Pakistani Bride Married Indian Groom In Punjab

Posted In Trending By Fiza Khan - 27 Mar 2019

Punjabi Pakistani Bride marries Indian Groom in Punjab

Amid recent India-Pak fiasco, two love birds make their ways to be in a cross border union. This certainly proves that marriage is not about culture and traditions; in fact, marriage is a union of two hearts. Families and backgrounds do matter at a certain point but it’s mainly about a girl and a boy, or we can say a man and a woman. It’s a relationship that will continue forever! A relationship full of care and build with trust.

When two people love each other, they don’t keep their families in their mind, but they love unconditionally! And this is what Love stands for! Apart from that, there are many couples in which a lady belongs to another country and the gentleman belonging to another.

Similarly, RateDesi recently covered a story where the bride belongs to Pakistan, and she married an Indian man. Seeing the relations of India and Pakistan, this marriage was not expected. So let’s take a look at the story.

The bride’s name is Kiran Surjeet Kaur, and she married Parvinder Singh who belongs to Ambala in India. This marriage is seen as a sign of positive relations between India and Pakistan.

The bride’s age was 27, and the groom’s age was 33. This marriage took place in a gurdwara in Patiala. This couple is looking forward to extending the visas so that Kiran can live with her husband in India. The marriage actually took place on the 9th of March, 2019.

Along with that, their story tells us that they were relatives too; Parvinder aunt was living in Sialkot after the Partition and Kiran was her niece. Although, getting Visas for  India was something difficult, but they actually managed all this. This is the power of Love! The strength of their relationship!

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The two souls first met in 2014 when Kiran visited India along with her family. Then after two years, their marriage was finalized by their parents. In addition to it, Parvinder applied for the Visa of Pakistan, but it was rejected.

Yet, Kiran managed to get the Visa for the Indian district finally. The marriage, therefore, shifted to Patiala.

They traveled through the Samjhauta Express train and reached Delhi on 7th March. Due to the critical conditions between Pakistan and India, Parvinder contacted the Indian National, Maqbool Ahmed to ask whether it was the right time to marry a Pakistani woman in such a situation.

Maqbool also had a married a Pakistani woman, and it was the first marriage between a Pakistani and an Indian in 2003.

Moreover, Maqbool was happy to see that they were marrying as it was the first marriage to be happened after all these cross border tensions. Apart from that, he also said that although the government was fighting over some political issues, common people didn’t want it and they were searching for peace.

Maqbool Ahmed wanted to support Parvinder, so he hired Manish Kumar as the lawyer. Hopefully, they will be applying for the marriage registration successfully.

The marriage ceremony was according to the Sikhs tradition. Kiran’s family said that despite the differences between Indian and Pakistani people, they shared the same past.

Furthermore, Kiran said that the people of Punjab had won her family’s and her heart.

Kiran was proud to live in India, and she loved the country.

This shows that public of neither Pakistan nor India wants any further escalation. All that fiasco was nothing but, politically motivated stunt. If people of both sides perceive this message of love; we are soon to see many more such marriages down the road.

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