India Wants War With Pakistan

Posted In Politics By Fiza Khan - 23 Feb 2019

13 Times When Pakistan and India Showed They Want Peace And Friendship

We've always held a thorny relation with India. The country is like that next-door-neighbor whom you love to hate and find faults for every damn thing they do. Make no mistake; they have not proved to be any less offensive toward Pakistan, either. Wistfully, this very mindset is what has led the two countries to two full-fledged wars and several significant stand-offs, along with “escalation of tensions” as the mainstream media loves to harp about, like current escalation in tensions surfaced soon after Pulwama Attack.

Here are the 13 occurrences when the people of Pakistan and India have conferred how gestures of generosity are what our religions, origins, and humanity teach us:

1. The time when Prime Minister Sharif sent the best Pakistani

Back in Nawaz's era, when Indian border troops opened fire on the Pakistani front, the reply from Pakistan was exceedingly commendable. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif conferred mangoes from Pakistan to Indian PM Narendra Modi. And we all know, Pakistani Mangoes are best in the world.

Source: AFP Via: Dawn.com

As they put it into words, “eeinth ka jawab, aam ki paiti se.”

2. When India sent a love letter to Pakistan

Back in March 2006, a group of friends Without Borders, visited across the Wagah border sending 11,000 letters from Indians to Pakistan, including a large love letter marking 120 m by 80 m. In return, Pakistanis sent them back with an equivalently big batch of messages and responses to their new “friends” across the border.

Source: Friends Without Borders

3. A taxi in India was adorned in the art by a Pakistani artist

As part of a scheme by Taxi Fabric, a design group that does revamp of, well, taxis in Mumbai by giving them new fabric with designer prints. This season, on Pakistan’s independence day, they conspired with the Pakistani designer Samia Arif to renew a taxi with the young designer’s fantastic artwork.

Source: Taxi Fabric Via: Quartz

4. Indian students’ blood saved a Pakistani liver patient's life

Pakistani Aman Lal Makhija, was in medical treatment in Delhi Sir Ganga Ram Hospital for liver malfunction when an imperative need for blood directed his friend, Dilshad Ali who had escorted him to India, to patch flyers around the hospital requesting for donations. 12 Indian pupils came forward and gave blood, saving both Makhija’s life and humanity, at the same time.

Source: dailymail.co.uk

5. When two of the biggest media houses in the region came together for ‘Aman ki Asha’

The Pakistani Jang Group and Times of India, two of the most prominent and esteemed media groups from South Asia joined hands for a peace drive – Aman Ki Asha, to foster cross-cultural trade and promote fellowship, harmony, and love among the people of these two countries.

Source: koolmuzone.pk

Wistfully, while the initiative was mocked for being launched with “covert aims,” by depreciators on both sides, people of the two nations loved the change and couldn’t have been more felicitous.

6. When these Indians sang “happy birthday” to Pakistan on August 14

Source: Voice Of Ram / Facebook

7. When Indian leaders offered to host Ghulam Ali’s concert

After menaces from Shiv Sena, the ghazal legend Ghulam Ali’s shows in Mumbai and Pune were canceled. Soon after, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee announced she was willing to entertain one in her state’s capital of Kolkata. Arvind Kejriwal, Chief Minister of Delhi, also offered to host the show in Delhi where, he told, his party AAP’s ‘army’ will guard the venue.

Source: hindustantimes.timesofindia.com

Time will determine if that show in Delhi really happens since it is in internment right now.

8. People from Pakistan and India came together to fight hunger by feeding the homeless

In the spirit of solidarity and peace, a group of young people in the two nations have joined hands as, Robin Hood Army, a unified mission to feed the abandoned and less fortunate as a possible solution to starvation that irks more than 200 million people in Pakistan and India, according to the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations. This group of people has been doing this without caring about race, religion, cast or dogma of those who are starving.

Source: indiatoday.com

Fight hunger, rather than each other. That’s the real way to go!

9. When Khurshid Kasuri’s book launch occurred in India notwithstanding the discourteous protest by Shiv Sena

Sudheendra Kulkarni, an Indian activist, organized the book launch of former foreign minister Khurshid Kasuri’s new book, in India. As a symbol of protest, Shiv Sena buffoons begrimed his face by throwing ink. Despite this public disgrace, Kulkarni not only went forward and advanced with the launch, but he was also showered with rose petals by people to prove how he is honored for his act of advocating peace between the two conventional rivals.

Source: AFP Via: Dawn.com

10. The time when Mumbai’s residents saved the life of a Pakistani girl

Saba, a 15 years old girl from Pakistan was brought to Mumbai for therapy of Wilson’s disease, an autosomal recessive genetic dysfunction in which copper accumulates in tissues. Her mother couldn't arrange the needed PKR 7,00,000/- for the treatment, so her plight got published in an Indian newspaper. Within a few days, they accumulated the necessary amount with contributions pouring in from citizens of Mumbai as soon as the news story was published.

Source: indiatimes.com

11. When Dunkin’ Donuts in Pakistan showed India, and the world, how hospitable, kind and big hearted we are

After contemporary reports of a Pakistani family having to spend a night on Mumbai’s pathways after no hotel would let them accommodate, everybody on social media went crazy, reprimanding and bad mouthing India. Iqbal Latif, proprietor of 26 Dunkin’ Donuts outlets in Pakistan; schooled everybody in how to react to such news. He has started an initiative in his branches in Lahore, Peshawar, and Islamabad to serve any Indian guests for free!

Source: Twitter

12. When these Pakistanis and Indians sang each others’ national anthems as a display of respect


13. When Sidhu Paa jee hugged Chief of Army Staff General Bajwa

Poor guy has faced ban lately from his TV show because of his positive viewpoints about Pakistan but still.

source: geo.tv

Now, that is how it is done, world.

Nincompoops are seen in profusion in both the countries, so are those people whose livings depend on the hostility of the two traditional opponents. Nonetheless, there are numerous people on both sides of the LOC who understand that pettiness over ‘I am the best, no I am the best’ is better left behind when you graduate out of primary school.

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