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Sex On First Date Or No Sex Before Marriage ?

By RateDesi - 16 Jul 2018

Sex and Dating, Dating and Sex, Should You Expect Sex on a Date?


Sex isn’t often talked about before marriage, but if we break the taboo, we can see that there are more people enjoying sex and dating than ever before. The same people who do not believe completely in no sex before marriage. Are you one of them?


Is it wrong to expect sex on a date? Should any idea of sex be prohibited? How do you know if your date feels the same way? How do you test the waters without things becoming awkward?


All of your questions are answered below but first we have to admit that sex before marriage happens. If the practice is not for you, that’s 100% ok. You are following your beliefs and should be respected for doing so.


However, if it is for you, there are some simple rules you may want to follow, along with some guidelines, hints and tips that could help.


Have THAT Conversation


Before you take things any further you do need to have THAT conversation. This can begin as a chat about beliefs, it doesn’t have to evolve into a scary discussion about children and marriage. Simply ask what your date would like to get from dating, are they looking for a serious relationship? Are they open to affection? Do they believe in sex before marriage? Few people will be offended by this. After all, you haven’t divulged your own thoughts, and so cannot be judged in return.


Respect Boundaries


If your date doesn’t believe in sex before marriage, don’t push it. Don’t try to force your own lifestyle onto them no matter how much you like them. It’s now up to you whether the dating can continue, if they mean enough for you to wait, or if you’d rather hot foot it to another person who may have a more relaxed view.


There Are Other Ways to Become Close


Sex is not the be all and end all of a relationship. There are other, intimate ways to become close and to experiment with sex that don’t involve going against beliefs. Explore a little more, learn more about sex and foreplay online and discover this whole new world of excitement!


Choose Carefully

If you both decide on sex and dating, do choose carefully. You need to ensure you stay protected and you should also choose someone who you want to be in a relationship with. Take precautions to ensure there are no accidental pregnancies and protect yourself against any sexually transmitted disease. With promiscuity comes great responsibility, it’s a new way of living, and so you must be responsible enough to know the risks.

Talk About It


If you do have sex before marriage, while dating, talk about it. Use it as a learning experience and open those lines of communication so you can explore and experiment. Once the taboo is broken, you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to discuss.


Above all, sex and dating is up to you, the individual. It’s your choice, your life, your future.

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