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10 Top Romantic Pakistani Movies To Watch

10 Top Romantic Pakistani Movies To Watch: As Pakistan is prospering day and night, Pakistani media is getting famous around the world; making its way to international audience. Thus, being a Pakistani, it’s a matter of proud that many people love Pakistani Romantic movies.

These films whether are black and white or colored, full of romance or somewhere full of suspense but has been watched by millions of people.

Urdu romantic movies are exciting and catchy. Once we start watching them, we can’t wait to end. Just like these films, Pakistani drama serials are also getting more and more watched.

On the other hand, besides Urdu movies, Punjabi movies are also watched excitedly.

The songs played in these movies are amazing to listen and great time passes too.

Today, we’ll have a look at the top 10 Pakistani Romantic Movies that people still watch it.

Dupatta of 1952

Dupatta of 1952 was directed by Sibtain Fazli, and the characters were the great Noor Jehan, who has won millions of hearts, Ajay Kumar and Sudhir. The songs of this movie are amazing and are composed by Feroz Nizami. As soon as the story takes further steps, it becomes more and more engaging.

This story dupatta is incredible. It’s basically about a girl Bulbul who falls in love with a city boy, Roshan. Their story gets many oppositions like Bulbul’s father. He’s too much overprotective and conscious about class and background.

Other than that, Bulbul’s stepmother and aunt also gets jealous of her and are not happy to see bulbul with her lover.

The reason why they are jealous of is that Bulbul is very beautiful.

Along with that, World war 2 begins, and Roshan has to go to the battlefield. The rumor spreads that Roshan is dead as he gets missing. Bulbul gets homeless later on, and Roshan is still not there.

For the time being, Bulbul becomes a nurse and is working at a doctor’s place. Some jealous people spread some rumors that there’s an affair going on between the doctor and Bulbul.

Roshan, later on, comes back and he looks changed. Therefore, he doesn’t reveal his identity and starts working at that doctor’s place where Bulbul is working to find out the truth, and from here, I won’t spoil anything now.

Yakkay Wali of 1957

Yakkay Wali of 1957, directed by M. J. Rana. Its characters include Musarrat Nazir, Sudhir, Zarif, and Nazar. This film is about a lady, Laali (Musarrat Nazir) and it tells us about her hardships and difficulties she faced in her life. She is a tonga driver at a railway station. She has a blind uncle whom she supports by working like a man. This is the reason why people criticize her talking behind her back. At that time, women did not work, and Laali was a different one. The story changes when a customer Aslam ( Sudhir) tells her that he loves her. Aslam expresses his love for her.

Laali, at last, fell in love with him. The story is full of romance and peaceful. It gives a person, relaxation.

This movie spreads a message to all over the places that a woman can do anything and she has the right to work for herself. What can a woman do if she doesn’t work? How will she earn? How will she eat? Every woman has the right to earn, the right to live in her own way.

The songs of these films are unremarkable by Zubaida Khanam. Many people who have seen this film recommend it especially to Punjabi speaking people.

Naela (1965)

This film, Naila of 1965 was directed by Sharifa Nayyar, and the stars of these films are Shamim Ara, Santosh. Other characters are Darpan and A. Shah.

This film actually revealed the talent of Shamim Ara who played the role of Naela. In addition to it, This film is taken from a novel written by Razia butt. The most important and central point of the film is that this film was running in Peshawar’s cinema for about 29 weeks. Naseem and Mala sang the songs of this film; “ Dil k veeranay mien Ek Shamma hai Roshan kab say. ”

The story is basically about a woman loved by two men. Naela is quite unhappy to see that one of her lovers loved her enough to let her go as he left his friend to marry Naela just to see Naela happy. Later, you’ll see how Naela reacts to it!

Koel (1959)

Another film is Koel of 1959. Masood Parvez directed this film. The characters are Noor Jehan, Aslam Parvez, Nazar, Allaudin.

The story is about a family who is enjoying in the start. It’s a love story of a dancer Zareena and Salman. Zareena is Noor Jehan, and Salman is Aslam. Basically, the lives of the family when the only earner of the family dies in a plane crash. Then, Zareena’s mother has to send Zareena to a dancer ( Nazar).

Salman’s heart is broken when he gets to know that Zareena is a dancer.

This film has the best songs that a person can listen to. It includes  “Dil ka Dia jalaye rakhna.”

Another famous song of this movie is Rhim Jhim Rhim Jhim.

