Top Celebrities Beauty Secrets

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Top Celebrity Beauty Secrets

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Be it natural or synthetic, we can all use a healthy dose of advice from our local celebrities on how to look our best. For all of us out there who are striving for perfection, we can try to come close by catching on the various tips and trick these celebs swear by:

Ayeza Khan

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This beauty of the modeling industry is best known for her flawless skin. Her secret: lemon and honey water first thing in the morning. Not only does this detoxify your body when you drink it on an empty stomach, this also results in a clear and glowing complexion.

Ayesha Omer

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This talented well rounded individual has many beauty tips we all could learn from; being a model, actress, singer and painter must be exhausting, but Ayesha still manages to look flawless! When asked about her pearly whites she reveals her treatment. Mixing together a thick paste of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda does the trick.

Apply it to your teeth for two minutes with a toothbrush, rinse it off with water and voila! The world is graced with your dazzling smile. To give her hair that silky smooth finish, Ayesha let on that she combines coconut and olive oil, massages it into her scalp at night and does so regularly.

She works out regularly too starting with a morning walk for half an hour. This is followed by a series of exercises including pushups, glue bridges, squats, split squats, side plank and v-crunches.

Juggun Kazim

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Model, morning show host and actor, this super woman believes in natural remedies for skin care. If you do opt for synthetic products, she believes in high quality, dermatologically approved items. Furthermore Juggun stands by a healthy 8 hours of sleep and 10 to 12 glasses of water a day.

Nadia Hussain

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A renowned beauty expert and model, this mother of four can teach us loads. The mystery to her ageless looking skin; cleansing. A natural remedy she made known was applying a mixture of rose water and glycerin on the face for soft, radiant skin. Nadia also maintains the freshness of her skin with daily facials using dermalogical products.

Mahira Khan

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This natural beauty believes in keeping it simple to achieve perfection. Mahira is a big believer of facial oils, specifically almond oil and applies it at night mostly when her numerous makeup shoots result in rough, dry skin.

Other than that she prefers using a natural mask of lemon and honey on her face which she washes after leaving on for a few minutes. Mahira claims that it’s good for skin texture and keeps the skin looking rosy and pink. Not a fan of gym and diet plans, she discloses that she enjoys eating whatever her heart desires but avoids eating too much junk food. Water, according to her serves as the best natural cleanser.

Fawad Khan

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This handsome devil of an actor is what men aspire to be (or so we ladies hope). He believes in cutting down on the calories and has eggs and various cereals for breakfast.

He is a proud vegetarian and considers light meals for dinner ideal. Fawad khan loves the gym and goes regularly.

After 15 minutes of walking, he lifts weights for 10 minutes as it works wonders on the body.

Ali Zafar

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Ali Zafar is a well-known actor and singer. Due to the buff upcoming roles he has in action movies his love for hitting the gym is shown through his strenuous workout routines.

He doesn’t believe in trainers and enjoys creating his own workouts. Presently he is undergoing a program called hypertrophy training. This consists of numerous exercises designed to build muscle growth like weight lifting.

If you readers are up for something challenging try his routine for size! Apart from the gym, he is serious about skin care as well.

He claims he can’t be seen without the Avalon Organics Vitamin C Renewal Cream. According to him it repairs damaged and dry skin especially in the winters.

Imran Abbas

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Famous for his smoldering good looks this actor takes his appearance seriously. His grisly diet plan is as follows: extra carbs are a no no, so he focuses on eating healthy and avoiding fizzy drinks and related beverages.

Instead he prefers grapefruit juice because of its low sugar content. Junk food like burgers isn’t his cup of tea either.

A healthier alternative he says is grilled meat and salads. Imran even takes his workouts seriously and does a round of cardio and weightlifting daily for an hour and a half.

Adnan Siddiqi

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Adnan Siddiqi former model, now actor has been in the business for almost 22 years now.

The secret to maintaining his dashing self is as follows: he believes in improving the care of oneself especially as you start to age.

Adnan states, “It is said that men get naughty at 40. I don’t agree with it. I believe one needs to be more serious and careful about their routine and diet after they turn 40.”

Adnan doesn’t believe in harsh dieting and prefers to eat what tickles his fancy but in moderation. He avoids over eating and eats timely.

Eating after 7 means eating anything that is devoid of carbs as our metabolism decreases significantly throughout the day. He dislikes packaged food and goes for organic food.

To satisfy his sweet tooth he eats desserts but with reduced portions to prevent the accumulation of excess fat. Nuts he says also help to satisfy his sweet cravings.

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Moving on to his exercise routine (obviously) he claims that high intensity workouts over a short span of time are better than spending long hours at the gym and so he drills himself for 20 to 30 minutes a day.

In the end the key to a healthy lifestyle is not only a well-balanced diet or how labor intensive the exercise is, it is also about the simple things like the amount of sleep you’re getting, the quantity of water you drink or the stress you take. Loosen up a bit and hang in there!

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