Spark Back Your Relationship

By RateDesi - 25 Oct 2018

Here's How to Add a Spark to Your Relationship And Fall in Love All Over Again

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Relationships are not all roses, chocolates, giggles and sweet kisses; it is so much more than that. Relationships are hard, but the question is how important is that person to you.

Are you willing you put effort? Are you willing to give it your all? Are you up for the struggle when your relationship starts losing the spark? It happens and it happens in every relationship, with time the relationship changes, the dynamics change, and little things can make so much difference, and in a very good way.


All you have to do is to be willing to make an effort (and maybe be a little creative). Relationships can be hard but it is the little things that can make it last. Here are some of the tips that can do wonders and rekindle that flame of love, romance, and passion.

Remember the Happy Memories Together

As the time passes we tend to get busier with our lives and it isn't the same as it was when we first fall in love, it doesn't mean that we stopped loving our partners, or that they stopped loving us, but everybody needs a reminder about how it was like when you first met. The first time you went out of a date, the first time they held your hand, the first kiss, the emotions that consumed you, and the times when you were so happy that you felt like the luckiest person alive on the entire planet. Remember those happy memories together and cherish them, forever.

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Recreate Those Memories

Recreate those memories, those very moments. Go to the café or the hotel where you first met. Go to the place where you first kissed. Go to the place where you fell in love, the places you both love and the places that mean something to you. Relive those memories. Relive those moments. Remember how it was like and let yourself fall in love all over again.

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Get Them Little Gifts That Mean Something to Them

Pay attention to what the need. Think about what your partner likes? Would they like a handwritten note stick to the mirror; a casual reminder of how much you love them. Maybe a note on their car’s windscreen about how proud you are of them and how much you appreciate their existence. Get them an iPod with all their favorite music. Or a jar filled with tiny handwritten notes and glitter, to remind them you love them, every single day.

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Try Something New in Bed

What do you think your partner would be comfortable doing? Go for it only if you are sure your partner is comfortable with it. Aim to not push the boundaries but to have fun and explore. Never be scared to experiment and explore your own sexuality. Do you think your partner would be comfortable experimenting with blindfolds, or maybe a little ice-cream or both, together? If you think your partner is more into subtle, romantic stuff, maybe you want to go for flower petals, scented candles and a nice back rub or maybe a bubble bath.

Make a Bucket List and Check It Off Together

Trying something new is never a bad idea. Go out, explore new places. Make a bucket list and check it off together. That one thing you always wanted to eat, sushi from Japan or Hummus from the Middle East. That one extreme sport you always wanted to try; from skydiving to surfing. Try it together. Live together. Explore together. Life is too short to be just existing; live with the person you love with all your heart and soul.


Travel Together

Traveling together wouldn't only help you explore new places and new things, but it’ll also give you the time to be really together with your partner, without having to worry about things. You don't necessarily have to go to another country, just somewhere you both enjoy and you both have a couple time. If you have kids, leave them behind for a couple of days, with somebody who can take care of them of course. It is okay to want some alone time with your partner.

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Leave the Work at the Workplace and Put Away Phone When You’re Home

Work can be exhausting and most of the time it is very demanding, but learn to balance. When you are home, you are home, be present and switch off your phone. Talk to your partner. Talk about everything, from how your day was to how much you are looking forward to doing this thing or watch your favorite TV show that is coming out next week. Talk about work but leave your work at the workplace. Bond with your partner; keeping a balance and spending quality time together is the only way to keep your relationship alive and going.

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Compliment Each Other and Mean it

Compliments are important in every relationship, it keeps the person going. Compliment your partner and I am sure you would see the difference. It would bring you closer and make your partner fall in love with you all over again. They are a powerful tool to bring the love of your life closer. It is also important that you mean those compliments. Complimenting your partner on something you don’t really mean wouldn’t do the total opposite of bringing you closer. Focus on the positives of your partner, the little that they do; the things that made you fall in love with them in the first place.

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Every relationship has ups and downs, communicate the differences and appreciate the things you both have in common. Don't let the differences drift you both away. As cliché, it may be but when there is a will there is a way. Relationships are about working out on the differences and coming back to the person you are in love with, the person who is home.