Successful Dating Strategies

By RateDesi - 19 Jun 2018

I have been back on the dating scene now for some months and its been tough! The dating scene has changed quite a bit from 2-3 years ago and it is much more challenging than it used to be. Maybe it is time to rethink dating strategies to increase success. Strategies are pretty different for men and women but here are a 7 that might help us all.

Make love your top priority

If you want love to happen then you have to make it one of your top priorities and be more open for it to happen. A guy I recently was in contact with kept telling me he was super keen to meet but then for about 6 weeks he could not find any time to meet me. His routine wasn’t flexible and any suggested meet up was always on his terms and most of the other days he would be meeting friends or have other plans. This guy admitted that he would never meet anyone if he did not prioritize which was true. We actually never ended up meeting.

 Go with the flow, don’t overthink

It is so easy when you start dating someone new to overthink and make assumptions what the other person might be thinking. It is important to let this go, have no expectations and just go with the flow. You never know what might happen! Overthinking can be a killer.
 Give it a chance 

If a guy/girl is not your ‘regular’ type but you get on well then give him/her a chance, don’t be so quick to dismiss and say no. You might surprise yourself with how well it could possibly go! Plus if your regular type is not working then maybe that's a sign to give someone new a chance.
Keep high standards

Trust and respect are core foundations to any relationship. I recently chatted to a guy that kept hanging up on me over the phone just for jokes and that was not the worse of it. He was completely disrespectful and overstepped the mark, so I told him to stick it! Never lower your standards, any guy/girl should treat you with respect.
Be open to meeting people wherever you go

Even if its just making a new friend, you never know, they may have a friend they can introduce you to.
 Initial date

If you have not met the other person and not sure what to expect then a coffee/drink date is always ideal for the first date so you can make that escape if needed. This is also a lower investment of your time, especially if you are multiple dating you, you don’t want to waste time with someone there is no potential with.
 Have fun and enjoy the dating Roller Coaster

It is not always easy but don’t give up, you never know whats round the corner.

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