This story actually tells us about the reality of the Society, how people treat the dancers.


Then comes Armaan of 1956. This film was directed by Parvez Malik, and the legends played the roles; Zeba and Waheed Murad. Other characters were Zahoor Ahmed, Nirala and Tarannum.

It was the first movie that actually completed 75 weeks in the Cinemas and won millions of hearts. The soundtrack was awesome by Sohail Rana, and the songs were also a reason for its success. Apart from that, The song “ Akele Na Jaana” also won the Nigar Award, and Ahmed Rushdi sang the song. This film received the Niggar award for the best movie in 1966.

The story is about a lady Najma. She lives with her aunt along with her cousins. One day, her cousin Seema comes home with her child and asks Najma to take care of her. Najma eventually ends up spoiling her life. This film is basically about a child being born before marriage. The actors received lots of praises, and the film proved to be successful.

Ho Mann Jahan (2016)

Ho Mann Jahan of 2016,  is directed by Asim Raza. The film characters were Sonya Jehan, Mahira Khan, Sheheryar Munawar and Adeel Hussain.

This story along with love reveals the friendship of these three characters, and it is about their experiences and their career. This film has ten sings and was shot in Karachi. The film was to be released in 2015, but due to some circumstances, it was published in 2016.

Due to this film, Mahira Khan won the best actor in the leading role ( Female) in the 3rd Lollywood Awards, galaxy.

Heer Ranjha (1970)

Here comes another blockbuster film, Heer Ranjha of 1970. This film is the most famous one, and their love story is famous abroad too. Masood Parvez directed it.

This Punjabi was very successful and had taken place in our hearts. The main characters are Heer and Ranjha (Firdous and Ejaz). They both fall in love with each other but tribal differences come in between, and Heer’s Uncle Kaido ( Ajmal) complains about their affair to her father.

Her father tries to marry Heer with another person, and their love is met with many thorns and opposition from people.

The songs of these films were outstanding sung by the perfectionists; Noor Jehan, Irene Parveen along with Masood Rana. Waris Shah actually wrote the story. The story although it is sad that both the lovers die in the end, but people loved it.

Aina (1977)

The 8th fantastic film is Aina of 1977.  This film was directed by Nazrul Islam, and the movie stars are Rehan, Nadeem along with Shabnam.

The writer of this movie is Robin Ghosh. The song “ Mujhay Dil se na Bhulana” has been very famous. This story has won 12 Niggar Awards. Basically, the movie is two lovers, Iqbal and Rita. Iqbal is a receptionist, and Rita’s father finally agrees to their marriage because of his daughter. Still, their love story is full of conflicts and sadness. The most interesting thing is that this film ran for almost seven years and more. Another song was also famous, “Waada Karo Saajna” Mehnaz and Alamgir are the singers of these songs.

Nahin Abhi Nahin (1980)

The second last is “ Nahin Abhi Nahi released in 1980” So, this film was also directed by Nazrul Islam, and the characters include Qavi Khan, Rangeela, Arzoo, Faisal Rehman (The main character) and Ayaz Naik. The story is about social status, how society sees the difference between rich and poor. It’s a love story between Arman and Shabnam. Shabnam belonging to an elite class background where are Arman is the son of a farmer. Arman hides his social status from, and these differences lead to bug difficulties.

However, Shabnam is much older than Armaan, and that was quite obvious. Along with that, it’s also about the love of parents as Arman’s parents although being poor did everything just to educate him. So, it’s an amazing and catches story!

Bin Roye (2015)

Bin Roye released in 2015 was an outstanding story outstanding family story comprising if two sisters, Saman, and Saba ( Mahira Khan and Armeena Rana Khan)

The main hero of the film is Irtiza Ghazanfar (Humayun Saeed).

Saba loves Irtiza whereas Irtiza does have mutual feelings for Saba. When he goes to the USA, he marries Saman. What Irtiza doesn’t know is that Saman is the sister of Saba and when they go back home, Saba is shocked to see that they are married.

It’s about hatred and love! Two sisters and one Hero, outstanding acting by Mahira Khan. This film was later converted into a drama as well in HUM TV.

These films are totally worth your time. Pakistani Media and the success of these films show that Pakistan is not less than any other country and it still has many emerging talents. Pakistani Award shows are also carried out in foreign countries such as Dubai and London. So hopefully, we will be seeing Pakistani films being watched abroad in other countries soon.

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