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Posted In Pakistani By RateDesi - 25 Apr 2019

Pakistani Celebrities Who Were Left Behind in the Race

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Source: Daily Pakistan Global

Being in the film industry is like being in a never ending race, it is competitive and you have to be consistent with your projects and be known in the market, keep working on advertisements, keep working with brands, or work on a movie or even a television show, this is how you keep going in the industry.

If you stop giving your fans something that they can pry on, you will have no fans left by the end of the day.

Likewise, a few Pakistani celebrities did not get this memo and though they had their rise to fame at a certain point, they got left behind as fresher people took their place and the previous celebrities did nothing to reclaim their space. The celebrities are as follows:

Shehroz Sabzwari:

Source: Express Tribune

The start of Shehroze’s career was quite ground breaking, we got to see some great performances by him that left us startled and earned Shehroze a loyal fan base, but, we have not seen something from Shehroze that left us in awe of his performance.

He has only been appearing in TV dramas that are mediocre to say the least, the dramas that you play in the background on TV while you cook in the kitchen or do one of your many side hobbies. Maybe the acting world is not for Shehroze, maybe he should just be a stay at home dad.

Sanam Baloch:

Source: Twitter

Sanam Baloch, yes, we have all heard that name, why is she even in the list? You all may be wondering why. Sanam, in her time has given ground breaking performances that have left us all in awe of her and her performances have gathered her a huge fan base.

Her performance behind the camera was always very raw and filled with emotions which is why she had so many fans, she went off the business for a while but then announced her come back.

The news of her coming back got her friends all excited and the expectations were very high because of course it’s Sanam Baloch, she is always going to give us something grand, but instead, we got Teri Raza which was a TV series with a very weak script and had an even horrible acting, the first few episodes made Sanam look way older than she is and overall, it let down all of our expectations.

Now, she is going to star in another one of HUM TV’s Drama and we are not sure what to expect, I think it’s better for her performance to speak for itself.

Ali Rehman:

Source: Twitter

The first few projects that Ali Rehman started out with were phenomenal, he starred in dramas like Rishte kuch Adhoore Se and Mohabbat Ab Nahi Hogi which gathered a numerous amount of viewers and was a hit between the general public.

Then, he got the chance to appear in the biggest hit of the year which was Diyar e Dil and wowed his viewers, but ever since Diyar e Dil Ali has not done any projects that have caught the attention of the viewers, all the dramas that he’s starred in have been mediocre one after another, that is why he is known as the king of mediocre Dramas now.

Sanam Saeed:

Souce: Instagram

Before, when we found out that Sanam Saeed was going to star in a drama, we already knew that it was going to be great, her acting and her style used to be so raw and phenomenal that we could really relate to her characters.

She took a break and stayed away from the media world and after coming back, it was as if she had lost her charm, it seemed like all she cared about was making money and did not really put effort in her work and her acting. So, we do not really have much hope left there.

Sarah Khan:

Source: MuchFeed

There was a time when Sarah Khan starred in back to back hits and all her roles were phenomenal and it seemed like she put a lot of thought and hard work into the roles she played and carried them out gracefully.

Her dramas like, Alvida, Muhabbat.pk, Nazr-e-Bad were great hits but then every role she played was of a helpless woman in need and that was the start of her downfall.

Maybe she lost her charm, we do not hold many expectations for her in the future but we do hope that she gets back on track and we get the Sarah Khan that we had in Alvida.

Agha Ali:

Source: Folder.pk

Agha Ali started gaining a fan base when he started playing serious roles in Dramas, he played in a serial called Tum Yaad Aye and his performance was brilliant, the way he executed his role on the screen was admired by all viewers.

However, since then all his roles have been boring and mediocre, he seems to be playing the bad guy in all his roles and it is clear that he is focused more on his looks than he is on his acting. We hope he chooses his roles more wisely in the future because right now his downfall is evident.

Hina Altaf:

Source: Twitter

The first role that Hina played was in Aik Thi Misaal she did justice to her character and made us feel for the lost and sad girl and her performance was outstanding.

But, since she lost weight all she cares about is being glamorous and looking good on the big screen, even when the script and her acting was going horrible she always looked great on the screen so that is clearly what she is more focused on.

Faisal Rehman:

Source: Hum.tv

Faisal Rehman has been in the industry since decades and we know for a fact that he is immensely talented but lately, all he has been doing is playing roles as the bad husband who always gets involved with younger girls.

It’s sad to see potential getting wasted like this and we really hope that he chooses roles that are more fit to his character and does not keep going for the same thing over and over again.

Is there anybody else you think was left behind? Let us know in the comments below.