

“ Bachat karna seekho meri Jaan.”

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He is fond of watching the news and commenting on each news headline. He will keep on watching the news without getting tired. Not only this but will tell his children to watch the news as well. “Ye drame kaam nahi aayenge...khabren dekho, pata chalega, dunya mien kiya horaha hai.”

A Pakistani father always teaches his son to drive slowly. By driving slowly, he means driving at the speed of 40 when others reach at least 80.

“ Ahista chalao...chahe peeche wala kitne horn kyon na bajaye. Apne dekh ke chalao, araam se.”

“ Koi jaldi nahi hai tumhe.”

A typical Pakistani father will never get satisfied without caring about how much carefully you drive. He’ll keep on saying, “Abhi tak gaari sahi se chalana nahi seekhe ho.”

Whenever any home appliance gets broken or isn’t working correctly, he thinks he can repair it quickly. All of a sudden, he becomes an electrician, when a switch isn’t working. He becomes a plumber when any tap leaks. If still, something cannot be repaired, then to hide his fault, he blames his children and starts scolding them.

“Tum logon ko cheezen istimaal krne nahi aati.”

He keeps on laughing at jokes about husband and wife and to make sure that the wife hears it, he reads it aloud;

“Mia: Agar mien mar gaya to tum kia karogi?

Biwi: Mien apni behn k saath rehlungi.

Mia: Acha

Biwi: Aur agar mien mar gayi to?

Mia: to mien bhi tumhari behn k saath rehlunga.”

Wow! According to him, it was the best home of the day.

He shares WhatsApp texts related to health and sciences to make us aware of everything. Apart from that, he also makes sure that we are aware of all the health scams since he regularly watches the news.

“Pepsi k baad mint khaane se ye aur ye hota hai.”

He makes sure that we’re not carrying any extra things while going on a journey saying, “Zyaada saaman rakhne ki zaroorat nahi hai. Samaam sambhalna mushkil hojaayega.”

Two pairs of socks, three shirts and two pants will be enough for one week. Well, when talking about reality, they are our lives, they just care about us. To be honest and speaking personally, I find love in my father’s strictness.

When we are traveling on the road, he can predict everything about the streets and can easily comment on everything.

“Ye road itni choti nahi banani chahiye thi.”

“Sab ke Sab paise khaate hain. Sahi se road bhi nahi banwaya.”

He immediately becomes a constructor and gives opinions about where shall this building be placed and where shall that be.

He reads the electricity bills a hundred times in front of the children saying,

“Sara din light fuzool mien khuli hoti hain. Bijli bacha lia karo kabhi.” If by mistake fathers forget saying all this, our mothers take the lead saying, “Aap ke pyaar ki wajah se hi bache bigar gaye hain.”

He is a reminder for everything. No matter how much busy he is, but still he remembers everything.

“ Yaad nahi hai kal tumhe result lene jaana hai.”

“ Betajee, aapne dentist ki appointment li hai shayad aur kal aapko jaana bhi hai.”

So, can you imagine your life without this outstanding person who’s all the time after you? Well, I suppose no.

Hence, I’ll say, The greatest gift I have got is from God, and that is my DAD.

So enough of these hints resembling a typical Pakistani Father. Now comes the main part.

Moving on, a child was told to write an essay on father. He wrote only one line and got full marks. He wrote, “No combination of these 26 alphabets can describe my father.” What a beautiful answer! See the child’s thought! So yeah, the father is this! It’s a personality that no one can describe! No one can even think of! And once you become a father, you get to know about it! Value them in their life! Don’t be late to understand their importance.

Think about them. How much they care for you! Even their strictness is their love! They scold you for your benefit. We may take time to understand, but we’ll soon.

“My father is the masterpiece of nature.” I am lucky! In fact, the luckiest person to have a father and a mother. In short, “ A family.”

Well, We shall thank our God for blessing us with them. Share your thoughts on this. Also, for more such freshly brewed content, stay tuned to RateDesi.