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Posted In Bollywood By RateDesi - 20 May 2019

Vidya Balan Opens Up About Her Journey of Self Love and Body Positivity

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We have all had our fair share of battles with ourselves, the insecurities that have been endured so far inside our minds that it is hard to overlook them and they cloud our judgement so badly that all we can see are negative things about ourselves.

They are so easy to pin point, so easily visible than the positive points that our judgement is clouded and we can only see the negative.

Learning to love yourself and your body is a definite process and it does not come easy to anyone, especially when everyone keeps pointing out the bad in you.

You do not know how to differentiate between what is true and what is the image that people have created of you.

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If we had to choose a woman in the industry who has made other women feel comfortable in their own skin and has went on and on about body positivity and how important it is for one to love their own body, our top pick would be actress Vidya Balan.

Vidya has always been very open and vocal about body issues, image issues.

She has always slammed body shamers and given them a piece of her mind. Vidya has always been on the side of the people who have always been misunderstood or judged merely on their appearance.

She stands up for people who cannot stand up for themselves and she shuts down the haters and their negativity.

She has emerged as an idol, as a voice of the people, especially the people who have been shamed all their lives and have not been able to speak for themselves.

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For Vidya to reach this stage of her life, was not easy. She had to keep her guard up and fight all of the criticism and most of the times, she ended up doubting her own self as well.

The actress says, “(There was) a part of my life, I was in a battle with my body. I was angry with it, hated it, and I wanted it to change, because I thought if my body changed, then I would be acceptable to everyone.

I would be worthy of love. But even at my thinnest, when I managed to lose a lot of weight (it happened a few times) I realized that I wasn’t fully acceptable to everyone.

So really there’s no point in trying to change yourself to suit others’ needs and ideals.

She also adds to this that after going through all of this, she started looking at herself in a new light, she started looking at herself as a whole new person. She is all up for body positivity and we legit think this is amazing and she is certainly making a difference.

“I began to accept and respect my body, and it’s been a long journey. I find myself happier, I feel beautiful. I think the best gift I have given to myself is that I won’t let anyone make me feel differently about my body today,” says Vidya.

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Vidya does not understand the need to talk about her weight or her diet all the time, why do people only focus on these things?

There is so much that she has to offer as a person, she says,

“What amazes me is that people talk about the body so much. You enter a place and people are only having these conversations ‘Oh! You have lost weight…’ ‘you have put on weight’ ‘what diet are you on, what exercise regimen?’… it’s so annoying really, it’s so limiting.

I honestly feel that I definitely don’t enjoy these conversations, and I feel people talk about the body so easily, judge another’s body, make comments, because it’s visible, it’s out there.”

Everyone should take this as an example, everyone thinks that it’s okay to have conversations about another person’s body but it is totally not okay.

There are numerous other things to have a conversation on, a person’s body should not be the topic of discussion because it’s their body and they choose to deal with it as they wish.

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“Why do we not turn around and tell these people, who fat shame us, that you should actually be ashamed because you have got such a small mind?

Nothing you do can ever change that, exercise, diet, the right kind of sleep, maybe medication!... whatever can even change our body, but nothing can change your mind! (laughs) God bless you!” she says.

The actress also said that, “There was a time I used to take these negative criticisms very seriously. I was killing myself over losing weight. I would work out like crazy, starve myself and go on all kinds of weird diets.


Yes, I would lose some weight but all that starving would leave me feeling very unhappy and drained. Worse, eventually I would regain that weight and that would make me more miserable. It had become a vicious cycle.


Slowly, I realized that there is a body structure that I can’t fight, and I better embrace it. I began to feel comfortable in my weight. Today I do not consider it a ‘weight problem’.

I think fitness is more important. Who decides what is desirable? We have begun to pigeonhole beauty, sexuality and desirability.”

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Vidya maintains a schedule where she works out and keeps a proper diet but she claims that it is for her to remain healthy and not “thin.”

Vidya’s number one priority on her list is herself and she focuses on becoming the best version of herself and inspires all of us with her own journey and with the path that she is walking on.

“I love to work out but I am not trying to defy my body structure anymore. I can’t change my body type.

But I can change the way I feel about my body. And most days I feel absolutely sexy… of course, if I am not having a bad hair day!”

She says, truly an inspiration to us all. Do you think she is inspiring too? Let us know in the comments below.